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Ron Shelby

Simply request a copy of one, or all three of the contracts from Galveston County. The total costs are contained in there. Compare with the LMISD police force count, including a representative overhead cost for administrative services. Chances are very good it will be cheaper to contract with Galveston County in the same way the other districts have done,
In addition, the sherriff's assigned are extensively trained and experienced at the level of a County Sheriff, which is not a guarantee (though possible depending upon previous employment) with a school police force.

Walter Manuel

Uuummmm, excuse me, but doesn't the district need to decide on what plan they are going to use before they decide to let this department go or is that simply not the way things are done in the village?

It appears that the board members outsourcing the police department at LMISD is nothing more than revenge from the village idiots since they didn't get their way by getting to hire back their friend Russel Washington. I suppose the great Empty Eagle's Nest has plenty of volunteers available that can sit and knit, crochet, play domino's/cards or even sell their baked goods and T-shirts in the high school commons area while monitoring the halls for any criminal activity? Who knows, maybe they have a new concept of Retired Eagle Nester's Community School Watch Program??

The city of LM certainly doesn't have any extra officers that they could afford to contract out with the school district, so if it ain't them or the sheriff's department who will it be? The board needs to remember that ordinary security guards do not have the authority to make arrests and this district certainly needs someone who can according to the reported numbers of what I have received through open records that the department did last school year.

Here is a breakdown of incidents that occured at LMISD for 2011-2012:

18 Thefts
31 Assaults
8 Assault by threat
4 Assault causing bodily injury
1 Assault on a police officer
2 Burglary
4 Criminal mischief
98 DC Fighting
58 DC Fighting
23 Disruption in school
3 Drug paraphernalia
1 Evading arrest
1 Graffiti
4 Possession of Marijuana
12 Public intoxication
2 Terroristic threats
3 Trespassing

Total cases: 273

I understand these numbers are a significant improvement from the 2010-2011 school year so I've asked for that report as well. It would seem that the board might want to consider their solvency plan as well that has yet to be approved by TEA when making any changes because the school district's police department was part of their solvency plan and any changes would require them resubmitting a revised plan to TEA for approval and that takes time that the district is running out of.

The board members also might want to seriously think before about the legality of approving contracts and fair treatment for all employee that has yet to receive an evaluation this year.

Since all of the talk at LM city hall has started up again regarding FEMA money, we need to be asking ourselves how much money did the school district receive for hail damage, what schools have been repaired so far and how much money do we have left for repairing the rest of the hail damaged buildings? This money won't be used by the board for anything else other than repairing hail damaged buildings. PERIOD!

Since the board members read the blogs, I think they can easily catch my drift that they are not only being watched locally by those of us in the community, but I've made certain that those of higher authority are watching just as closely! [wink]


I can't say I'm privy to what the board is thinking on this subject, but what I will say is this, if they are thinking Galveston County Sheriffs Department is the right organization to properly, and expertly come in to give them top notch protection, and order on their campuses, I would said that would probably be the best decision they have made in years! I would also have to commend them for MAKING such a decision, because I don't think the organization they have now is doing the job, nor was it properly done in the past!
I've spoken my piece against this board when I believed they were wrong or negligent, but IF they made this kind of decision in order to better protect the most precious assets LMISD has,( Students & Teachers) I don't give a #*&% why they made it, just so the decision came forth! I would support that decision also, as one of the best made at LMISD in the last FIVE YEARS, because of the message it would send to everybody, and the impact on attitudes not only for teachers,staff,students, but for this community as well! Here is the message, "WE WILL HAVE PEACE AND A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT AT LMISD, PERIOD!"
For several years I have asked questions about safety of students, staff, and teachers on campuses in LMISD. Now, through the work of Mr. Manuel formerly requesting it through proper channels we find out we have VERY significant challenges on these campuses! Assaults on police officers, assaults on public servants, Class A Assaults, Disruption of class by fighting, over 100 incidents in a specific time period, to name a few! That is a scandal!! Another thing I think is disgraceful, being intoxicated on campus is horrendous!!! Are we running schools or a bawdy houses? There no wonder students are transferring out, and just as another resident, Mr. Kevin Walker and I figured. LMISD root problem starts with not having a proper environment for learning, and it went downhill from there!
Now, since we now know about the incidents, I have to wonder about the dispositions or punishment dished out for the perpetrators of those crimes, and some were very,very, serious I might add!!
I'll definitely support this kind of change by the LMISD Board if they are now thinking of a way to IMPROVE the safety for students, staff, and teachers, at LMISD, because it is obvious to me, as a former first class peace officer, charged with enforcing the law, and maintaining peace, IT HAS NOT BEEN HAPPENING AT LMISD LIKE IT SHOULD! This is an opportunity to make a decision, which like TCISD, DISD, CCISD, and FISD, made years ago, will pay huge dividends!
It is hard for me to believe that what was good and beneficial to all of them in every way, would not also be good and beneficial to and for LMISD. I say call up the Sheriff Department and see what they can put on the table! It is time out for all this other BS, teachers fearing for their safety from trespassers coming on campus unannounced, and unchallenged by anybody, ohhh I've heard about many incidents of this happening! Rowdy students ruling the campuses, now is the time to put an end to this madness and get LMISD back on stride, starting with DISCIPLINE and moving up! If that means bringing in the Sheriff's Deputies, then so be it! SO LET IT BE DONE!

Walter Manuel

Monday night we'll see first hand who's the first to sell their soul to the devil? Will it be Dr. Hudson who will recommend not renewing the chief of police's contract despite him having excellent evaluations for the last 36 months or will it be the school board members by them evaluating the chief of police which is a clear violation of their role as a school board member and ultimately hangs this district employee a lawsuit on a silver platter.

So, who's it going to be??? An interim superintendent who I'm sure has hopes of becoming the next superintendent, but has little chance if she doesn't sell her soul and be a puppet to the school board or will it be the village idiots who have proven time and time again that they have no ethics and have no problem doing
something that is illegal?

We'll buy lots of popcorn and diet cokes and sit back watching just who really IS THE BETTER PERSON at the end of the day!


Good point My Manuel, but if all the things I've heard about is going on on those campuses out there, and proof of the proper handling of those case, and dispositions of those offense committed have not or cannot be substantiated, I can make a point that the Chief has NOT done his job, and in any court of law. It was his department, and that makes him ultimately responsible for the quality and the effectiveness of the safety on those campuses and throughout the district!

I still have not hear how he handled the incident with the Manvel Administrator and parent at that basketball game! I wonder how he handled that? If i ran a survey at all of the schools, I wonder what the students,staff,and teachers would say about the quality of protection and safety they have been receiving for the last 2-3 years!

I don't think the Chief would want me to grade his performance, because well, I'm not saying, I'm just saying, he has not shown me much. How many citations, transports or arrests were made in all those 273 offenses? I wonder if the Chief would stake his job on how they were handled?


corrections**** 1st paragraph case = cases & offense = offenses!
2nd paragraph hear = heard.

Pardon me.

Walter Manuel

That should have been "hands" not "hangs" this district employee a lawsuit.

The paper also mentions possibly bringing back Russel Washington which would result in the board giving an illegal gift to a friend which results in a felony conviction.

These board members can't be objective regarding the police chief's contract when Mrs. Burton, Ms. Fanuiel and Mrs. Paul have already tried to illegally suspend him once in Nov 2011. Ms. Couville can't vote on the contract due to her being one of the mosf vocal proponents for Russel getting his job back. Finally, Mr. Crawford would have to abstain from voting since he and Russel have been best friends since school.

I might also add that Russel was actively campaigning for Shirley Fanuiel's re-election campaign despite removing her sign from his yard since I brought it to their attention.

So who will be the first to wear the egg on their face and at what cost to the district?


Ohh and one thing I forgot concerning those public records, with the severity of many of the crimes committed, those should have been recorded with the District Attorney's office. If their are no records, of that happening, then we cannot really have any faith in the proper disposition according to law for these cases, nor, the accuracy, of this list! Two hundred-seventy three offenses committed might have been FOUR-HUNDRED seventy-three offenses committed for all we know!

One could only hope there is no Fraud or Festercating with public records involved here. I would not think that would be the case, but there are ways of finding out one way or the other. Oh forget I mentioned it, Ole Plow Boy just talking.

Walter Manuel

Remember Mr. JBG, in this instance, more is not necessarily better when talking about crimes committed. We should be looking at a shift in the number of incidents decreasing rather than increasing as a result of the police departments enforcememt of school policies.

I also have to question why other school districts in the area still have their own departments if the sheriff's office is so financially cost effective. It takes specially trained officers that might limit the sheriffs office as well.

That's just some of my thoughts tho'....

Gary Miller

ISD schools prefere having their own police because it costs more than contracting.
If budgets aren't spent increases are harder to get.

The budget mentality of a bureaucracy is a deficit deserves a tax increase. Never considering spending cuts.

Results of the recent tax increase election told LM ISD to cut spending.
The bureaucracy will use every tactic, excuse or lie to avoid cutting spending.
68 % of all government spending is paychecks.
68 % of every spending cut is paychecks. Employees are loyal voters.


Mr. Manuel, we can't look at any shifts in trends of crimes committed, unless we received the data of comparison, which in this case, if it were not for you putting in that request we would not have the data we are looking at now. I don't like what I'm seeing either. Now I can better understand WHY students are pouring out of here going other places in droves. I'd hate to think it was worse that what we have now, even for us to say things are getting better. To think we were WORSE than this would be unconscionable.
As I said, we won't know that without the data, and I mean accurate data, IF it even exists! I'd have to question, WHEN incidents happened, dates and times,and IF some were recorded with the District Attorney or some Court of Jurisdiction. I mean somebody could have compiled a list right after your request was made in order to look good. You have to be thorough in dealing with this kind of stuff, or the wool some might want to pull over investigating eyes might actually blind them.
Also, I'd love to compare Sheriff Deputies, LMISD, SFISD and GISD for cost effectiveness and safety on campus! I don't know much about GISD accept that I heard about people complaining about the officers were doing their jobs! That is good. I never heard that about LMISDPD. I won't even bring SFISD in the discussion, because the Chief they have is one of the best officers to ever come through hereabouts. I knew him when he was a Lieutenant at Galveston PD, he was a hell of a officer and leader then too! Still is!

There might be some specifics as to why GISD and SFISD would rather keep their departments, but I guarantee you, those reasons are not applicable to LMISD.
Now let me be clear, I don't like to see anybody lose work, but there are a lot of good people getting let go in our district now, and this is as good an opportunity as any to do what some of us thought should have been done years ago with this department, and that was to phase it OUT for cause.

I don't mind repeating this, the ROOT cause of the demise of LMISD was not only bad management, but lack of safety at schools and lack of consistent administering of discipline by those responsible for it at those schools. I'll go ahead and say it, that included how LMISDPD did their jobs along with designated administrators responsible for such discipline and order at LMISD. Now that is not an easy thing for me to say, but it needed to be said, so there you go.

Ecomet Burley

This is just a smoke and mirrors attempt hide their real motive of firing the Chief Of Police. He is the only employee with a contract in that department . The others officers are at will and can be let go at any time. If they have not done a RFP to find out if it would be cheaper to contract out, how can they make an informed decision about what they currently have? Par for the course for this bunch! Why is the Chief being treated differently than the other employees who have had their contracts approved by the board without having their performance reviewed individually by the board? What is the interim supt recommending? When did the board start evaluating staff? I thought by policy they evaluate only the superintendent. Do they know policy regarding this issue? Probably making up policy as the go, are just don't have a clue.


Stand up Mr. Walker and take a bow! You hit the nail right on the head! Looking at these crimes and distractions DATA SAMPLES, Mr. Manual has procured, puts a visual face on what the students,staff, and teachers out there have been dealing with for years, while we as constituents sat back and did nothing! This has been going on at LMISD for years, and we now can see with clarity why we are spiraling downwards!
Remember this, Opportunity never knows, but rather it just walks right up in one's face, stands there for a season of time, waiting to be recognized, before it departs! Opportunity is in the FACE of the LMISD Board, and taxpayers right now! It will not remain there long,.. so What's up?

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

jbgood questioned the Manvel incident. This is one that struck me also because of the entire incident and the people involved. All of them were kids I know and a close family member as well as the coach and the people from Manvel. The individual who you have questions about and all the misinformation about was my grandson. This case was throughly investigated by the LMISD police, Alvin ISD police and Galveston County District Attorney office. Tim Fields would not play politics nor myself. If there had been enough evidence to implicate him or any other student I am certain they wuld have been arrested.
This child is playing football for Utah in college and doing extremely well at this time. Why do you feel he should have been charged with a felony (so what happened to his 14th admendament rights which gives him due process under the law) if there is no proof and ruin his life and he possibly end up on the streets? During the playoffs in Baytown there was 19 police officers for 2 teams, the sheriff dept, LMISD police, Beaumont ISD police and the city police and they were unable to control 2 football teams who took their helmets off and used them as weaponsto hit each other while involved in a fight on the football field. As a result of both incidents LMISD was placed on probation by UIL for 2 and a half years.
I don't have a problem with outsourcing with the Sheriff Dept. But, considering the chief has been working under a hostile work enviroment for the last 3 years and has lost staff to other schools with better pay and more stable conditions. He doesn't even have a secretary to type reports or even answer calls- My hats off to that department and the chief for having to be spread sooooo thin. Short bus version--3 officers with no secretary and 2800 kids with 273 offenses????????


Cbmalv, I think you misread my post, so I took the liberty to cut and paste what I posted concerning the Manvel and LMISD basketball incident:
"I still have not hear how he handled the incident with the Manvel Administrator and parent at that basketball game! I wonder how he handled that?"
I did not KNOW the disposition of that case, and never knew what the outcome was until you just posted it. I can't ever remember reading the outcome in this paper, and if it was there, I missed it. The last I heard they were still working on it. This is the reason I asked what I did in one of my posts. If I had known prior to now, I would not have used the words I used in asking about it. I did not mention WHO the suspects were who were involved! To me that was not the issue anyway. The issue was the only security person on duty was OUTSIDE THE GYM when the incident took place. ( night game, where were the other two or three security people?)
You also posted,... which I cut and pasted here: ( your grandson)
Why do you feel he should have been charged with a felony (so what happened to his 14th admendament rights which gives him due process under the law) if there is no proof and ruin his life and he possibly end up on the streets?
Please cut and paste where I said I wanted to see somebody charged with a felony, or questioned anybody's rights under the law. It is my opinion, that if a public servant is not or cannot do his job, adjustments ought to be made. I'm not blaming any kids for what happened or what is happening at LMISD, because it is to many adults who fills that bill. Sure there might be circumstances as why the present setup we have now is not working, all the more reason to do away with it, and go another direction while the opportunity is present!
I'd love to go to the District Attorney's office and see the dispositions on all these cases and crimes listed on this thread, procured by Mr. Manuel. Either they were reported or not, and if they were, what did the District Attorney do with them, what was the resolution after they received them, IF they received them?
Is the report procured by Mr. Manuel a trend, or is it just the tip of the iceberg? If I was a parent with a child as student somewhere, anywhere, I'd want to know specific information about the safety on campuses they would be assigned to. I'd want to know they were sufficiently protected! By the mass exodus of students and teachers, by their negative remarks I've been hearing for years, and by the data I'm now looking at, they are not sufficiently protected in LMISD now, and were not in the past! I don't see no smoke screen either. This is straight up real.
I find it unacceptable to sympathize with anyone in this day and time, with what is going on in schools around this country, for not being able to adequately protect students and teachers. If it can't be done then changes should be forthcoming. A mentally challenged person, a ticked off individual or a terrorist are not going to care if a district only has four tired security people because of some disagreement between the Chief and the Board on issues concerning budgets. They are not going to cut us a break! Those kids,staff and teachers needs to feel safe in coming to school, and coming to work.
Also, congratulations to your grandson, I'm glad he's doing well, and thanks to you, I now know the full disposition of that case, which I did not know before.

Ecomet Burley

Cbmalv, you are right on target! Four officers and 2900 kids. What is the role of the parents? What are the roles of the teachers, and administrators at these campuses? The police are their as a support to the teachers and staff. Respect for authority starts at home?


If what Law Dawg suggests are viable excuses or deterrents to accomplishing a better school system, my suggestion would be to manage the change by a "phaseout" over one school term, in the interest of fairness, while doing needed homework.
Other that that, what needs to be done, needs to be done. Accurate data don't lie.
All that needs to be done is for somebody to start digging in the right places in order to measure the right issues and goals. Justification or no justification, will be discovered for evaluations purposes. True data, reflecting what an individual(s) has done will either JUSTIFY that person, or it will EXPOSE that person.
For the same reasons I did not think the last Superintendent did his job either, because the data I'm looking at reflects on how he did his job as well. I was not in agreement on how his departure was handled, but that is besides the point.

There is a lot of fixing needs to take place here, and there should be no "sacred cows" spared in my opinion. There is a lot of money being wasted, and constituents are not getting the BANG for their buck, neither are students and teachers getting what they deserve. I'm "A" political, I'm mad with everybody! We have an opportunity to improve things for those kids and teachers who are at risk out there on those campuses, and I think we need to do something about things now.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG. don't be fooled by the smoke and mirror scam that Law Dawg mentions and that the board is trying to play while trying to bring back Mr. Washington. This board has no problem with returning to the past even if things weren't so good just to be able to fulfill their own personal agendas. Noone can predict human behavior such as the instance in these students, however the numbers can prove how one person can make a difference over another person's actions by how well they perform their job.

James Daniel's said it best when he said, "Russel is our friend, they support him because his Father gave African American men job's at the local union 116". What does this have to do with what's legal and most importantly what best serves the children and taxpayers of this school district? That's comparing apples to oranges to say the least.

At the end of the day we will see if Dr. Hudson is in fact a woman of integrity and such high standards who will always act in the best interest of this school district or be the puppet that people are claiming she will be in hopes of satisfying the demands placed upon her by a political group and this school board?

Law Dawg your right about the "at-will" employees in the police department and it serves only as a distraction from the real issue of the chief of police's contract. Those employees can be let go at any time and this only further proves that the school board members don't have the first clue as to knowing how things actually run in the district and what is in fact law and what are things that they want to make up as they go along from meeting to meeting in which is often times been shown to be illegal.

I'll remind them that their role as a board member is to hire/fire/evaluate the superintendent, make board policies, approve a balanced budget, set a local tax rate and a few other things that I've probably missed? None of those duties include evaluating the chief of police or recommending that his contract be renewed or not as that is the sole responsibilty of the superintendent. PERIOD!

Walter Manuel

CBMalv, thanks for addressing the Manvel situation as this should hopefully answer any future questions regarding the final outcome of that situation.

Ecomet Burley

JBG, data must be evaluated with proper context. Cutting school funding according to state legislators was proper based on data , but when context was added, the state came up woefully lacking. The context missing in this case, what did the data look like last year? You must have some baseline data to compare with. How many incidences occurred last year in the areas? This board cannot be trusted to do the fair and right thing on this issue. Too many personal ties that blind objectivity.

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

Chief Fields came in to a dept with cages in back rooms where kids were placed, broken down cars, raggy out of date uniforms, no up to date code books,out dated emergency plans in place which Chielf Fields spent $3800 to update, drugs and weapons missing, money missing, kids being beaten and allergations of kids being choked, no MOUs in place, officers training out of date, the list goes on.
People that don't know or don't want to tell the truth are talking. Chief Fields is the only Chief in the history of LMISD police dept. to graduate from The prestegious Bill Blackwood Academy from the University of Sam Houston State.The entire LMISD is in compliance according to the school safety center audit report ((TEA)submitted in 2011.Thanks to the LMISD police with the assistance of Phyllis Booker, previous assistant in spite of all the harrassement.Last month Chief Fields and his officers attended an alert shooter training expedition in Galveston along with GISD, sheriff dept, LM police dept. and constable office and League City PD. This extensive training has prepared LMISD to respond to any emergency on any of our campuses. If this dept has to be runned by incompetent and bias hateful people, I pray to God for the Sheriff Dept or LMPD to come in. Outsourcing was on the table when Dr. Johnson was here because of all the problems in this dept. (The worst people to piss off are the ones who have been there and know the TRUTH)


Cbmalv please read my response to your post below.


Law Dawg, the LMISD Board is not in charge of PD Data. the Police Department is. You asked a question I, would be interested in and have been interested in for a while.
Let me see the INFORMATION Mr. Manuel present on this thread, for the length of time, the present Chief has been there, then I can or anybody can make accurate comparisons. I'm betting that information is not available, and if that's the case, I'd have a problem with that, and it should be a problem with many more constituents as well.
Mr. Manuel,

I don't remember supporting Mr. Washington's return! If anybody thinks that then they are wrong. I'm supporting first class protection and safety for the children of LMISD and the staff and teachers of LMISD as well. I know enough about law enforcement to know we are not there yet!

Anybody can have an opinion, but one's opinion on a subject matter is only as accurate as the degree of expert knowledge, and personal expertise an individual possesses concerning that subject matter.

A good point was made about training, I tell young people when I mentoring them this,...KNOWING what is right to do and not doing it, does not get you anything!
My point is LMISD has safety issues in the schools, and something needs to be done about them! I'm not privy to the training officers have been exposed to, and there is no need for me to be, because I can see what is in front of my eyes, and hear what eye witnesses are telling me. I'm not for Mr. Fields and I'm not for Mr. Washington, I'm for the kids and the teachers of LMISD, period!

Walter Manuel

WOW Cbmalv!

I need to sit down for just a minute because what you said was a "mouf" full!

We do need to know the truth about what has really been happening in the district in order for it too have gotten this bad.

I'm waiting for an opinion by the Attorney General's office that the school district will be asking for regarding emails sent from board members to Dr. Hudson and from Dr. Hudson to board members. It seems that the district does not want me to have the redacted emails without going to the Attorney General's office first. I have plenty of time to wait despite the obstacles they want to throw in front of me.

What they probably don't want us to know is the lack of transparency that certain board members want to withhold from us like Vice President Nakisha Paul requesting last month in an email to schedule a board workshop in closed session which is totally illegal?

The more we expose these people the sooner the problems will be resolved in the district and I intend on continuing to do my part for those that have no voice and can't say what they know is really happening! [wink]

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, i requested the activity summary Friday for 2010-2011 with a complete breakdown of what has occurred during the school year and at what campus or building and we'll be able to compare it to 2011-2012.

This will help hopefully show all of us whether there's been improvement with the police department or not?

I'll post it as soon as I get it, I promise!


One more thing I wish somebody would explain to me, and I'm serious. Whoever heard of a police force with a Chief, with 3-4 deputies? If there is such a thing, why is it that LMISD has one trying to cover 2300 to 2800 students? I'm sorry, that does not even make sense to me. This department should have been phased out.
There should be no such thing as a Chief in a situation like that. there should be a coordinator who can do business with LMISD as well something like a TCISD! That individual would have a need for a new vehicle. He would be earning his pay too, moving around and checking on things. He could move extra people in and out as activities at those schools dictated the need for extra help. Can we do that now? NO! Is that happening now? NO! Somebody talk back to me on this one. Anybody?

Let us discuss this.


Much appreciated Mr. Manuel, the kids,staff and teachers are worth the trouble! I like what you said about speaking for those who are not in position to speak for themselves too. I like that!

Things are going on at places in this community other than just at LMISD too, and there are people, like yourself, who are manning the front! I'm also glad of that.

Silence is an enabler for chaos, upheaval, and injustice to breed and abide! Silence more times than not is misconstrued as agreement! It pleases me to see and know, there are those in this community who will not be silenced.

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

Thank you jbgood. Missionary man called me to read your post. Let's keep the students first and a prayer for the best in our hearts.

Robert Buckner

The folks posting here seem to have what is best for the district in their minds and hearts. Too bad this board hasn't shown the same concern.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, you talk about the chief not having the officers that he needs, perhaps it's because the board wouldn't allow him to have what he needs in order to do his job as efficiently as they have come to expect of him.

Remember, this position has been a set up for failure by this board ever since Nakisha Paul, Stacy Crawford and Edna Courville got in their seats. You yourself read where Stacy Crawford was reported as saying when he was running for his seat that he looked forward to working with this board, now we all know why?

Bottom line, this boards intentions has always been to purposely make Chief Field's look bad and withhold essential staff in order to see him fail. Well, when I get the other reports we'll be able to judge for ourselves just how well he managed the department without the rersources available that other school districts have access to?

I have come to understand what evil spirited people that these people on the board really are simply from looking from the outside in, I can't imagine what it must be like to have to work each and every day and deal with these idiots?

It's sad, very sad...

Walter Manuel

I forgot to mention the part about the chief of police. No matter who runs the district's police department whether it's LMISD, LMPD, Galveston County Sheriff's Office or whoever else, there will be a chief of police in order to oversee the contracted agencies officers.

The number of students I'm sure will dictate just how many officers will actually be supplied to the school district?

Ron Shelby

Missionary Man: You'd better check on that last post. Galveston County Sheriff's Office employees ultimately answer to the Galveston County Sheriff since he is ultimately responsible for their actions. They are contracted to the School Districts. If there is an administrator "overseeing" the policeman, it is not in traditional activity as a Police Chief, because ultimately they still answer to the Sheriff. The County Sheriff and Commissioner's Court would not want to accept the liability of these individuals taking action contrary to the Sheriff's Direction. A contract manager is NOT a police chief.


That is correct Mr. Shelby, and I think the proper name for that individual is
"Galveston County Sheriff's School Liaison Supervision."


Correction***"Galveston County Sheriff's School Liaison Supervisor."

Walter Manuel

Mr. Shelby and Mr. JBG, I'll check that information out for sure and if I'm wrong then I'll clarify my mistake.

Walter Manuel

I did check to see what TCISD has in place of a chief of police since they contact with the Galveston County Sheriff's Department and their officers are in fact called School Liason Officers with a Unit Supervisor overseeing the other officers who happens to be a Sergeant.

I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings on my part as it was certainly not intentional. [wink]

Walter Manuel

"contract" not "contact"... sorry


Constable Rose of Pct 3 would be one outstanding resource along with Galveston Sheriff's Department if LMISD wanted to look into switching over. Constable Rose use to be the TCISD Chief of Police, before TCISD decided to switch over some years ago.
When that switch took place some of Chief Roses' officers switched over to be County Liaison Officers in other places. Chief Rose is now Constable Rose,.... Moving On Up!!!!!

Of coarse if JBG was involved, I would have already talked to TCISD, Constable Rose, Galveston County Sheriff's Dept, and LMISD to see what would be the best fit, or direction, to go according to safety and finances. I'm not saying, but just saying! It is the way I operate.


******correction, in the last paragraph of my last post.*********
Of coarse if JBG was involved, I would have already talked to TCISD, Constable Rose, Galveston County Sheriff's Dept, and "LMPD" to see what would be the best fit, or direction, to go according to safety and finances. I'm not saying, but just saying!

Walter Manuel

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The clock is ticking and we'll soon see if Dr. Hudson will run over the chief of police with the bus that she threw Mr. Burley under or will she do what any responsible and ethically motivated individual would do and that's to present the chief of police's evaluations for the last 36 months and recommend to the board that she be given time to supervise him herself in order to make a sound judgement decision based on her own observations of the police chief's and districts performance?

I'd hate to think that a preachers wife would publically sell herself to the devil himself, but then again as I said look who's driving the bus?

If Russel Washington was still chief of police for LMISD, we certainly wouldn't be having this conversation!

The police department was already included in the solvency plan to TEA, so what has changed now except for the fact that these board members can't give Russel his job back because of the courts decision and doing so would be to give an illegal gift to a friend?

We'll all be patiently waiting to see in fact just who the devil wearing prada really is? [wink]


Mr. Manuel makes some good points, and I think I do to, when I say that it is time to get on board with reality. I don't know who gave the Chief his evaluations, but I can punch holds in it until you won't be able to see it! As a matter of fact, who did give the evaluation, Mr. BURLEY? Oh, I can see why it might be pretty good. I'll say again, having procedures and standards in place, showing others WHAT you will do and HOW you will react is much different from getting out there and abiding by what is written down and documented. I know all about procedures, and standards, and having some shirts to come in and view department practices, BUT that does not go to say they are being followed, and I know LMISD is not where it is supposed to be!
Many other people knows that too.

Now, if the job is not being done up to snuff, don't expect cover from me! This is why we are in this rat's nest now, ....to much COVER has been provided instead of people saying and speaking the truth! I want those kids, staff and teachers protected, and this is a good opportunity to make a change, if not then give, notice of a change coming at a later date, giving individuals a chance to make preparations for it.

Not having proper safety and discipline on LMISD campuses have been contributing factors in it's demise, along with bad management, and atrocious politics involved. I agree with Mr. Manuel, the clock is ticking! It is time for a radical change! Sheriff Department .....MOUNT UPPP,....forwardddddd,....ahhhhaoooooooo!!

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