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Ron Shelby

Here's a link to the Bureau of Justice Statistics regarding municpla law enforcement staffing levels. Maybe it will contribute to the conversation;


Are there other options such as a DOJ grant for drug enforcement? Are we following the best practices now to combat drugs in galveston? Is this the best way to go?

Ron Shelby

Another Recent Article from Governing Magazine on municipal police staffing across the country with stats. As an example: Houston has 2.35 police officers per 1,000 population. So. The question is. Is the island's drug problem worse than Houston's, justifying a higher number of officers? Even during peak tourist season?


Jarvis Buckley

It appears they feel a crime surge coming


The BLUE FLU? No such thing....no such thing!!!!! [smile][wink]


Oh shoot!!!!! I could have made that a 50 liner![smile]

Don Ciaccio

The problem is Chief Poretto. His mismanagement of the department is well known. The city manager should fire him and promote someone like Lieutenant Michael Gray that has the knowledge to run the department. We don't need more officers. We need someone that knows his to make the department run efficiently.

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