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Richard Worth

100% support for Constable Fisher. But, sadly, considering that Galveston County Commissioner's Court is no longer run by the County Judge, we that support you and your staff face an uphill battle.

John McLane

Not much common sense these days being shown by the commissioners...look at the money they are wasting on Grady.

Carol Dean

Touche', John McClain! Money spent on a newly created job for Grady is a total waste of time, but isn't that what cronyism is all about?

Ron Shelby

Definitely some philosophical (and legal) arguments here about the role of this office. With so many different overlays of law enforcement (schools, city, constables, county sheriff's, state patrol, federal, etc...) its not the easiest to figure it out. All arguments sound good, and the need for additional overlay depends more upon local resources and needs. What's good for the valley may not be right for Galveston.

Fisher is definitely one of the best run offices in the county. But not all constables can be described in the same way. Problems with the worst sometimes result in new solutions that can tie the hands of the best. One can't be treated differently then another.

Ron Shelby

Maybe its time to request an AG opinion? ... or search if there already has been one issued in similar circumstances?

Judy Foster

I think we all understand reducing budgets but to take 2 part time $100 a month officers off the street is ludicrous and unacceptable. Come on $100 a month. ItIt's ok with this commissioners court to pay high salaries for their buddies.

Robert Young

Silly little game the commissioners and Judge play..

Get even time..Punish the people who may have supported their opponents. The budget is the only hammer and opportunity they have.

In November, Clark and his minions need to go. ABC! Anybody but Clark!.. and take Duprey's long lost cousin Henry with you. It ain't about party.

Its about flushing the toilet!

Chris Mallios

Constable Fisher and his office is a great asset to our area. To cut funding in his office is to cut funding to the children who rely on his office to protect them from traffic on FM 518 and other school zones. That is just the tip of the iceberg. He is a dedicated individual to THE CITIZENS not to ANY one political party. He's deputies are great individuals who are more interested in improving the quality of life in our community than that politics of the community. We are the LARGEST populated pct. in the county!

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