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Carlos Ponce

If he wanted a "celebration of Mexican-American heritage" he should have selected September September 16th -Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo was only regionally celebrated in Mexico around Puebla where the battle was fought. Corona beer used the day to promote more beer sales. Like St. Patrick's Day it's just another excuse to drink more beer (cerveza).
Why isn't Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Mexico widely outside Puebla? They won the battle in Puebla but lost the war. It was not until the United States intervened following the Civil War that the French were driven out of Mexico. What was the war about? Mexico refused to repay its debts to France so France sent troops.

PD Hyatt

I totally agree with you Mr. Ponce.... I have never understand what the big deal was all about except an excuse to party and get drunk....

Lars Faltskog

Well, some folks say that Christmas is a pagan holiday that was inserted for Dec. 25 (which is not even Jesus' real birthday). And furthermore, we have all this commercialism, including Snoopy who entered the decorated house contest!

Now, look at what Christmas has become! Sheesh.

Carlos Ponce

December 25th was set aside to celebrate the birth of the Lord. The exact time and date are unknown so they selected that day to replace a pagan celebration.
sverige, isn't "pagan holiday" an oxymoron since holiday means "Holy day"?
My Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know what it has become in your sphere of influence but my family still maintains the original, Charlie sverige Brown.

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