GALVESTON — The city is planning to repair curbs and sidewalks in dozens of places in council districts 1, 2, 4 and 5.

The City Council on Thursday approved spending $328,040 to fund curb repairs and $210,825 for sidewalk repairs. 

The source of the money for the repairs is the $1.2 million in 4B sales tax revenue that was placed in a special fund by council and the Industrial Development Corporation earlier this year. The fund allows council members, excluding the mayor, to fund certain street, sewer and drainage problems in their own districts. 

Among the largest areas of the city that will be receiving repairs are:

• 625 feet of curb in the 4900 block of Avenue R;

• 640 feet of curb repairs on Pruitt Drive;

• 322 feet of sidewalk repair on both sides of  the 800 block of 27th Street; and

• 239 feet of sidewalk repair on both sides of the 600 block of 42nd Street;

Each council member is allocated about $200,000 to direct toward projects in his or her district.

Earlier this year, the council approved spending $65,667 to purchase a solar-powered reservoir circulator for Lake Madeline, which is in District 6.

Interim City Manager Brian Maxwell told the council that he expected the work on the curb and sidewalks projects to begin within the next few months.

Contact reporter John Wayne Ferguson at 409-683-5226 or Follow him on Twitter, @johnwferguson.

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