GALVESTON — Attempts were under way Monday to positively identify a man who was killed and whose body was badly burned when his car left the road, hit a fuel pump and erupted in flames, an official said.

The wreck happened about 10:15 p.m. Sunday at Harrison’s Seven Seas Grocery, 17523 FM 3005 in Galveston, said John Florence, a spokesman for the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Florence said he believes he knows the man’s name, but he’s trying to contact relatives in an attempt to possibly obtain dental records.

The man’s car was traveling west, and a witness pulled off the road, apparently when the man’s vehicle veered into the eastbound lane, Florence said.

“He slowed down and pulled to the shoulder,” Florence said. “When he witnessed the car hit the gas pump, he turned around and went back.”

The 2004 Chevrolet Impala struck the gas pump. The witness “went over to try to get the guy out, but the car was on fire, and he couldn’t get him out,” Florence said.

A clerk had just closed the store minutes before and left before the crash, said Tommy Harrison, 72, who has owned the business for 50 years.

The car hit one station of pumps, bounced back from the force of the impact and then apparently caught fire. The pumps were damaged by the impact but not by the fire, Harrison said. The store itself was unaffected and should be ready to sell fuel from another set of pumps today, Harrison said.

Galveston police officers were unable to find the car’s registered owner, Florence said.

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Steve Fouga

Oh man, freakish accident. I pass this spot several times each week, and it doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous.

I pray for this person's family and friends.

love my island

The owner of the station appears more worried about selling gas tomorrow than the deceased. May he rest in peace.

Lars Faltskog

Well, if the owner has been in business for 50 years, he's probably seen a lot of things occur in this world. As unfortunate a thought it is to proceed as usual, life does go on.

After all, if we met our demise today, the GDN would still print a paper tomorrow.

Robert Buckner

Lars, if we all did meet our demise tomorrow and GDN still printed a paper it would include a column by Graham on why we should subscribe.

Lars Faltskog

Step right up, re-subscribe NOW and you'll get our special on a post-mortum subscription! Leave your legacy to the ones you love.

Zen Sailor

doesn't anyone remember Red....This MAY have made him blink, but that would have been about it.

Island Lover

Who knows what the reporter asked the owner when he responded that the store would be open today and able to sell gasoline? It has nothing to do with his feelings, it was just a factual statement, and again, depended on what the reporter chose to include in the story. The business had nothing to do with the man's unfortunate and horrific accident and they should be able to do business as usual.

Steve Fouga

Hey, is there any more info on this accident? Like who the unfortunate driver was, and why he crashed?

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