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Randy Shelton

If she knowingly hit the cyclist and drove away, she should be prosecuted for murder. Leaving someone on the road to die is inexcusable.

Jeff Smith

To whomever owned the camera, thank you for spending a few bucks more to get a great camera for night time use. You seriously assisted in solving a loss of life.

Steve Fouga

I'm sure glad this woman was caught.

I wonder how well-lighted the rider was. Not because I'm blaming the rider, but in cases like this I'm always curious whether the cyclist was using lights, and how well they work.

I use the brightest taillight available on every ride, day or night. I wear the brightest jersey and helmet available. I ride as far to the right as practical. And I pray to God I won't get hit, because all it takes is a moment's inattention by an otherwise good driver in a 2- or 3-ton vehicle...

Stephanie Martin

Watch--she's going to say she thought she hit a dog.

Lars Faltskog

It would be no surprise if this perpetrator spent her whole life screwing up, with others having to come behind and clean up the messes. But, things like this cannot be fixed. To hit someone and flee, like randydshel said, holds no excuse. If she were my sister, I'd have a hard time forgiving her for such a cowardly thing. And hit and runs happen so often, it seems, these days. It's like humanity is going downhill in more ways than one.

Kevin Lang

sverige1, I think this is the time when one who knows her really well will scold you for neglecting how this is a very high-character woman has never done anything wrong before, and that there were mitigating circumstances that you are ignoring that would explain this incident.

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 2:24 pm on Fri, Mar 21, 2014:

You got that right! Now look, severige1....my bestie knows this pillar of the community very well. You're so off base. She won in last summer in the spoon race contest during our hoedown day event at the community church.

But, somehow our donation basket at that event went "missing". But don't you dare say SHE was responsible for that. Gosh, people are so judgy.

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