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J. Shaffer

Yet another Texas Republican that wants to blame Democrats.

Hey, Weber. Pass a budget bill .... and ONLY a budget bill.... and we can ALL get back to work.

The time to discuss the menu is not when the bill comes to the table.

I have to wonder, too, about two NASA workers that are financially strapped after less than a week. Seriously, that's got to be a pretty good double salary for the household. Aren't you 'rocket scientists' supposed to be smarter than that?

Debra Criss

Not one Texas House member is on the list of House Republicans willing to sign a clean CR.
Weber is looking out for himself and his next primary, and is an ideologue of the worst kind.

Chris Gimenez

This is typical of the loopy left. They refuse to admit that it is harry pelosi, nancy reid, and hussein Obama who are holding the American people hostage by shutting down the federal government. Of course, it's not such a bad thing that NASA is being pinched. It's a black hole on earth.

What the dems refuse to acknowledge is the truth about obamacare and the damage it's doing to this country already. Of course, the dems who voted for it and supported it don't even have a clue what's in it.

Sandra Lawrence

I agree with everything you have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


ACA is a law. What don't you get about that bvresident? Want to cherry pick the laws you like and those you don't? That isn't how our government works. Pass a clean budget law and then work to overturn the ACA if you wish but saying it is the Dems who shut down the government because they don't agree with your position on ACA is ridiculous.

Chris Gimenez

Tikiowl, let's talk about ridiculous since you brought it up.

What's ridiculous is a president who insists he won't negotiate with Republicans on anything and continues to state that at every opportunity.
What's ridiculous is a president who seems to be trying to tank our stock market by publicly stating he's surprised it's not in worse shape than it is.

What's ridiculous is a president who voted against raising the debt ceiling limit every time it came before him as a senator because he said it was a crime against future generations.

What's ridiculous is a president who ordered the WWII memorial to our veterans barricaded and guarded after which they were threatened with arrest for entering it even though it's an open-air museum that is never staffed or quarded.

What's ridiculous is a healthcare law that was passed solely by one party and that is causing tremendous damage to full-time employment across this country.

What's ridiculous is a healthcare law that-even after three years and hundreds of millions of dollars-cannot even stay up and running long enough to actually enroll any significant number of individuals.

What's ridiculous is an administration that is printing $85 BILLION of debt every month and has been for the last two years.

What's ridiculous is a government agency-the IRS-that has essentially become an harassment and retaliation tool for the Obama administration.

What's ridiculous is an IRS agency that has furloughed 90% of its employees and still has 1.35 MILLION employees at work.

What's ridiculous is a president who will not tell the truth about why a U. S. Ambassador and three U.S. citizens were allowed to be murdered in Libya and then won't conduct a full investigation into the murders.

What's ridiculous is a political party that believes there is an endless supply of tax revenue to fund an endless supply of entitlements to an increasing number of people who either cannot or will not find employment because of this administration's policies.

The Republican Party has absolutely no responsibility to support or fund a healthcare bill that the democrat party and its leaders don't have a clue as to what's in it.

Chris DeVries

Tiki, you do realize the President also "cherrypicked" who is subject to his law, and even which parts of the law to ignore, dony you?

Chris DeVries


Chris DeVries

bvresident: Great post! We need more facts in these times!

Chris DeVries

Here's another fact: we have more than enough revenue each month to pay the interest on our debt. "Default" isn't a reality, unless the President decides not to pay the interest we owe.

Chris Gimenez


Bob Mcamis

Who is buying our debt? And what happens when the interest rate moves higher?

Chris Gimenez

This is another example of how ridiculous this president and the democrats are being.


It's disgusting and pathetic.

J. Shaffer

Lets clear up a few facts:

Republicans were invited nineteen times to negotiate on the budget. Nineteen times they didn't want to, they were more interested in trying to repeal the ACA to bother with budget meetings.

Trying to get rid of it now, during budget talks, makes about as much sense as the last budget argument we had in March, when an 'anonymous' House Republican put a little rider on the budget that gave Monsanto lawsuit immunity and prevented even the Supreme Court from preventing the planting (and the resulting cross pollination) of untested GMOs.

That stunk. So does this.

The president did not order the shutdown of a monument, the shutdown of the government did.... and that's the responsibility the Republicans bear. Mount Rushmore is also an 'open monument' as you can see it from all over the Black Hills.... but guards remain at the tourist center and the gates of the mountain to prevent vandals and other miscreants from taking the frustration at our government out on our historical sites. The guards always WERE there, both at the WWII monument AND Rushmore.

It's the Republican threat of a default on our debt, too, that makes the stock market tremble, not what the president is saying. The ACA was passed by a majority vote in the Senate, not by a fringe group that represented a small minority of voters that seem to want to take the country hostage at every turn.

I'm not surprised that the overwhelming number of people seeking to be insured jammed up the website; no new system starts without bugs, and that overwhelming response should tell you that there aren't as many people that 'hate it' as much as you would believe. People have until January to sign up; there is plenty of time to work out the glitches.

The debt is huge, in part from the unfunded wars and prescription plans started over a decade ago under a different administration, but the deficit is only one third of what it was in 2009. That financial achievement is the work of the current president.

I'm just gonna roll my eyes at your Benghazi reference, but I will point out that investigating groups that claim to hate taxes and then claim non-profit status while trying to influence politics is wise, as those actions are not legal and the IRS found a Tea Party group right here in Red (neck) Houston that was illegally trying to claim tax-exempt status.

Put the blame for our sequester disaster where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of Ted Cruz and his TP Crusaders.

Chris Gimenez

Yes, lets clear up some facts. Your president has REFUSED to sign any budget during his five years in office-even when it was presented to him by his own party. As for being "invited" to negotiate on the budget, I guess that depends on your definition of "invited". Your president's modus operandi during his tenure has been one of his way or the highway. He has made it abundantly clear the Republicans only option in his mind is to do what he wants them to do.

Your statement that the Republicans have threatened to default on our debt is a lie. That has come only from the democrats and the president. In fact, Boehner has stated publicly that the president needs to stop playing games with our country's debt.

Again, your statement that the debt is the result of a previous president is democrat talking points and is part and parcel of the democrat's lifelong philosophy-don't take responsibility for anything, take credit for everything, and shift blame to others.

As for there being plenty of time "to work out the glitches", just what have they been spending hundreds of millions of dollars and three years doing? Playing cards? Oh wait, that's what your president was doing while he was personally killing Bin Laden. You can roll your eyes at Benghazi, and the IRS, and Fast and Furious and every other scandal that has been the hallmark of this presidency but it won't change the facts. obamacare is proving to be debacle of unbelievable magnitude and your party and the president refuse to acknowledge that because they have made this the pinnacle legislation of his term. Not much to brag about there.

Here's an example of even the hard-core media support of Obama finally cleaning their glasses.


Chris Gimenez

Gosh, since there are some who still want to believe in the pixie dust and unicorns of the obamacare act, maybe it's time to splash some reality on this situation.


Let's hold off on those high-fives for the time being.


I realize this is just a "glitch".


And more "glitches".


And if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it.


And nothing like celebrating the shutdown.


And don't forget how cheap it'll be.


Here's another great example of how great this obamacare is for the really sick.


Yep, just a few glitches. Nothing a few trillion dollars and another eight years of democrat dictatorship can't take care of.

Kevin Lang

Everything would be so much better if we just let the Tea Party Minority run the country. Who's crazy rules are those that insist on a majority vote to pass anything, and that gives the president veto power over any legislation that he doesn't like? If the Tea Party proposes something, it should just be deemed passed. We're wasting too much time by getting feedback from the GOP and the Democrats.

Alternatively, maybe people should recognize that it takes two to have an argument or an agreement. If you have an opinion that no one agrees with, someone needs to budge in order to get an agreement. Get off your high horse, negotiate in good faith, and find that middle ground where everyone can find a relatively similar level of discomfort.

In my opinion, the fight over ACA is a minor element of the big picture we need to address. My belief is that what we should do is: 1, pass the CRs. 2, immediately begin reviewing spending in each federal department, looking for programs that can be readily ended, and obvious sources of waste or inefficient spending. 3, Set a target date for closing the budget deficit gap. This closure of the deficit gap should include provisions to pay at least 200-250 billion in principle on the debt. 4, Begin reviewing the performance of all programs operated by the Federal Government, and identify programs that can be wound down, re-scoped, or otherwise modified to reduce their costs in order to achieve the budget target. 5, EVERY program needs to be evaluated on the basis of the percentage of its cost is offset by revenues. Any program that costs more than the dedicated revenues, must either find the additional revenues, or sustain additional cuts. 6, Establish a date when the government will remove its access to the SS and Medicare Trust Funds as a bankroll for general spending. I'm OK with having those trust funds available as an emergency funding source, but those circumstances must be well documented, and narrow timelines established for repayment.

Chris Gimenez

Hmmm. Where do I start with this bundle of contradictions. The Tea Party minority? Lang, I know what you're speaking of is the way it's been done for many years now but tell us why a very few-a minority as you say-are having any impact whatsoever on this whole effort by the dems to continue with business as usual? Could it be because the dems fear what the Tea Party stands for and the Republicans are seeing the public support given to the likes Cruz and Paul and Lee and they recognize the reality of the only thing that politicians fear-not being re-elected?

Is this "minority" of representatives of the people doing anything other than what their supporters sent them to Washington to do? Are they using any Congressional rules that aren't in existence or are they breaking any rules that are? Tell us just exactly why so few seem to be having such a huge impact on where we are now? I mean, they only have one vote each don't they?

It seems to me that the problem is not these Tea Party minority members being faithful to their supporters and the country but an entrenched group of dems and republicans who really don't like their little bird's-nest-on-the-ground being disturbed? Well, tough doo-doo.

The obamacare act is only part of this Washington showdown for one reason-Obama and the dems rammed it through on a straight party-line vote when they had the power and now that things have changed a bit it's coming back to bite them. Good. It's a terrible law that involves 1/6th of our economy (which is hardly a minor element of the big picture) and ignoring the ugly facts and believing that at some later date the dems and your president will work with the GOP to remedy it is more of the pixie dust and unicorn fairytales. He has never shown a willingness to take anyone else's suggestions to heart as long as he has control. It's this president who has brought the country to this point and people are sick of it.

Now, for the second part of your contradiction. Read and read it again. It pretty much sounds like exactly what the Tea Party stands for. Tell us how we will ever get to that juncture if they don't start standing for that now?

Kevin Lang

You are free to read it as I wrote it, or as you want to read it. Have at it.

I'm all for people standing up for what they believe. However, we elect members of Congress and the Senate to get things done, too. Frequently, if you want to get anything done, you have to give a little. For the current battle, I think that we should honor the current legislative commitments, including ACA. However, I see no reason why there can't be clauses to ensure that the program is closely reviewed as long as it's in place, and that the House and Senate go into immediate conference to negotiate a 2014 budget with NOTHING left off the table. No sacred cows. Not defense, not Homeland Security, not HHS, not social programs, nothing is protected from review and potential cuts.

Chris Gimenez

The only group espousing those ideals Lang, is the Tea Party. It's damn sure not the democrats who are focused on increasing taxes and providing more entitlements. It's also not the Republicans unless the Tea Party support forces them to do what's right. See, we're not really that far apart despite your rhetoric. But on the other hand servitude1...........

Kevin Lang

We probably all have a lot more common ground than we're willing to acknowledge. The problem we have in DC is that the focus is on exposing the differences rather than exploiting what we have in common. We can get so much closer to a solution if we could get these so-called adults to just sit down, listen to what each is saying, acknowledge their points, and see where they can make some deals.

I'd like to believe that whether Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, no one should be thrilled with the level of debt and deficit we're running. On the other hand, I don't think there's anyone old enough to have been elected or participate in an election can be held without some responsibility for the situation we're in. The eternal blame game isn't accomplishing anything other than breaking relationships and wasting valuable time that could be used for problem solving.

Steve Fouga

Prediction: This budget fight is the beginning of the Tea Party's undoing. By next elections they will no longer be a factor. Some really good principles, but a bridge too far.

Anyway, not saying I'm for or against, but they're about to run their course.

Chris Gimenez

I believe the budget fight is going to strengthen the Tea Party. If I remember correctly the naysayers and entrenched politicians were saying the same thing after the 2010 elections. The Tea Party strikes fear into those who want the status quo and they inspire those of us who are sick and tired of the status quo.

Steve Fouga

Well, bvresident, I'll stick by my prediction. Wish I could put money on it. You're right; same prediction was made by liberal politicos a few years back.

Wonder if Vegas is running a line... [beam]

Lars Faltskog

Tea Party is going out by way of the Ford Edsel.

J. Shaffer

By all accounts (even the ones that call Social Security an 'unfunded entitlement') the deficit has gone down since 2009.... by at least half if not more, depending on which website you visit. Much of that is because of white house review, paring back of pork where it wasn't needed.

A balanced budget is a great goal, but we should not sacrifice the good of the country just because we want to break even. In the 1930s, the government pumped all kinds of money into the economy, putting people to work on WPA projects that brought electricity to the south and Mount Rushmore to the north. In sixty years, we have only had a surplus or balance a dozen times.

No one seemed worried about the deficit when we wanted to go to war in 2001, either. It was, "Go get the bad guys, whatever it takes"

And when an underinsured fertilizer plant leveled the town of West, we had no problem asking for federal funds for a disaster that could have been averted with better oversight on our own part. Still, no bills to tighten insurance standards or regulation for chemical plants have been sighted on the horizon here in the Republican controlled Texas Legislature. We're 'business friendly', doncha know.

Republicans were fired up about closing loopholes for the rich in the last election, but I haven't seen any of THOSE bills tendered up for a vote in the Senate. Likewise, I haven't heard anyone talk about corporations that avoid taxes, from the Tea Party favorite targets like GE to the oil companies that post billions in profit per quarter and yet still take ten figure handouts and tax breaks from the government.

Likewise, the House Appropriations Committee gave the Pentagon 4 billion dollars MORE than they asked for in the military budget. That doesn't sound like fiscal conservatism to me.

None of it.

Chris Gimenez

I couldn't find any website that said our deficit has gone down and in fact it hasn't. What your president likes to factor in is spending less in the future and calling it a savings now. What is real is that under obama, our national debt has increased by $6 TRILLION dollars. Now that's a real number and it's the scary number. I know it's not a popular number for dems to talk about because they realize that belongs to no one but obama.

The facts are stubborn. Unemployment is still almost 8%, almost double that for blacks. obamacare is forcing businesses-both large and small-to reduce hours for employees to under 30 hrs./week or to contract out more of their labor. That's significant.

What's also significant is the unknown damage being done to 1/6 of our economy by obamacare. This morning, Chris Wallace couldn't drag a number out of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew as to how many people have actually signed up for obamacare. So while HHS Secretary Sebellius crows about what a good thing it is to have millions trying to log on and the system being unable to handle the flow-which is unbelievable in it's own right-this administration refuses to measure the success to-date of it's flagship takeover of the healthcare industry.

Everyone in business understands that success doesn't come from attracting people to your website, it comes from having people purchase your product. And this administration is refusing to say how many have purchased their product.

Kevin Lang

The Heritage Foundation acknowledges that the latest deficit was something like 640 billion, down from a high of over 1.5 trillion in the budget year shared by Bush and Obama, and about 1.37 trillion in Obama's first full budget year. However, they maintain after another couple years of declining deficits, down to a low of of 476 billion, it will turn back up, and by 2018 we'll be right back where we are now, and we'll be back over a trillion by 2022. Are they right? They very well might not be, but I'd rather we not try to test this prediction.

Chris Gimenez

National debt has still increased more than $6 TRILLION under obama.

J. Shaffer

Everyone in business understands...... the difference between the deficit and the debt.

The deficit is the difference between the money government takes in, called receipts, and what the government spends, called outlays, each year. The debt is the total amount we owe over the years, something you don't blame on one president alone. One way to think about the debt is as accumulated deficits.

And the deficit is going down, like it or not.

Another uncomfortable fact is that unemployment is actually at 7.3, a number that has steadily dropped for the last three years (and not once gone up, not that there's any credit given there)

The first sign up period doesn't end until January and so many people have tried that you yourself have to admit the response is overwhelming.... and yet you want numbers after only a week?

I know you WANT it to fail that badly, but those numbers just don't compute.

George Croix

On the deficit:
"The deficit is falling as rapidly as it has in decades. Consider the figures for this year alone: Last week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that, through the first 11 months of fiscal 2013, the budget deficit was down 35 percent from the comparable period of 2012.
That’s a pretty steep decline.
“The federal budget deficit has fallen faster than we expected a few years ago,” wrote CBO director Doug Elmendorf on his blog.
But as Mr. Elmendorf and other experts point out, one of the reasons it is falling is because it shot up so high in the first place. As the financial crisis devastated the economy, tax revenues fell. Spending on unemployment insurance and other government recovery programs rose. In 2008, the deficit was about $458 billion. In 2009, it rocketed up to $1.4 trillion. It stayed above the trillion-dollar mark for 2010 through 2012.
As the economy has gradually recovered, those cyclical expenses have receded. Tax revenues have risen modestly along with the slowly rising gross domestic product. The FY 2013 shortfall should end up at around $642 billion, according to the CBO.
The sequestration automatic budget cuts have also cut spending. However, the January "fiscal cliff" deal, which locked in the Bush-era tax cuts largely offset these savings, according to the Concord Coalition, a budget watchdog group.
“This year’s lower deficit can be largely attributed to short-term economic factors rather than systemic reforms in the federal budget,” writes the Concord Coalition’s Steve Winn.
Looking ahead, CBO now projects that the deficit will continue to narrow until fiscal 2016, when it will again begin widening, as more and more baby boomers retire and become eligible for Medicare and Social Security.
That means the nation’s fiscal problems are far from solved. The core challenge involves trimming federal health-care costs enough to bend the curve of ever-rising Medicare and Medicaid expense.
“The fundamental federal budgetary challenge has hardly been addressed,” writes CBO chief Elmendorf.
Nor does it do anything about the debt piled up during the recession’s worst years. The debt is the nation’s accumulated red ink; the deficit is the amount of red ink Uncle Sam runs up each year."

"When the president proclaims that the deficit is shrinking at the fastest rate in decades, that’s the same as saying that the speed at which the nation is rolling backward has decreased dramatically, wrote Keith Hennessey, director of the National Economic Council under President Bush, in May.
“That is not something you should boast about. You’re supposed to boast when things are getting better, not when they’re getting worse more slowly,” wrote Mr. Hennessey."

On the unemployment 'rate':
"But the “official” unemployment rate doesn’t count men and women like G. — discouraged workers who have settled for part-time jobs or have given up looking altogether. Tracking those individuals, under what’s called the “U-6″ rate, gives a very different measure of the nation’s unemployment rate: 14.3%.
And unlike other jobs figures, the U-6 rate actually got worse in June — it went up by 0.5 percentage points.
There’s a strong argument that given the Great Recession’s damage to the economy, and because millions of Americans like G. have simply given up their job search, the U-6 rate is a more accurate reflection of national employment. Like the “official” rate, the U-6 essentially doubled between 2007 and 2009; unlike the official rate, it’s not coming down as fast."

On the deer in East texas to date:

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 7:27 pm on Sat, Oct 5, 2013:

Did I hear my name? It's almost like the republicans are working like Wiley Coyote. They've got the Acme Dynamite ready to launch to get their sustenance (voters, a "win"), but they don't know that in a nanosecond it is about to explode in their faces.

What a shame that the pendilum has swung to where - in just a few years - we will likely only have a one-party political system (democratic). If conservatives are scared now (which they are), think of the near future.

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