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Brian Cann

Tarris woods lives in colony park, has for years. See him everyday.
Is anyone going to call this fraud out? If the other council candidates are too afraid to state the obvious, they will not get my vote. Or is it racist to point out the truth?

Ellen Morrison

Right or wrong, according to the charter TW is eligible to run in D1.

Mary Branum

I brought this up in another post.
What is the deal with TW? He owns several houses, so I guess he can pick and choose which one is his "residence, just like he did last time!!
He never did a thing for his district in the past. It was all about him.
In the 10 years of living in the district have yet to see or meet one council member from this district.

Debra Criss

The voters in district 1 know where TW lives, just as everyone does. It will be interesting to see who they choose.

Lisa Blair

GDN, when will you post video? I didn't get to stay for the whole forum.

Steve Fouga

I'm sure you've seen by now the video has been up several hours.

I've seen satellite imagery with better resolution. But we're lucky to have it. Thanks, GDN!

Linda Vaccaro

Is it possible to get a council person that isn't a real estate agent, builder, rental property owner or anyone that can gain monetarily from any back-door deals? Or any Good Ole' Boys that are only out for themselves? Or people who live in another district then the one they are running for? Just wondering!

Steve Fouga

LV1951, I agree with your sentiments. And I personally wonder why anyone would run against somebody who's already doing a good job.

For example, unless Bertini has a bundle of revolutionary ideas, or is over-the-top competent, I don't see how she can be better than the incumbent. I don't think it's possible. If she's been watching for the past 2 years, she must see that Ms Tarlton has done a great job.

So why would she run? Not because she feels a bad situation need correcting, but simply because she wants to be a council member. I admit this is pure speculation on my part, and maybe she really does have a plan to revolutionize District 5.


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