LA MARQUE — Ecomet Burley, the superintendent of the La Marque school district since 2006, is out.

The school board on Thursday accepted Burley’s resignation after a more than three-hour closed-door meeting.

While his resignation isn’t until the end of the school year, he will be on leave the rest of the year to pursue other job opportunities.

The board followed its unanimous vote to accept Burley’s resignation and voted to name Assistant Superintendent Joanie Hudson as interim superintendent.

The embattled superintendent did not attend the meeting Thursday and had been on personal leave since last week. Hudson served in his sted for the board meeting.

Burley’s exit was expected after the board voted last month to issue a letter to his attorney.  Many trustees had been seeking a way to oust Burley, some even called on him earlier this year to resign.

They got their wish Thursday night.

When he was hired about six years ago, Burley came in to a district that was already struggling with school enrollment and academic woes.

He set out a five-year plan in which the push was to get the school district to a state exemplary status. One that it never achieved as a district, but saw successes on the elementary school level and saw improved academic performance at other campuses, but never enough to improve the district’s overall ranking.

The financial stress, caused by dropping enrollment and cuts in state funding took their toll.

Burley spent the better part of his last three years battling critics and contending with an often-divided school board.

Burley wasn’t the only resignation. Following the board’s vote, longtime school trustee Joe Cantu tendered his resignation.

Cantu said the board was going in a “different direction now,” and that it was “time for someone else to do what I have been doing for so long.”

Cantu walked out of the board meeting room before the meeting was over, after handing his resignation letter to Board President Annie Burton.

The La Marque school board also voted to terminate the employment of 19 probationary employees as well as layoff five other full-time contract employees as part of its reduction in force measures as it tries to get the district’s financial house in order.

The district is working under a state-ordered financial solvency plan.

The layoffs are effective the end of the school year.

All of the board members expressed regret to having to make the job cuts.

Trustee Shirley Fanuiel said the layoffs were necessary to get the district on a better financial footing.

Trustee Davey Jones, a retired teacher, compared the layoffs to “shooting your favorite hunting dog.”

Trustees also approved going into mediation to settle a federal lawsuit filed by the district’s former police Chief Russel Washington.

Burton was the only one to vote against the mediation, saying the last time the district attempted to mediate its dispute with Washington it was unsuccessful.

Washington was indicted on charges he falsified documents to improperly gain an auto title, but later saw the charges dropped. He sued the district claiming wrongful termination among other things.

Last month a federal judge set aside much of Washington’s lawsuit, but let the main argument stay, paving a way for a possible settlement.

Some on the board are not only pushing to settle with Washington — for what sources said is about $100,000 — but also to rehire Washington.

The board was also supposed to discuss contract renewals for staff as well in an executive session, that was expected to include the none renewal of school district Police Chief Tim Fields' contract, which expires in June.

Just before going into the closed-door session Burton announced that the discussion about contract renewals would be tabled.

The Daily News had argued that if Fields' contract was indeed to be part of that discussion and any subsequent action, that it required a specific agenda posting. There was no specific posting of Fields’ contract on Thursday’s agenda.


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See, this is what I thought Mr. Burley should have avoided a year or two ago. He should have facilitated ways of leaving these people to themselves, and not be tied to them long before now. I would not have spent the length of time he spent with these people for LOVE nor MONEY!

I would not have suffered the humiliation he went through trying to even work with them! I would have did whatever was needed to leave them! They are a catastrophic train wreck on the way to happen! Just a matter of time now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a sad man tonight! I'm sad I say! The reason I'm sad is because like they say in East Texas, "I CAN SEE THROUGH MUDDY WATER!" I though I was going to be able to watch "JACK" coach against that new coach from TC, for 3-4 more years! Now, (letting air out my lungs, shoulders falling) .....I guess not!


Correction** second paragraph in last post:

I would have DID whatever was needed to leave them! They are a catastrophic train wreck on the way to happen! SHOULD READ.........

I would have DONE whatever was needed to leave them! They are a catastrophic train wreck on the way to happen!

Walter Manuel

This board is just a big a joke in petson as they are in the newspaper.

Annie Burton read the wrong agenda item, not the revised one so they had to come out of executive session to announce that they would be discussing Russel Washington's contract and went back into executive session.

The clock is ticking and our tax dollars are steadily being wasted on this schools attorney because they already know that all Mr. Washington is due is $4,500.

I will have my open records report tomorrow on exactly what the current chief of police did with his department to see exactly how well his department performed last year.

The only ethical thing this board could possibly do to justify not renewing the police chief's contract is to review his evaluations from the last 3 years and decide on that alone.

It's pretty sad to listen to employees sitting in the meeting laughing saying that they work for LMISD this year, but who knows where they will be next year?? That's down right pathetic!

Mr.JBG, some people ate talking about you, me, Cougargator being the same person posting the same thing on the blogs!! ROFL. Now that's too funny that these public educators can't figure that one out!

I'll post when they reconvene from executive session....

Ecomet Burley

This whole saga is a sad commentary. I give Burley credit for fighting a good fight against the odds he faced coming in. The school district was struggling miserablely with low student achievement, community disengagement, discipline problems, poor teacher quality. Good to see he finally came to his senses and "shook "the dust off his feet" and said I am outta here. He is a good man who will rebound and do well in a different environment. Even Jesus could do no mighty works because of the unbelief and resistance he encountered in his own country.

James Dotson

Burley is not a good man and he hammer this district down to the wood. It is not true, that the district was bad before Burley got here. Dr. Johnson left this district financial strong and academic sound. Thanks, Mr. Burley for your poor leadership that push this district in the poor house. He took money, spend the district money, made weak discussions and left the district with pennies. This will be a fresh and good start for the district to move on. I don't wish Burley on any district because he will stomp it in tiny pieces like he did LMISD.


Law Dawg, I know that's right! This district is bottom line the WORST in Texas, and if they are not careful, they just might end up being the Worst district EVER, in Texas!


They could already be the worst ever! What are the particulars of what happened tonight and what was the agreements reached with Mr. Burley, which were so hush,hush last week? Our money, and we deserve to know. I can understand the secrecy because those individuals calling themselves leaders, can't do or say anything without putting their feet in their mouths, so I do sympathize with them but I certainly do not empathize with them.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, you got me in trouble for not only being you, but Cougargator and Missionaryman too! lol

This teacher from the village once again caused a big scene by getting up intentionally raising her voice and swinging her arms in order to stir up those friends of her's sitting in the meeting once she found out that Missionaryman was sitting right in front of her.

It's a shame that it took her so long to have her face cracked when she read the blog to read everything that she had been saying bad about the district and realized that Missionaryman was posting her comments on the blogs.

This idiot got other friends of her's to start hollering at me and so I took a picture of her because I didn't know who she was and needed a picture to show someone who started this incident that caused me to feel threatened having to leave the meeting with so many people mad at me.

This is the same teacher that started mess with me at the last meeting. I can assure her that I will be filing a formal complaint against her tomorrow with the school district for intentionally starting a public disturbance that could have led to a fight at some point during the meeting.

That's neither here nor there, however what we were told is that Mr. Burley resigned and will remain on personal leave until the end of the school year in order to persue other opportunities for his future( paraphrasing).

They appointed Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joanie Hudson as the acting superintendent until their June meeting when they will decide then what they will do regarding the superintendent for the school year 2013-2014.

The board also voted 6-1 with Annie Burton voting against going to mediation with Russel Washington regarding his lawsuit. Annie said that they tried mediation and that didn't work, then it went to court and it's still going on and she thinks that something needs to be done a lot sooner to get this matter resolved. (More wasted tax dollars on a mediator and attorney fee's when there's no need for mediation, just give him the $4,500 that he's owed and be done with it).

They also read the names of the people being RIF'd , as well as, a few name of contracted term employees without the chief of police being mentioned.

Mr. Joe Cantu resigned from the board right after he voted for the mediation and thanked everyone on the board and for the opportunity to have been able to serve for almost 14 years. He wished the district well and hopes that the board could do what it needed to do in order to help the district and wished the other board members Godspeed before packing his things and leaving the meeting.

We cannot thank Mr. Cantu enough for all the years of his dedicated service, but seeing what he is working against in regards to this board we certainly can't blame him for leaving either.

It was also sad to see Mr. Davey Jones for the last time since he is not running for reelection and wish him and his wife Godspeed as well.

JED, as far as this district being in a better place now, you really need to stop smoking that nasty straw from your EMPTY EAGLES NEST that causes such delusional thinking!

These moves only help to further destroy this district faster than what has been happening in the past.

Now we have a superintendent that no longer has a superintendent certification nor has ever been a superintendent, we all ought to be awefully proud of being such a podunk school district that it doesn't make much difference to a dying school district.

Great job TJ! Keep up the excellent reporting!

TJ, was I really rude tonight??? LOL [wink]

Ecomet Burley

JED, please do your homework before you get on this forum. Check TEA data and even Stevie Wonder could see that the district was struggling. The board was dyfunctional and student enrollment had been falling for years prior and campuses were academically unacceptable. It is a well documented fact. Remember, Mr. Burley did not make his contract in a vaccum. A contract is an agreement between two or more people. You are in denial if you refuse to see the whole picture. Maybe that's the core problem anyway, the the finger is always being pointed in the wrong direction. Many times change needs to start with the "man in the mirror".

Mike Lockwood

I have one question now.....who is going to be the one to blame now that Burley has resigned. All I have heard for 6 years, "It's Burley's fault".

Will it be the City Council....Oh ! I know, let's blame it on the Athletic Department. It's all those massive amount of stipends the coaches receive for working overtime ! Not only do the coaches teach discipline (or the student doesn't participate), but they also concentrate on the student's grades(or the student doesn't participate).

I've lived in La Marque 60 years and have watched the wheels turn in many directions. I am curious to see which direction the wheels will turn (or spin as if in the mud) now.

Walter Manuel

Law Dawg, you hit the nail on the head. Mr. Burley was not the problem with this school district, actually he was the only one that knew what he was doing like when he had to stop the board from passing over an agenda item regarding the budget that would have shut down the finances by that Friday afternoon.

Now who will tell this how to run the district since not only Mr. Burley is gone, but also Mr. Cantu?

Oh, I know that answer....... the school's attorney, she will be more than glad to be their legal advisor at $255.00 an hour!

43012074239,,,,, last night the athletic department received a grant for the athletic department from some organization and LMISD was the first school to ever receive this grant thanks to a great grant writer. I wonder how long it will be before the district gets rid of her because she's doing her job too well and that makes other's around her look bad?

Seems this district has no problem keeping the slackers because their friends with the board members and those who actually come into work every day and do their jobs to the best of their abilities are the one's that are RIF'd.

Like when the thuggish teacher last night was overheard saying when someone comented about so and so being kin to so and so,,,,, " that's what we need is to get back to in LM and that is everybody being from LM".

If that ain't village mentality at it's finest then I don't know what is!


The attorney or the GDN! See where GDN had to get them straight on Field's contract renewal interfacing with the agenda?

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That would be, "Now who will tell this "board"....

Gary Miller

Burley resigned? Was his contract bought out? For how much?

He, the only adult on the LM ISD board, gets out before other board members turn the district over to the TEA.
Which local district can be persuaded to accept pieces of LM ISD? Who will pick up the LM ISD debt?
Can the Eagles Nest be an ISD?
Is it time for the remaining LM residents to get out?
ExPat LM students are performing better in their adopted schools than they did in LM ISD. The smartest rats are always the first to leave a sinking ship. Did they get out because they were smarter? After the cream is skimmed what's left?

Walter Manuel

IHOG, all that's left of this dying school district IS the inevitable TEA take over.

LMISD is now what Hitchcock ISD used to be over 30 years ago just a small district with not much going for it, however they were never in the financial shape of LMISD as best that I can remember?

Now just look at Hitchcock, as a result of this school board and their supporters this district has made sure to have driven their students to other districts for the simple sake of trying to get rid of Mr. Burley.

Hitchcock should be thanking LMISD for making their new high school possible because of their simple incompetence and poor leadership.

This mediation nonsense regarding Russel Washington's lawsuit is nothing more than the board members shifting the blame from them onto someone else to one day say, "See, we didn't give Russel Washington his job back THEY did"?

If the courts found reason to dismiss all of the the court cases except one, then what possibly could a mediator find to justify paying him the $100,000 plus giving him his job back?

Again, this is nothing but more wasted tax dollars, diversion from the real issues that the district faces and certainly a mockery to the legal system!

Mike Lockwood

Graduate of La Marque more than 40 years ago, lived in La Marque all my life, served on City Council, served on the Parks Board, President of my Church Council, board member of Troop 244 Boy Scouts, secretary of La Marque Little League, director ono La Marque Chamber of Commerce....I am true blue through and through La Marque. But I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be on a blog and ask this question.....

Can anyway give a single reason as to why the school district is in this shape ?


Yes sir I can! Let me be nice,...go look at those were who ran North Forest ISD into oblivion and THERE YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWER YOU ARE SEEKING. I could have lied to you sir, know this, but Old JBG does not roll like that. Call'em like they fall, is what I say.


Well, I won't go so far as to make a bonafide hero out of Mr. Burley, because I don't think he deserves it, but at the end I think he did try to work with these people. Unfortunately, that was like running into a brick wall, backing up, and running into it again, and again without any degree of success!

This school board has been going in this direction for a long time, and their inclination to do so was why Mr. Burley was chosen to come here in the first place! (You have to see the big picture!) Look at the demise of the school band for instant. Why did that happen? What have I been saying? The LEADERSHIP determined, "we can't compete, so let's shake some booty, to "NIGHTRAIN" and go back to what we know!!" Stay with me here, don't get lost! I remember when they quit going to Austin to compete with the likes of Friendwood and Texas City! It was not the kids' fault, but the GROWN men and women who were leading should have been dismissed!! Anybody see that?

Somebody mentioned Dr. Johnson's name,( notice that that Dr. is not in front of Mr. Burley's name)...why did Dr. Johnson have to go? Did he just up one day and say, I'm leaving? No! If my memory serves me correctly, he was pressured out!

Tell me something if this district was hiring by qualifications, why did it not select another individual possessing a doctoral degree, instead of hiring one without that distinction?

Don't bother, I already know, I because I understand "NEST SPEAK"...I know what's transpiring, and transitioning here right now, and it has not just started. Many taxpayers have by their actions shown that they are not participating in these plans of going "BACK" and have proven it, by moving their children to other districts for years now! These kids are our most prized possessions. We would not need any schools without them! We are suppose to love them, and give them the best education available. They are also the future! Why then would anyone NOT want them exposed to the best education possible. That certainly is not the brand of education being dispensed out in LMISD! Talk back to me if you can!!!

Now, like in JEHOSHAPHAT'S day, ( II Chronicles 20:19-26) those who were in cahoots together for so long in doing wrong, have now turned on each other to their own detriment and destruction!

In time this school board is going to learn a lesson along with those who are supporting what they are doing, and how they are doing it. See, God's people came across the armies of AMMON & MOAB years earlier, but GOD did not allow them to engage them. Those same enemies came back after a long time and were poised to destroy God's people. Long story short, ambushes were set in the spirit by the LORD, therefore the armies of AMMON & MOAB turned on their allies, the armies of MOUNT SEIR destroying them all! After that, MOAB & AMMON turned on each other and destroyed themselves before, the armies of Jerusalem and Judah ( God's people).. got a chance to even raise a sword, to engage them in a fight.

Starting to get the picture here, huh? Looks familiar doesn't it? See, the moral of this story is this, Like the armies who opposed GOD people, " IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET BY, IN WRONG DOING, for a season of time,...AND STILL NOT GET AWAY!"

May God bless LaMarque, and may the citizens continue to come together in unity, one, and may those who are determined on dividing, sowing seeds of discord, ( one thing God really hates-Proverbs 6:16-19)and practicing the DEVIL'S arithmetic, in our mist, be thrust aside out of the way, in order that we might continue forward. Amen!

Island Bred

I was thinking I would go just one more time to the dog and pony show but I had some knitting that needed attention.............. These clowns are really gonna get crazy now. In thier little heads they think they have won. LOL LOL Buckle up Boys the people with brains just walked out and the rest is mush. I suppose they are going to try to rely on Crawford......BwaHahahahahhaaaaaa!!!

I will add thos that MissionaryMan has been, still is, and will be right on target with his opinion, information, and call of this disfunctional group of morons that are doing nothing more than wasting money. Good call - as usual. EVERYTHING he said thus far has happened. I'm wish we could see the archives of Walter. LOL LOL Good JOb man!!!!

Walter Manuel

Thanks Margurite! This board has a lot more RIF'ing to do before they've even begin to get rid of all my points of contact!

In fact, the phones have been blowing up since early this morning with people talking about last night's meeting.

More and more parents are saying that they are planning on moving their child next year to other districts because they are tired of all the lies that they are being told by district officials and of all the secretive things that this board and their attorney are intentionally keeping from the public.

This battle isn't over by any means so the board members better just get prepared for a really long ride!

Walter Manuel

That should have been "before they've even "begun"....

Steve Bock

If this Hudson is the person that came from Garland they need to check her out better. She could be a nother Burley. Just saying

Walter Manuel

Mr. Bock, Dr. Joanie Hudson was brought to LMISD by Mr. Burley where she worked at Cedar Hill ISD as the Executive Director in charge of special projects, curriculum and grants.

Island Bred

Looks like her "special project" here was to trifle with Burley then slide in the job thru the back door................ Not so sure she will be fondly spoke of in the future by him. I always say - when you speak my name - speak of me kindly. I'm thinking Burley may not be the fella to do that. This whole mess just smells like last months garbage to me. Be glad when they lay down for the last time over there - shouldn't be too much longer now I would think. TEA can't be happy about this AND they can't afford to pay a high prices lawyer for too much longer.


Mr. Manuel, Mr. Bock, as an old ex military man, and one who has worked in leadership for many years, I don't think Dr. Joanie Hudson is the one who bears much watching. People like her, and Mr. Burley usually are the ones ending up with that scapegoat branded on their backside when everything goes to hell and back!

I'm not saying they should not be held accountable, but, look who is still sitting over there telling the people who are losing their jobs, "We are sorry, but.......! The thing is, we all know they are SORRY and incompetent, they have already proven that! How is that going to help these people losing jobs and work now, because they were allowed to continually sit over there and be SORRY?

They need to quit being SORRY, because that is the reason things are going down like they are. So what is my point here? My point is simple,....let take it spiritual.
Look at it like this, Selfishness is a root cause which is the mother to fear, or jealousy see? Envy and strife also comes from the root of selfishness. If you will rid yourself of fear, envy and strife, YOU MUST FIRST RID YOURSELF OF SELFISHNESS, or you are just spinning your wheels, see?

Allow me to bring it on home now, Dr. Hudson will not be a problem and Mr. Burley would not have been a problem, IF WE WOULD HAVE HAD A BOARD WORTH A DAM in place over there! The Major knows I speak the truth, because he has been there and done that!! When I was in business, and one of my supervisors was dragging my group, I'd call him in and let him know HE WAS ON THE CLOCK!! I let him know it took efforts from many people in order to build our reputation of excellence, and no one man was going to bring it down! See EXCELLENCE has to be kept up or maintained! Otherwise you will have a butt kicking group come in like the Major, Bowie, Armstrong, and Lockhardt'nem did, and when they left, years later, what they did fell through the crack!! Why? I tell you why, because EXCELLENCE has to be maintained, that's why.

For example, you can't take yourself out of the band competition and go back to doing something you can do, that NOBODY else wants to do, just to make yourself feel good!!! I must be the only one who see this!! I mean you can't teach a kid to play and march good enough to get #1 ratings or #2 ratings in Austin, you stop trying,.. and start teaching them how to booty dance? Am I making sense here? It is not the kids, the same kids are performing in an excellent environment in other places! It is the culture and standards for these things which are in place and which are taught to the young here, and tolerated! That is it, period! We can keep our heads buried in the sand or we can pull them out and get rid of the ROOT PROBLEMS here, if not, we will forever be hiring Superintendents here. That will only be addressing the FRUIT of the problem instead of the ROOT of the problem.

That will be like trying to kill grass by mowing it! ( In two weeks you will see the same problem back again.)

Walter Manuel

"Looks like her "special project" here was to trifle with Burley then slide in the job thru the back door................"

Bingo Margurite! That's exactly what everyone else in the community is saying as well!

It's just a matter of time before Dr. Hudson will be the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong even if she does everything to a "T" that the board tells her to do. (which by the way is NOT their jobs).

Mr. JBG, your absolutely right as well, it's just a matter of time before history repeats it's self....

Robert Buckner

Right now I really do not think anything will save LMISD from a TEA takeover. We (taxpaying voters) have failed to elect competent board members and then we failed again to hold those elected accountable.

Walter Manuel

Several people are calling and wanting to know what happened at the administration building this afternoon because they said that they were going down Bayou and saw Russel Washington, Bo Hunter and a couple of other people that they didn't know standing across the street laughing and taking pictures?

One person said that they wanted a better look so they turned and went down Scott street and came back to get a better look and this time they saw Mr. Burley at the administration building hauling some stuff out of the building.

I certainly hope that this group was not standing across the street laughing at Mr. Burley while he cleaned out his office as nobody would deserve to be humiliated like this.

If this is indeed true than this speaks volumes for the character of people these individuals actually are!

Steve Bock

MissionaryMan Do you know if Dr. Hudson ever worked for the Garland ISD?

Walter Manuel

Mr. Bock, yes I just found out that Dr. Hudson did work for Garland ISD at one time.

Ecomet Burley

This speaks volumes about the character of Washington and Hunter. What role models and upstanding citizens they are. The pattern of showing poor judgement continues. It cost him job and he still has not learned anything yet from that experience. Some people just don't get it.


I did not agree with all the things Mr. Burley did here, but the man is leaving, and I say let him leave in peace. We all know that he did not act alone, some of those who were apart of this "SCAM" are still over there. Therefore, we need to be cognizant of them, and not Mr. Burley. He is out of it now. I wish him well in whatever he declares to be his future. It is just good to be decent!

I personally think it will be impossible for the best to be recruited into LMISD, and I also think the best LMISD has here, will be LEAVING soon! So, this should weigh heavy on prospective, and present parents of students as far as enrolling here for school.

Walter Manuel

Law Dawg and Mr. JBG, very well said.

It's obvious someone on the school board had to have told these low life's when Mr. Burley would be packing up his office, otherwise how would they have known exactly when to have been across the street in order to watch him pack up his stuff?

Just goes to show the true integrity of some of the current school board members for sure!

I suppose I must remind them once again of the code of ethics that they swore to uphold when they took office that includes:




Maybe this is what the "Good News" letter was about that was sent to area churches?

I suppose satan has such a tight hold on these people that they no longer know the difference between right and wrong.

I had someone tell me not that long ago to resist the devil and he will flee and no weapon will prosper!

I truly believe that....

George Croix

So, now that Burley's gone LMISD is flush and problem free?
Divert. Delay. Distract. Deceive. Divide.
Punish our enemies and reward our friends.
All too familiar.
It would be nice if the ex-Supt. told the citizens he was paid to serve the last several years WHY he resigned. Up front. In person. Name names. Exercise that 1st Amendment. Money should never talk louder than honesty.

Walter Manuel

Gecroix, I can only imagine all the heckling and taunting that would have come from all the village idiots had Mr. Burley shown up to address the public?

Yesterday I was at the administration building requesting an open records request and could hear someone who has an office on the left side of the building next to Dr. Hudson's office yelling and talking extremely hateful to someone on speaker phone regarding some meeting that had been previously scheduled.

I thought to myself whoever this district employee was that lacked the least amount of professionalism that her job obviously requires and had she worked for me she would have immediately been made available to the market!

Looks like there's going to be a lot of complacency going on in the district now that Dr. Hudson is in charge, Mr. Cantu resigned and the village idiots have total control over the board and the district.

Like Mr. Buckner has previously stated, LMISD RIP....

Steve Bock

she was hired by Bpurley from Garland ISD. It is my understanding that LMISD paid here was to come down and interview and paid her rent until she could find a place to live inLa Marque. Not reall sure about that. She was thouhgt so much of in Garland they didn't even offer her any more moeny.


An old Chinese Proverb goes like, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!"

I think we saw this worked to perfection dealing the Nest and LMISD Leaders!


Corrections***** to last post. Last sentence should read:
I think we saw this worked to perfection, between the Nest and LMISD Leaders leading up to the Superintendent leaving!

Steve Bock

make corrections about expense to interview and rent, misplaced material so there far have no back up. Just to get record straight.

Walter Manuel

Oh Mr. Bock, no problem. Dr. Hudson is the queen of obtaing grants and justifying the shifting of money from one area to another that makes people wonder about just how legal it really is?

That's like the charter school that they are applying for in hopes of using some of that money to make the Renassaince Academy a charter which I'm not sure that you can co-mingle two federal grants for one purpose because the start up money funding can't be used to pay for administration, a building or anything like that. They have to use the start up money for books, supplies and equipment for the students.

I still say LMISD's grants and how they are being used needs to be thoroughly audited by TEA.


I wish they would run an audit as to why Mr. Buckner and JBG should continue to pay taxes to this district. ( He won me over finally). I mean I'd be more than willing to donate it to charity. It would be better spent.

George Croix

MissionaryMan, no doubt that was a probability, but, imho, a man in an important leadership position who's unwilling to confront headon the inevitable heckling and taunting that comes with being the boss should really consider alternative career choices. Something solitary, and unchallenging would be better.
I do not know for a fact that Burley was fearful of anything, but it looks bad to just up and leave after all the craziness that's infected LMISD, especially over the last several months. I guess some of us are just naturally more confrontational. And, Burley may have just had enough of being George Bush'd as a Scapegoat for Everything.
Still, arguably, had positive and forceful confrontation been exercised more diligently, whether confronting up front the multiple hobblings of LMISD due to dwindling enrollment, lowered tax revenues, pathetic discipline, poor learning environment, or a Board more intent on turning back the clock and payback than on real time, realistic, impartial problem management, things might not have gotten quite so far down the toilet.
Let the dead horse go. He's no longer contributing to any problem that he may have ever contributed to, so time to see what's left laying on the floor that needs to be cleaned up and get to cleaning. At this point, braying at the man behind his back is only for the folks more concerned with themselves than the school district.
Unless a lot changes, I'd like to apply to join those gentlemen who've expressed a desire to pay less taxes if all they are going to get is a lousy return for them.
It's the same position I have about COM, too.
Clean up, shut up, produce positively, or turn the place(s) over to those who can do all three.

Steve Bock

I am like you Missionary Man a complete audit should be done on the way they spend grants : I know a few years ago I was asked about a Law Enforcement grant and told the person I would check on it and come to fine out what they wanted to do was violation of federal and state law. The night that Burley introducte she already had some kind of grant for LMISD and she wasn't even hired yet. I truly believe they Ms Alexander had already gotten the grant and to make Hudson they said the Hudson had gotten it.

Robert Buckner

I can't help but to feel sorry for the kids that walk past my home every day going to school. I wonder if they think much about their future in this world and if LMISD is doing it's job to prepare them for that future with our tax dollars. Then I feel sorry for myself and other taxpayers for wasting so much money paying these taxes and not getting our money's worth of education.
But then I must be thankful that the election to increase taxes last December failed by a tremendous margin after a great effort to defeat it was spearheaded by Walter Manuel as he continues his tireless efforts to keep us informed on what is really going on at the corner of Bayou and Scott.

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