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John Yeatman

From Local2 about the 1943 Surprise hurricane:
It's hard to believe during that storm in 1943 Galveston residents had no warning before a hurricane made landfall.

"It was during World War II, 1943. There was a censorship on weather information. We didn't want the Germans operating in the Gulf to know we were at risk of a storm," said Local 2 Hurricane Expert.

Steve Fouga

Ike didn't ruffle the shingles of my house, or put water over the curb, a few blocks from the seawall.

Ike blew the roof off my mom's house in Katy, 70 miles from the coast.

You just never know...[unsure]

George Croix

My elected officials and emergency managers may 'get it' now, but they sure made the pooch walk funny when Rita hit.
Here's some advice from a non-expert to be at least considered:
NEVER listen to any single or group of idiots 'planning' to close access to or from major available traffic routes to facilitate evacuation. It makes as much sense as trying to drink a cold Diet Coke by leaving the cap on and just putting a pin hole in it to draw out the liquid.
Unless, of course, you LIKE 2 hour trips that take 12 to 14 hours, and want to increase your chances of injury or death rather than minimize them.
If they're that goofy, might want to consider NOT voting for them to run anything else either more complicated than a lemonade stand.
Short memories are their best friends....

Steve Fouga

It does worry me that my ability to escape a storm, and my right to choose to weather a storm, and my permission to return to my home after a storm -- are all in the hands of people whose judgement I have no reason to trust any more than I trust my own. And I'm no expert by any means.

The idea that I might be told to leave, and not be allowed to return on my own timetable, gives me the willies.

Miceal O'Laochdha

You are absolutely right Jake, and I don't have any good ideas to alleviate your worries either. I share them.

It comes as no surprise that, after many decades of dealing with hurricanes both ashore and at sea, I consider the biggest hurricane threat to the wellbeing of myself and family is presented by people; not Mother Nature.

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