GALVESTON — On Monday, the city of Galveston’s Industrial Development Corp. will present a $250,000 check to Texas A&M University at Galveston, furthering progress on the Ike Dike coastal surge protection system.

The Ike Dike is a coastal barrier that would protect the Houston-Galveston region including Galveston Bay from hurricane storm surge. The project would extend the protection afforded by the existing seawall along the rest of Galveston Island and along the Bolivar Peninsula, with a 17-foot-high revetment near the beach or raising the coastal highways.

The city council approved the funding in November. For information, visit


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I like an idea that one writer had a month or 2 ago. Extend the TC wall along the TC Dike, across to Pelican Island (north side), then connect to the seawall on the north side of Galveston. Add 1 or 2 bridges. From Pelican Island, you could add a bridge to Bolivar. Pelican Island is a proposed mega port. Adding flood protection for the port would draw more large developement to Pelican Island, and surrounding areas. Maybe Galveston or Texas City could push for an LNG export terminal or other large export terminals (coal, etc..)When looking at the cost of the Dike, look at what type of investment it can draw. The investment into the area will outweigh the cost of the Dike. And extending the Seawall across Bolivar would increase investment into Bolivar. I could easily see Bolivar becoming another Galveston filled with hotels covering the seawall there. Build it already! What are you waiting for?

Paul Hyatt

Since our nation is bankrupt I do wonder where the money will come from?

Marine One

Paulhyatt, the money will come from your wallet and mine, the taxpayers.


The money to build it could easily come from all the companies that would benefit from it. (the proposed Texas City Mega port, the proposed Pelican Isle Mega port, planned master plan communities along the water front, insurance companies, many companies within the shores of the bay, etc....) A railroad company has already proposed to build a $2 bil. direct rail line from Texas City (near the loop and south of the port), across the proposed TC Mega port, then connecting to the Pelican Isle mega port. Why not pull in some more money from companies, and some state funds for the road, and build a dike that will hold a rail line and road. The road will also be an evacuation route for Galveston. And as far as the road funding, state funds for an open access road, or private funding for a toll road. I think a toll road could be the best route to recoupe the money spend to build the dike.

Gary Miller

The 17 ft Breakwater along Galveston's beach front is not a sea wall. It's overtopped by most hurricanes. It serves to break up storm waves before they hit businesses along Seawall drive. They are flooded but not battered by waves.

Gary Miller

TAMUG produces good engineers. I suspect they will conclude a 17 ft IKE Dike is not feasable.
The 23 ft TC- LM storm levee was nearly overtopped by IKE. A 26 or 27 FT IKE Dike would cost ten or twenty times as much as a 17 ft levee.
A right of way of 1,600 to 2,000 ft. would take enough prime land off the tax base to bankrupt Bolivar and Galveston unless money was included in the cost to pay them for lost taxes.
How much damage to the Bay ecology is acceptable from a levee across the Bolivar Rhodes?

Steve Fouga

I have 2 reservations, though I'm certainly not against doing something to protect the area against storm surge.

First, $250K isn't enough to accomplish much. I'd like to know exactly what what's expected from such a small study.

And second, I'd have more confidence in a study performed by an engineering-construction company than an academic institution.

Marine One

So if the 250,000 is coming from tax money, why don't we put this issue to vote where we, the taxpayers, have a say what happens with our money?

John Tx-22 Wieder Tx-22

Mayor Emmett Lowery had the right idea after Carla, I was thirteen then. It saved Texas City during Ike. We need to continue in that Spirit now that he has left his mark on history.

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