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What a wonderful way to honor our Veterans!

George Croix

T.C. loves parks and memorials.
Why not put in a memorial area at one of them that's paved with engraved bricks that folks can buy in memory of a veteran.
I'll buy some.

Jim Forsythe

They have the bricks at Jack Brooks , at the veterans area. Its very nice.


Please don't forget about Marine Lance Corpoaral Thomas Raymond Steinbach, Airman 1st Class Joel C. Loftis, Army PFC Belvin Lightfoot, Army Cpl. Ronald Hillman, Army SGT Charles Herrington, Army PFC Rufus Hood, Army SGT. Robert Dale Spencer, Army SGT. Glenn McCarty, and Army Spec4 John R. Medley, all died in Vietnam, serving their country and use to be residents of Texas City!
Well done brothers in arms, you gave it all, you had to give, and made it home, while others of us, JUST made it back!

Connie Hanks

I haven't seen Noe and his wife in quite a few years, but remember their son's passing like it was yesterday. I also haven't been to Post 89 in a very long time - did a lot of volunteer work there 10 or so years ago. I'm so glad to see them sponsoring something like this.

And JBGood - while you're remembering - think about PFC Michael Batson from La Marque - first fatality from Galveston County in Viet Nam.

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