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Lisa Blair

Obviously Ms. Free shouldn't have written those emails but I can understand her frustration. There's a right way to do something like this and a wrong way. The Robb's are doing it the wrong way.

Guy Broom

It seems like she is doing it the wrong way, But when people do things illegally "allegedly", you have to call them out. To counter their errors they go on a campaign to discredit the one who uncovers it. The law is the law. Give it time before you judge, the truth shall set you free.

Ron Shelby

The continued daily contact by councilwoman Robb is disconcerting. Being part of a group of elected officials, not a single, serving as a board in a manager-council form of government, shes way overstepping her bounds. If she wants investigative powers exercised then she needs to work through the council and attorney to gain that authorization. Otherwise go through the city manager. She's not a lone ranger. As for finance committee members, they are simply advisory and should follow proper channels as well. Unless this is a whistleblower situation, of which there should be reporting procedures to follow in the city policy, employees such as broom need to be reprimanded and directed to follow proper chain of command to their supervisor. Lower positions may have limitations in their knowledge leading to misinformation being spread to elected officials, city committees and the general public. This could simply be due to their lack of participation in overall "big picture" discussions.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Galveston seems to have a disproportionate number of husband and wife teams that periodically raise havoc while lowering the general public discourse (not an easy task here!) with single-minded intrusion into the suspected wrongdoing of assorted public employees and officials. That is, of course, a fertile field to root about in.

But the husband-wife teams...I have to blame Bill and Hilary for making that popular, although such beloved pairs as Eva and Juan Peron and Imelda and Ferdy Marcos certainly led the way. I wonder which of the three choices I mention here brings the most satisfaction to the Robbs, by way of comparison?

Carolyn Meehan

To your comment about power couple buttinski-itis, I agree.

But don't forget to put Ronald & Nancy Reagan under the same label. Remember the Don Regan incident? Or how about the astrologist consultations? And now we all know that Nancy's buttinski-itis was due to Ronny's Alzheimer issues.

To all the power couples out there who just wanna help...there are policies and procedures to follow. Be a part of the solution, not another problem.

George Croix

A chain is only as good as it's weakest link.

Lisa Blair

I bet if Ms. Beeton's husband was on the Finance Committee, Ms. Robb would be having a fit about it!!

Ellen Morrison

Ms. Robb is incorrect. The Council has investigative powers; that does NOT mean that Council Members do.

Furthermore, Council AND its members are barred from interfering in COG Administrative Matters.

I sincerely hope that District 6 will elect another Council Member to represent them.

From Article II of the COG Charter (entitled "The Council"):

Section 5. Investigative Powers of the Council. The Council shall have the power to inquire into the official conduct of any department, agency, office, officer, or employee of the City, and into any other matters of proper concern to the Municipal Government. For this purpose the Council shall have the power to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses, and to compel the production of books, papers, and other evidence material to the inquiry. The Council shall provide by ordinance penalties for contempt in failing or refusing to obey any such subpoena or to produce any such books, papers or other evidence, and shall have the power to punish any such contempt in the manner provided by this ordinance.

(Ord. No. 96-59, § 5, 6-16-96)

Section 6. Interference in Administrative Matters. Neither the Council nor any of its members shall direct or request the City Manager or any of the City Manager's subordinates to appoint or to remove from office or employment any person except a person whose office is filled by appointment of the Council under the provisions of this Charter. Except for the purpose of inquiry and investigation the Council and its members shall deal with the administrative services of the City solely through the City Manager, and neither the Council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the City Manager, either publicly or privately.

(Ord. No. 91-95, § 4(1), 11-14-91; Ord. No. 96-59, § 5, 6-16-96)

Raymond Lewis

Ms. Robb seems to bring chaos and havoc just about every where she goes.

Royce P.

Instead of name calling, I think Ms. Free should spend more time with the city's bookkeeping system and reconciling those city accounts that have been outstanding for the past seven years! [wink]

Bill Broussard

Remember, all of this follows on the heels of Robb volunteering testimony to County Commissioners favorably to one of her favorite TIRZ and helping get a State House Bill to Congress (where it was pigeon holed ) to have us pay the nearly 900 MM dollars it would take to build dunes on her beach during the last session.

Same holds true for her husband. If he wants to look under the City Finance Carpet, have Don Mafridge Finance Committee Chair post and call a vote to get the material.

While inappropriate in her remarks, Ms. True is also correct in her assessment.

Of course, if Mr. Robb were to exit the Finance Committee it would change nothing. Ms. Robb would just use Rosen or Legg instead……her home away from home.

Gary Miller

What is being hidden?
Pop, Pop, Pop.
Looks like show time at COG CC meetings again.
Big egos and small minds make interesting news.

Ron Shelby

This city council is giving the League City council a run for its money in becoming one of the more dysfunctional councils in the county. It's really getting sad and reaching new lows.

Debra Criss

hopefully the voters of district 6 will replace Robb. Ms. Free obviously knows here emails are subject to open records, yet she chose to express her concerns about what is obvious difficult work situation.

Stephen Murphy

Ahh, another episode of "As Galveston Turns". Someone pass the popcorn.

Guy Broom

Today's episode was pretty good...stay tune!


Give that Director a pay raise! Someone needed to say it![sad]

Guy Broom

Hopefully we will see all of Ms Frees emails, I hear they are colorful.

Jarvis Buckley

I have to say this is wild......

Miss Priss

Marie Robb is too big for her britches. She has an opponent in the upcoming Position 6 race for city council unfortunately her opponent has got to lose the permanent sour puss look on her face and overcome the fact that she ran 1/2 the women in junior league while she was president who today would vote against her in favor of Robb.

James Scholes

Wonder if Ms. Free will have the gumpsion to show up Thursday night?

James Scholes

Rather, if she will show up Thursday DAY. OR... will council ask her to appear? I might have to take some time off Thursday and attend this session.

Ellen Morrison

There was a last-minute change to the COGCC meeting... there will be no report from the Financial Director.

Ruth Broom

Re galvestondailynews comment: There's a whole lot more!

Ruth Broom

To punish me today for sticking up for myself and talking to the news, the city is cancelling their agreement for my flex schedule (includes weekly chemo also.) Cindy Dewitt documented it in an email.

Lisa Blair

who's running against her in 6?

Kay Mallet

Sounds like Mrs. Free was setting Ms. Broom up for failure. She new she would be out for extended time, and then she could just sweep all the dirt under the rug.

What is Mrs. Free trying to hide?

Guy Broom

Where did Ms Free work last ...and was she ran out of that job too?

Norman Pappous

Do you have information that she was ever run out of any job?

Or do you simply want to slander her name because you can do it from the safety of anonymity that cowards seem to prosper under?

Guy Broom

I lived in Padre for 15 yrs, I'm not going to do your work for you. But you seem like a nice person calling people cowards and all...Convention Center Expansion Committee 6 months nothing done, mayor and CM not happy.[beam]

Norman Pappous

Definitely not a nice person to people that slander. Beth resigned and we were lucky to get her. The person South Padre put to fill her spot quit within a year due to a hostile work environment. Me Free's colleagues gave her high marks. Something tells me that the problems were not with Ms Free.

Kathy Maddox


Kathy Maddox

Mr. Pappous, You DO realize you're a city council member representing the people of Galveston & you should not be calling people cowards. Not classy at all. If the work environment was hostile, it was probably inherited from the previous administration. I'm sure Mayor Rosen's colleagues will give him high marks too. [wink]

Guy Broom

Coco, how dare you call out our distinguished Council member like that...he is an elected representative, have some respect. /sarcasm/

Guy Broom

Also..wouldn't Ms Free statements be considered slander towards Robb..just saying.

Robert Buckner

GDN removed their own comment?

Guy Broom

No, I think some idiot actually signed up as GDN..

Robert Buckner

Ok coach, then that makes sense that the comment was removed.

Guy Broom

Yes, I thought it was odd too!

Guy Broom

When is she expected in front of city council? Or is she?

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