GALVESTON — Police are investigating the death of a bakery owner who was found in a parking lot early Saturday morning. Investigators are looking into the likely possibility that the man was beat before his car was stolen.

Galveston police officer Ernesto Ticas was on patrol in the 3800 block of Broadway when he found Juan Navarro, 59, in the parking lot of the Panaderia Navarro Bakery. Navarro had severe injuries and was taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch’s John Sealy Hospital where he died at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Police did not say if anything else was stolen.

Police found Navarro’s gray Lexus on Sunday afternoon near the intersection of 37th Street and Avenue M.

Police do not have anyone in custody but were following up on leads Sunday night, Capt. Jeff Heyse said. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

If confirmed a homicide, Navarro’s death will be the county’s third murder of the year.

On Jan. 20, Erik Enrique Calvillo, 26, of San Leon died after he was beat and stabbed and his head wrapped in plastic in a Bacliff trailer home. Samantha Escobedo-Resendiz, 26, and her boyfriend German Perez-Vazquez, 31, were charged in his death.

On Thursday, Danzel Campbell, 21, of La Marque was killed in Texas City. Corey Percy Becton, 19, of Texas City has been charged in Campbell’s murder.

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Steve Fouga

Oh no... I'm so sad to hear this. My condolences to Sr. Navarro's family and friends. I know him only by his wonderful bakery. Selfishly, I hope his store can continue in the wake of his loss.

And I hope his murderer will swiftly be brought to justice.

Lars Faltskog

People who work and run bakeries, I imagine, are prone to early morning robberies - since they often open up before the sun comes up.

Yes, what a shame. I went in there once. The items there are very good.

Island Bred

Such a tragedy - I think this same sort of thing happened over at Shipley's in TC years ago. They aren't prime targets but due to the hour - they are easy targets.

Hope they find the POS that did this and I hope he runs........

Terry Moore

So horrible and senseless . I hope they are caught and get what they deserve.

Ben Hernandez

This man was one of my Dad's best friends. Juan worked very hard to start his business and then this happens to him. Very sad to hear this happened to him, and I hope these people are caught and get the death penalty.

Sylvia Salinas

This is horrible and I do hope that the SOB's who committed this senseless act are brought to swift justice. My thoughts and prayers are with the Navarro family.

Connie Hanks

This is so sad. A man works his butt off to start a business and some thug that won't work beats him to death for his vehicle? I hope that Mr. Navarro rests in piece and that the POS that did this rots in hell.

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