FRIENDSWOOD — Plans to repair the floor in the city of Friendswood’s animal shelter have been postponed indefinitely to allow time for the shelter advisory committee to research other methods of construction.

Tuesday evening, the committee unanimously decided that the original timetable in July for construction of the floor was too soon to plan accordingly for the 10 to 18 dogs that would have to be transferred.

The committee said it also wanted time to research other types of floors that would be viable for the animal shelter.

The current epoxy-painted floor, which the committee said wasn’t installed correctly when the shelter was built three years ago, is chipping.

If at any time, however, the floor becomes a health hazard, sections will be fixed before a new floor can be built.

“No one wants an animal to get sick because of that floor,” said committee and Councilman Steve Rockey. “If they have to, they’ll patch it.

The $35,000 that were allotted for the new floor for this fiscal year will have to be moved to the 2014-15 year, but Rockey said while he doesn’t speak for the rest of the council, he thinks they have all demonstrated by their actions that they hold the shelter in high regard and hopes the proposal will pass.

Repairs were first postponed last week after the animal rescue group Forgotten Pet Advocates claimed the work would result in the euthanization of several animals.

Vicky Glenn, a volunteer with Friends with Animal Control and Friendswood Animal Advocates, said she is happy with the committee’s decision.

“All of this could have been avoided if they had a plan to begin with,” she said. “But they’re working on it now, so that’s fine.”

The committee will meet again July 30.


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