Driven by a trustee election at College of the Mainland, a bond proposal in Santa Fe and the school bond and trustee election in the Clear Creek school district, voter turnout has been brisk for Saturday’s elections.

More than 7,900 voters have been to the polls so far. That figure doesn’t include Saturday totals for elections the Galveston County Clerk’s office manages or the totals from the Friendswood City Council election.

While not a huge turnout percentage compared to the November presidential elections, for May municipal and school elections, it’s a respectable turnout.

The Clear Creek school district, which includes Harris County voters as well, accounts for 5,280 voters through Saturday. There are two school board positions and a $367 million bond referendum on the ballot in the school district.

While the use of select schools on specific days as polling locations has been controversial, the branch locations accounted for 65 percent of the votes cast in the election, according to figures provided by the district Sunday.

College of the Mainland might have only one contested trustee position on the ballot, but more than 1,145 of the 2,651 voters in Galveston County Clerk-managed elections were in the COM election as of Friday.

The Dickinson City Council accounts for 339 voters, while Santa Fe’s city council and police bond referendum drew 356 voters through Friday.

The Galveston County figures do not account for repeat voters who might have voted in the municipal and the COM elections, for example. None of the entities are holding joint elections this May.

In the COM election, the municipal elections in Dickinson and Santa Fe are helping the turnout. The Dickinson voting location at the county’s community center accounts for 309 of the vote total while Santa Fe location chips in another 253 voters.

By contrast the La Marque location, which also is where voters are going to vote in the La Marque school district trustee election, accounts for 192 of the college votes. The La Marque trustee election, which has only one contested race in a single-member district, has drawn 125 voters.

The slowest voter turnout has been in Hitchcock, which doesn’t have a city or school election. So far, only 17 people have gone to that polling location, records show.

Early voting concludes Tuesday. Election day is Saturday.

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Jose' Boix

With all the debates and arguments regarding the issues at COM and COM BOT, it is sad to read that only 1,145 votes have been casted in 5 days of early voting.
Based on the information obtained from the Galveston County Tax Office, the number of COM’s registered voters as of 4/25/13 is 81,316 in 56 Precincts that represents a miser 1.4% of the voters seemingly interested in our community college!

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