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Steve Fouga

“I don’t think the city was ready”

Probably not, but they had to start sometime. Give 'em a chance, for crying out loud!

I'm still dismayed by the amount of signage, though.

Mary Lofaro

From what I saw, there was no grace period. When I was walking along the seawall, I saw several cars with orange parking tickets on them! Welcome to Galveston!

Mary Branum

Did you confirm they were parking tickets or were they warning tickets?

Stephen Maradeo

WTF, the city is willing to give $2500 stipend to city workers. Why not use that $2500 to buy a couple part time positions to help sell (and inform) parking? I guess the city wasn't ready!

And still the question remains, what about trailers and RVs that take two or three parking slots?

Stephen Maradeo

And furthermore; PayByPhone.com isn't a secured https:// website and the company isn't even headquartered in the United States!

Don Ciaccio

Should have installed parking stations. Another gigantic planning failure for Galveston. Any moron could see the utter confusion having to pay thru an app. Good Lord people, pull you heads out of your posterior. If no one else uses that method, there's likely a reason way.

Karen Smith

Why didn't they use the same kind of meters that are used downtown? Those are no-brainers..

Dorothy Holt

Keep on taxing the tourists, Galveston. All you Galveston inhabitants that dislike the tourists so much (yes, you that complain about the tourists parking on your streets) need to consider that if you drive the tourists off the island you will be the loser. The tourists pay a lot of taxes (that means less property tax for you) and you voted to tax them even more by approving the Seawall parking tax. Galveston would be squat without the tourists and here your city is scamming them with a parking fee on the seawall?? Surfside and Bolivar are getting ready and both have a much nicer beach.....and you all know that as well as I do. I remember back in the late '70's when Galveston decided to be a tourist attraction and not an industry attraction. The floating G needs to rethink their seawall parking decision. Not smart for a tourist attraction.

David Doe

Actually Galveston has needed to charge the "Tourists" for parking Since the 70's. We went to Surfside to surf in the 70's but always came back to Galveston. I'd love to see parking fees increased and maybe some of the rif-raf Galveston Seawall attracts would go to Freeport!
As a homeowner I'd tell you the same thing I tell my kids. If you don't like it don't go.

Dorothy Holt

You would rather surf in Galveston than Surfside? It is a well known local fact that Surfside has better surf than Galveston. I grew up and still live on the coast and go to Galveston quite often. I'd love to see the tourists tell you and your fellow islanders who have your train of thought "adios" and to go smoke some seaweed while you watch your city taxes sky rocket because they left. If you are going to live in a city that promotes tourism you will get all kinds of people. If you don't like all kinds of people hanging out in the city you live in then you need to make a decision.

Robert Morris

Probably if there were just a couple more signs stuck on the seawall everybody would understand what to do and how to do it. Hope there isn't a hurricane this year or people as far north as Amarillo may be dodging seawall parking signs.[smile]

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