LEAGUE CITY — The first of League City’s red-light cameras is coming down this week.

City Manager Mike Loftin said the city was able to work with the camera company, Redflex Traffic Systems, to turn off the camera facing the right turn lane on the southbound Interstate 45 frontage road at FM 518.

The camera was turned off at midnight Jan. 18 and was removed Thursday evening.

League City voters overwhelmingly voted to remove the red-light cameras last year; 77 percent of the voters decided to ban them.

But to avoid breaching the contract with Redflex, the city council asked voters if they would like to “prohibit further renewal or deployment of photographic traffic enforcement systems” when the contract expires in October 2014.

The cameras are at three intersections along FM 518 — at Marina Bay Drive, Interstate 45 and state Highway 3.

City officials said previously they were interested in bringing the cameras down sooner if possible.

“It’s a good first step,” Loftin said in discussing the decision to remove the camera at I-45 and FM 518.

That one camera was responsible for 60 percent of the citations issued, he said. Turning off that camera means the revenue will be just enough to cover the contract with Redflex, Loftin said.

Those ticketed face a $75 civil fine.

Half the money goes to help fund uncompensated care at designated trauma facilities for county and regional emergency medical services.

The city pays Redflex Traffic Systems a monthly maintenance fee of $38,960 to operate the cameras.

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Kevin Lang

That was, by far, the least defensible, most controversial, and most poorly conceived camera of the bunch. If they had never installed that one, the "scamera" arguments would have had a lot less fuel. Good riddance to that one.


I hope the city doesn't think taking one down is going to satisfy the voters. Nothing is settled until they are all gone and redflex is kicked out of town.

Kevin Lang

brallen, if they aren't gone by October 2014, I'll help you tear them down, and I'll help you run out of town every single council member and other high-ranking official responsible for not closing it down on time. It doesn't matter whether we're pro-camera or anti-camera, a deal was struck between the voters and the city, and that deal should be adhered to.

Marine One

Mandatory refunds should be pressed.

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