LEAGUE CITY — Dark skies didn’t chase away some Clear Creek High School alumni from attending their reunion at the League City Village Fair Friday night.

Students, whether they graduated in the 1970s or in the 2000s, came to Walter Hall Park to meet up with classmates they hadn’t seen in years.

Bright-colored carnival rides, fireworks and live music were just a few of the attractions available to alumni and fairgoers alike.

Mark Nelson, a guitar player for the band Miles of Texas and a 1976 Clear Creek graduate, said he thought it was cool that his band got to be the opening act.

Nelson got his start in music as a student at Clear Creek. He participated in stage band and sang in the choir.

But this isn’t the first Clear Creek event Nelson has played. His rock ‘n’ roll band in high school played the prom.

“We used to play in bands all the time.” he said. “It was fun.”

Sergio Wright, a 1985 graduate, traveled from Austin with his wife and three children.

He said he heard about the reunion through a friend of his in the Lions Club and on Facebook.

Even though he just had his 25-year reunion, he said it feels more like 40.

Creek pride seems to be a common denominator among the school’s alumni.

The school, which was opened in 1956, has been home to many generations of families in League City.

To Gloria Reyes Doreck, Creek pride runs deep as her family has had four generations attend the high school.

Friday night, the 1984 graduate could be found volunteering at the sign-in booth at the entrance of the fair.

Even though the sky grew dark, Reyes Doreck was still in high spirits, talking with all the alumni who stopped by.

“I wanted to help,” she said. “It’s Clear Creek, and it still matters.

Doreck now lives in Santa Fe, and her children attend Santa Fe High School. But that doesn’t stop her from remembering where she’s from.

“We’re longtime Creekers,” she said. “Creek is in our blood.”

Today’s fair events begin with the parade at 9 a.m., which starts at Crowder Funeral Home at 1645 E. Main St. and ends at Houston Street. The fair opens after the parade at 10 a.m.  Live music begins at 2:30 p.m. and lasts throughout the day. Barbecue awards will be between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Tickets are $10 until 5 p.m., where the price increases to $15. 

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