PORT BOLIVAR — Police arrested a woman accused of forging checks belonging to two people, ages 95 and 72, who live on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Angela Michelle Sacksteder, 32, of Port Bolivar remained jailed Monday on $170,000 bond on two felony charges of forgery of a financial instrument, Galveston police and the sheriff’s office said.

About noon Saturday, police were called to Bank of America, 6109 Central City Blvd., in Galveston, after a woman was accused of trying to cash a $300 check, Galveston police Lt. Michael Gray said.

Police detained Sacksteder as she left the bank’s parking lot, Gray said.

Sacksteder met the 95-year-old woman at church, saying she needed work. Sacksteder did housecleaning and yard work for the woman, Gray said. Police accused Sacksteder of taking a check from the woman’s home in Port Bolivar.

At the time of Sacksteder’s arrest, she had a warrant issued on behalf of the sheriff’s office involving a case of a cashed $200 check that belonged to a 72-year-old High Island resident, sheriff’s office spokesman Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo said.

The victim in the sheriff’s office case was a relative of Sacksteder’s employer, Tuttoilmondo said.

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Lars Faltskog

What a scummo - her taking advantage of the elderly. More than that - "meeting" them at a church and luring them with the old "I need a job" line. People are so gullable. They think that just b/c they meet someone at a church that the person they just met would be trustworthy. No way! Some of the worst dregs of society show up in the most unlikely places.

I'd trust someone I met at a bar before I'd trust someone from a church. LMAO

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