GALVESTON — Rosenberg Library patrons who need information on authors, analysis of works of literature or even the text of a poem can access one of several Gale Group literary databases from home through the library’s website by clicking on the link to “All Online Databases.”

The Gale Group’s Literature Resource Center provides access to biographies, critical analysis and annotated lists of works of authors from every literary period and discipline. This resource covers thousands of novelists, poets, essayists and journalists. Additionally, it provides extensive coverage of hundreds of the most studied authors from all over the world.

Literature Resource Center allows users to cross-reference two other Gale Group databases: Twayne’s Author Series and Scribner Writers Series. Twayne’s includes hundreds of full-text poems and essays from Twayne Publishers Literary Masters series.

The acclaimed series of literary criticism offers exhaustive introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements, and the development of literary genres. This resource was coordinated with input from librarians and educators to include authors universally studied in high schools and colleges.

Scribner Writers Series provides original scholarly essays on the lives and works of authors from around the world from all time periods. Entries include concise essays, citations and biographical information that place the author and their works in personal and historical context.

Literature Resource Center is a starting point for research papers on literary and journalistic works and figures, as well as for interdisciplinary projects and presentations. Literature Resource Center is one of the many electronic resources available to Rosenberg Library patrons. To access the database, patrons can visit and click on the “All Online Databases.” Literature Resource Center is the sixth link under the topic “Literature and Books.” If patrons want to access this database from home, they need to have a valid Rosenberg Library card for remote access.

For more information on this and other library services, contact the Rosenberg Library Reference Department at 409-763-8854 Exts.. 115 or 116.  


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