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J. Shaffer

"Galicia told investigators he was having trouble with the SUV’s steering wheel before losing control of the vehicle, Trochesset said."

B.S. Operator Error. Drugs will do that.

Bless the poor 3 year old that is gone now and all those who suffer and miss him. His 5-year-old sister and 2-year-old brother were treated for serious injuries at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and a 7-month-old infant was released to a family member at the scene.

Clearly a better operator in some forums than in others.

No booster seat, careening across the causeway drunk as a skunk....... you should be ashamed, sir.

Steve Fouga

"No booster seat, careening across the causeway drunk as a skunk....... you should be ashamed, sir."

...and imprisoned.

George Croix

The 'trouble with the steering wheel' was hanging on to it while doped up.
Eye for an eye...

Lars Faltskog

Interesting how quite a few individuals feel they must start a family at 18 or so. Blaringly apparent that this young man was not fit to be a father as a teen, and definitely not now.

It seems that it would be prudent that the public mentality could hopefully shift in where we discourage young people from thinking they need to be parents at such a young age.

Why have 3 or more children when you're only 23? This is very perplexing.


Its funny how everyone listens to the media. When the media doesnt even have there facts right. First of he doesnt drink! Secondly he has 3 sons n one daughter. The 5 yr old is a boy ,get it right! All the other children are perfectly fine. Yes, God took the 3 yr old. But we his family know all the trouble that was going on with the truck. A civil attorney is working on a lawsuit against the dealership. But thats another story. Shame how ppl sit around judging others. But dont like it when its their family ,their telling tales about!

Carlos Ponce

Liz, the media doesn't say he was drinking. The article states "Galicia was under the influence of a controlled substance or a “dangerous drug” at the time of the fatal wreck." And if the truck had problems the man was foolish for endangering his children in such a vehicle. And if the rest of his family knew the truck was faulty they should have intervened and prevented him from endangering his kids. That's just common sense. I feel sorry for the children. To have a father who would endanger them by driving while under drug influence is heartbreaking.

Paula David

Liz, toxicology tests proved he was under the influence of drugs. Any other factors that may or may not have played a factor are pointless. HE killed his own child. Also, if there were previous known problems with a major component of the vehicle he shouldn't have been driving it. That is neglect as well. I am thankful no others in other vehicles were hurt by his stupidity. RIP poor baby, you deserved so much better. Justice will be served.

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