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ole dad

More Union BS. Failure to negotiate in good faith lies in the lap of any union organization. The police union like most, lag progressive 21st century logic to negotiate with any level of authenticity, They need to hire someone to negotiate for them, not litigate.

Ron Shelby

This story should have reported comparable pay scale levels as well as any differences in benefits including pensions. Otherwise the reader is still in the dark in regards to how to view the story. Also, what was the police unions initial demand. I suspect it may not have been reasonable and in good faith on the face of it.

Earl Mendenhall

The citizens of Santa Fe gave the Police bargaining rights. That is exactly what they want to do is bargain. The police give up something's to get others. This is negotiating. The city had a team and so does the Police. If both sides are acting in good faith, then a contact can be signed or after the expiration of the current contract they go to evergreen clause in which they work under the current contract for 3 years and are to continue trying to come to am agreement. If they can't agree, then they go back to working under civil service laws/rules. This is not tyical union stuff as the police can't strike.

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