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Carlos Ponce

Too bad Barbara Derrick is resigning. Hitchcock made great progress under her tenure. Hitchcock's loss will be another district's gain if she continues in the education field. Good luck Barbara Scrofne Derrick in all your future endeavors and may God Bless you and yours.


Sounds like she was treated poorly. That would be reason to leave.

Richard Worth

And now a consulting firm is hired at $500,000+ to find a replacement. It's like a million dollar version of musical chairs.

PD Hyatt

Had not thought of that and they will probably have to pay a fortune for Ms. Derrick to leave.... HISD can not really afford these types of expenses.... Our taxes are high enough and their performance is not what the state calls stellar....

PD Hyatt

It is starting to sound like Hitchcock is going down the same road that LMISD has gone down. The secrets that are going on behind closed doors is not what this school district really needs. HISD is under the gun almost to the point that LMISD is at and that is not a good thing.... When a secret closed door meeting that was not posted like it should have been happens and then the suprintendent resigns. Well something doesn't smell very good here in Hitchcock ISD....

Carlos Ponce

Barbara Scrofne grew up in Hitchcock and was Senior class President when she graduated from Hitchcock High School in 1979. She was very familiar with the town, its make-up, its history. As an educator she was aware of what worked in HISD, what did not work and what would work to improve the educational atmosphere in Hitchcock. She had a dynamic vision for the future of HISD. She expected professionalism from all employees, even those who worked in the central office. Some in the community didn't agree with her vision. I surmise they preferred the "status quo" and used gossip to discredit her and former board president Dianne James who supported her vision.

PD Hyatt

Mr. Ponce you just confirned what I had a feeling about, and that is what happened was not right. I do realize that there are 2 sides to a story, but when one side is hiding behind closed doors then it begins to make one wonder....
I for one am confused as to what it takes to get someone to take action against these closed door meetings that are posted so cryptically so that no one can understand them as even the Galveston Daily News pointed out.....

PD Hyatt

Gossip in Hitchcock can and does destroy people and is very deadly in this town.... Something tells me that a perceived jealousy over something that happened years ago that had nothing to do with her job performance was the actual problem.... How sad that is....

Walter Manuel

Your right Paul, it seems the HISD board of trustees are following in the same foot steps as the LMISD board of "NOT" so trustees and they too don't mind violating the Open Meetings Act because they know nothing will be done about it in Galveston County.

It appears HISD is about to cut off their nose to spite their face just like LMISD BOT did when they tried to illegally fire their superintendent and police chief that started their downward spiral?

HISD better be careful what they wish for because it very well may NOT be what they expect! [wink]

Mike Meador

This is off subject, but how come nobody in the county have told the public about their EOC state results? I have read many articles in various newspapers across the state with high school results, but we have not seen any, especially for LaMarque. TEA doesn't show these results, except in state summary. Got any ideas about getting these results?

Mike Meador

......have told the public? Losing brain matter with age.
"How come nobody in the county has heard about the EOC results......"

Patricia Tyler

Congratulation Hitchcock School Board.
Happy to see you headed in right direction.

Robert Buckner

I surely hope Hitchcock ISD continues their improvements, LMISD bound for the crapper is enough for this area. I wish Mrs. Derrick the best in her future.

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