LEAGUE CITY — Four members of the City Council will meet during the next several weeks to come up with a plan to revise how members of the city’s Ethics Review Board are appointed.

Councilmen Dan Beck and Dennis OKeeffe and Councilwomen Geri Bentley and Joanna Dawson will comprise the subcommittee.

Most on the council have called for a change to how members of the board, which was created in 2009, are appointed.

The current process allows each member of the council and the mayor to appoint a member to the eight-person board.

Some on the council argue the appointment process makes members “political appointees” and not an independent board charged with addressing complaints of ethics rules violations.

The board’s chairman, Chris Mallios, argued before Tuesday’s council meeting that members put their politics aside when they meet.

Some on the council have suggested a new process would be to allow each member of the council and the mayor to nominate two or three people and for others to apply for a position on the board. The eight spots then would be drawn at random.

It’s a process that Ethics Review Board member Penny Ignazio complained could lead to a single council member having a stacked board of appointees.

She also expressed a distrust in the drawing process and said she had not heard how the council would guarantee that all of the names of people who sought to be appointed or who are nominated would be a part of the drawing.

There was no specific timeline given for when the subcommittee is expected to have a proposal for the council’s consideration.

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