TEXAS CITY — A freshman was taken to the hospital Wednesday after a suicide attempt at the Texas City High School campus.

Texas City emergency medical services were called to the high school at about 1:05 p.m. after the 15-year-old girl attempted to cut her wrists and neck, according to a Texas City Police Department’s incident report.

The girl was alert, and vital signs were stable when she was taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch’s John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas City EMS Administrator Capt. Chasity Porter said.

School officials confirmed an “incident involving a young student” in one of the school’s bathrooms. Six students found the girl bleeding on the bathroom floor, officials said.

“Counselors were made available to the small number of students who were directly (affected) by this situation,” district spokeswoman Melissa Tortorici said.

Officials didn’t say what might have led to the suicide attempt.

“In order to provide the level of sensitivity and privacy that is appropriate for this situation, we are not at liberty to provide additional details,” Tortorici said.

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Terry Moore

I know these things happen in most schools..but what the heck is going on in Texas City? There is something in the news often about the drugs, threats and now this. The children are crying out for help.


May the blessings of the Lord be on this young lady and may HIS power to heal the body as well as the INNER man be received by the young lady in question!! AMEN!

Lars Faltskog

Well, terrymoore -
I don't know if there's a direct causal connection between drugs in parks and a student's action to try to kill oneself. I do think if anyone had the answers as to what to do to help our children, that individual would be on top of a goldmine of great knowledge, ready to disseminate to a public looking for solutions.

My theory is that our society is more and more in a state of "learned helplessness". That is, we are constantly expecting to be eternally happy. Yet, no one has taught young people that part of life is pain and disappointment. There lies the "need" for drugs or another "high" to make oneself feel good all the time.

But, pain IS part of life. So...The key to success is to live and grow with the pain and develop skills and talent in order to flourish. How nice it is to admire, for example, the young girl in yesterday's story who is getting adept at harpsichord. Or, the kiddos who develop their skills in debate. The athletes who are proud of their prowess and team spirit.

Encouragement: That is what I think is missing with young folks, especially. There seems to be no one in the home or family that gives the individual "positive strokes" nor encouragement to feel special. We can only imagine the bad things that makes a young girl, in particular, depressed and sad: breakup with boyfriend, or feelings that no boy likes her. Or, perhaps feeling left out of "cliques" (which, unfortunately it seems girls shut out others even more than boys). Perhaps young people feel isolated, bear down the world's problems and make them "their own".


How do we know what caused this young lady to give up and try to get out of here? We don't! It could have been an excellent case of constant BULLYING. I pray she gives us another chance, even as wicket as this societh is now!

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jbgood posted at 11:25 am on Fri, Nov 22, 2013:

Now, JBG...I suppose I'm going to have to launch another topical debate with you. Now, wouldn't you think that the mere fact that the young girl tried to kill herself - that means she is indeed in the "give up" category?

Trying to end one's life, by default, IS trying "to get out of here". It's the ultimate outcry of a desire to end one's existence on this earth. Yes, some hurt themselves to "get attention" or to "feel" something, and the bullying that has been emassed upon them is a contributing factor. But, let's think of the thousands of children who experienced bullying but somehow developed the coping mechanisms to overcome it and/or found the right kind of help to manage its pain.

So, my conclusion is, yes, young people such as these are giving up. The giving up is yielding their power to another to either help them get better. And, unfortunately, some simply do want to leave this earth for what, in their mind, is a better "afterlife".


I just wanted to call attention to the fact the incident could have been caused by hardcore bullying. No need to debate anything. We won't really know exactly the cause until the young lady tells somebody the exact reason! Fair enough? Alright then, I need to start thinking FOOTBALL, anyway! JACK'nem got those "country boys" tonight!!!

Lars Faltskog

Well, JBG, I love a good, clean debate. Don't deprive me, please oh please. Now, can we ponder this: Does a bullying incident (or a series of bullying) actually CAUSE someone to commit suicide?

The reason I ask is because there are, regretably, incidents of suicide (and attempts) where the individual seemingly was of well-balanced and adjusted condition. No one was hurting them. They appeared to have their whole life in order. It's just that, inexplicably, they decided to "end" it. In those cases, it was not bullying - there was, actually, no trigger whatsoever.

Frank Emmite

There are no "well balanced and adjusted condition. No one was hurting them etc etc. There is something deeply wrong. TO THAT PERSON. Regardless of what society thinks. We are born with the drive for self preservation to us and to our children. And there is ALWAYS a trigger.

Lars Faltskog

Well shellypearl:
You might be interested in this article. It says that suicides often are not preceded by warnings, "out of the blue". Many do not have identifyable mental health conditions. There's quite a bit of misconceptions. Many suicide attempts are not from folks who scream loud and not from individuals who climb up to the top of a 200 storey building.


800-273-TALK can be helpful for those who think a loved one or friend might hurt himself/herself.


Y'all know nothing as you think you do


Y'all know nothing as y'all think you do :(

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