BAYOU VISTA — Citing the recent death of his mother, Mayor Bobby Rosenquist resigned from office Monday night. The mayor had already been spending a lot of time out of state as his mother battled liver disease until she died last month.

“With my work schedule, family and city responsibilities, it’s been a very hectic time,” Rosenquist wrote. “As a result, I have relied heavily on Mayor Pro Tem Vaun Henry this past month to take care of the city business so I could handle family issues in North Carolina. Unfortunately, with this new turn of events, this does not look like things will change, and I will be in North Carolina for the better part of the next few months handling my mother’s estate.”

Rosenquist had been mayor since he was elevated from mayor pro tem after former Mayor Ed Flanagan resigned in November 2010. Rosenquist was elected to the mayor’s spot in 2011 and re-elected in May. He was unopposed.

“I simply cannot dedicate the time this city needs to continue on its road to recovery (from 2008’s Hurricane Ike) and with as much time and effort I have invested in this city, it should be obvious that I want, and have always wanted, the very best for Bayou Vista,” Rosenquist wrote. “I believe there is plenty to be proud of in this city. I am very proud of the excess funds we have. We have almost doubled the city’s cash flow and our reserve funds in the past two years.

“Not only have we held the (tax) rates down and increased our reserves, but we have made much needed upgrades to city equipment such as computers and police vehicles.”

When Rosenquist took the helm, the city was nearly broke and its emergency funds depleted after being spent on projects within the city without the city council’s knowledge.

Soon after taking office, the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office and the state launched investigations that centered on the city’s handling of Hurricane Ike aid by the prior administration and former Police Chief Ed Lucas, who was at first suspended but then resigned.

The investigations continue, the district attorney’s office said recently.

Soon after taking office, Rosenquist opened up the city’s books and began posting financial reports and other information on the city’s website.

Still, he has had his detractors, most notably Councilman Rick Nally, who has been critical of Rosenquist’s management and the oversight of road projects. Nally accused the mayor of withholding critical information from the council, a charge Rosenquist steadily denied.

With Rosenquist’s resignation, Henry will become mayor until a special election is conducted.

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Chris Gimenez

My condolences to Mr. Rosenquist on the passing of his mother. I'm sure it was difficult trying to manage city, employer, and personal responsibilities during the last couple of months. Although I'm sympathetic to his personal loss, he's the one who inserted it in such detail in a story in which his version of accomplishments and Council meetings varies wildly from reality.

Mr. Rosenquist was well known-and it can be listened to in the audio minutes posted on the City's website ( treating citizens with concerns and Alderman Nally with derisive contempt at City Council meetings. We had several citizens who had spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure City Council was informed of the work being done or not done on our streets under the General Land Office grants. They were dismissed out of hand and last night the majority of Council signed off on the completion with vague assurances of warranty work to follow. In fact, the way they determined if everything was copacetic was for Council to ask the representative from Mercer Engineering how he "felt" about the street work as if they were conducting some kind of therapy session. The engineer was unable or unwilling to explain how they were going to correct the complete lack of drainage on Blue Heron St. even though it was called for in the contract. Not a small matter and it was very odd that Mr. Rosenquist did not want to finish out his flagship project with his very own signature.

I will concur with him that our PD is being led by a very competent and professional Chief Paul Odin who has resisted efforts to sway his professionalism by some in our city. It's a sea change from the former Police Chief Ed Lucas that Mr. Rosenquist was such an ardent supporter of for so many years after Ike and who is now under investigation as reported by this paper.

A very important question Mr. Rosenquist would never answer during his tenure as Mayor is why he continued to employ a City Secretary who had to be forced by a County Judge to abide by our city codes and who was complicit in the illegal misappropriation of more than $250,000 of Special Funds by former Mayor Ed Flanagan and for which she and Flanagan kept concealed from Council. It makes me wonder why someone would keep an employee like that on the payroll.

He was also an Alderman when the Community Center was being built and his lack of oversight on the cost overruns and deficient construction probably isn't something he wants to count as an accomplishment.

As for the "surpluses" he states we now have, all I can say is thank God for FEMA. Perhaps our fine District Attorney Roady and the Attorney General's Office will strive to complete this "investigation" at some point before the Four Horsemen come a riding.


bvresident - Wow dude, the guys got family stuff to deal with you and you put that kind of post out there? Whats wrong with you?

Chris Gimenez

SteveO, there's nothing wrong with me but dry your crocodile tears and I'll enlighten about the sympathy-to-glory story you skimmed over. This story is classic Bobby Rosenquist and he had the help of T.J. Aulds. What's the saying? Birds of a feather flock together. Yeah, that's it.

The last time that a Bayou Vista Mayor resigned, he resigned because he and the City Secretary were outed for commiting an illegal misappropriation of our tax dollars. The Mayor Pro-tem at the time admitted his knowledge of what happened and resigned a week later. Another Alderman also resigned with the Mayor. Three resignations within a week. When did the story go to print? Almost two weeks after the GCDN got hammered with emails and accusations about ignoring what was going on in Bayou Vista. Not a single resignation letter was printed.

When did the resignation of Bobby Rosenquist-who by the way had not even officially presented it to City Council-go to print? Why the very next morning after the Mayor Pro-tem made a closing statement at City Council about it. One sentence. So how did this resignation letter that hasn't been officially provided to Council yet and hasn't been voted on as required, make it to T.J. Auld's attention? Well of course Mr. Rosenquist made sure he got it post haste and Mr. Aulds made sure it was published post haste. That's some pretty good teamwork.

BTW, that wasn't so much a resignation letter as it was a very carefully crafted attempt by Mr. Rosenquist to do what he's done since he first sat on Council. That is to solicit sympathy, shift blame, and proclaim credit for everything. Again, if you haven't been privy to his conduct and behavior as a Councilmember and subsequently as Mayor of our city then I understand your failure to fully understand what you read.

What Mr. Rosenquist understands is that I haven't forgotten my time on Council when he incited the public against me and two others and called for the boycotting our businesses because he didn't like the direction we were going on Council. Guess what, it took him a few years but what he has done is exactly what he railed against us for trying to do. And all this "family stuff" you're stressing about is a red herring. I think what Mr. Rosenquist so hastily tendered his resignation about was his abysmal handling of the recent road work in Bayou Vista for which he, the Council (with the execption of Rick Nally), the engineer, and the contractor have been roundly criticized for their work and their conduct against concerned citizens. I believe that Mr. Rosenquist didn't want to have his signature on the completion certificate even though he and the Mayor Pro-tem were almost solely in charge by their choice. He bailed and let the Mayor Pro-tem deal with the aftermath.

I apologize for the length of my comment. Sometimes the truth takes some explanation to get past the smoke and mirrors. Since the change on this site my name isn't being shown any longer and I don't want anyone to believe I have to hide behind anonymity.
ChrisGimenez (bv resident)

Chris Gimenez

What a surprise! Our illustrious City Secretary says the batteries on her recorder were dead so there are no audio minutes of the Special Called meeting in which the Council and Engineer were given excruciating details about the flawed construction of our streets. It's not the the first time and won't be the last that our City Secretary has failed to properly record the minutes of Council meetings. It seems to occur whenever the Council is made to look incompetent by citizens. I asked in an earlier comment why former Mayor Rosenquist would keep a City Secretary-with her documented failures to follow the law-on the city payroll and in my opinion this is exactly why. Ten years in the position and she can't ensure the recorder is running?
Chris Gimenez


Dude, you sound like one of those guys that's into chemtrails and fluoride in the water supply. He resigned, what more do you want? Now you're just harassing a man going through some stuff with his family. You got a personality thing going on you should talk to someone about.

Chris Gimenez

SteveO, I was just responding to your comment which it seems you didn't really want to hear. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings with the facts but I'm used to the kind of reaction you expressed. It's typical of someone who is drifting through life waiting for the next handout while the rest of us strive to ensure our elected officials act appropriately and in the best interest of the taxpayers. Those of us who demand accountability from those like Mr. Rosenquist tend to make people like you uncomfortable and we understand that. We just don't care.
Chris Gimenez


Dude, if you are used to people telling you that you may have a personality disorder, you may actually have a personality disorder.

Chris Gimenez

SteveO, it mostly comes from people who hide behind anonymous names on forums and call others "Dude". Their opinions don't count.


After google searching your name, I saw that you have a history of frivolous law suits, tried to run a city councilman down with your car, run a blog where you rant for pages upon pages about government conspiracies, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff. Yeah, I should definitely give you my home address.

Chris Gimenez

SteveO, I've been facing down little cowards like you in Bayou Vista since Ike. You live in Bayou Vista and simply don't have the courage to admit who you are and that you got owned by those of us who stand for accountability in our city government. I bet you get owned by everyone around you don't you. I can spot those kind of weak minds from a mile away.


Good sir, you further prove my point.

Zen Sailor

Give it up're dealing with a delusional loser. He will go to his grave believing everyone is out of step but him...If I could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, it would be like winning the lottery....some people are incapable of letting anything go, even when they are very, very wrong


I'm not trying to sway his opinion on the subject matter of the article. I'm also not trying to be insulting. I am genuinely concerned about this individuals health and seriously urge him to just go and talk to someone about what ever is bothering him. There is never anything wrong with a little counseling and it can truly improve the lives of people that need it.

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