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Walter Manuel

This is just crazy, SNAFU in LMISD!

Just like I have been saying all along, this school board needs to be replaced by state monitors and like IMMEDIATELY!

I can't believe that the district's attorney didn't advise these incompetent board members any better than they did, especially seeing how the districts own law firm Walsh, Anderson, Gallegos, Green and Trevenio just did a presentation on June 10, 2014 in San Antonio Texas during the "Texas School District Accounting and Auditing Conference" on "Procurement: A Comprehensive Overview of Procurement. Issues and Practical Tips for School Districts".

Perhaps the board members like everyone else should Google this article " "Procurement: A Comprehensive Overview of Procurement. Issues and Practical Tips for School Districts by Walsh, Anderson, Gallegos, Green and Trevenio, PC." on the internet to see the law that they are about to break in which could land them a fine if not jail time, as well as, a criminal record and removal from the board.

Good job TJ exposing these people for who they really are and good luck with getting your open records requests just like I'm trying to do as well. The story keeps changing as to why I haven't received them yet from early July, but I'll patiently wait and keep resubmitting my requests until I finally get the information that they obviously DON'T want me to have! .[whistling]

Robert Buckner

This board must be hiding something. To not release information in a timely manner should be dealt with harshly. I guess it is a major SNAFU. Another new gimmick, a "feel good" column by Daniels and everything will be ok.[wink]

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