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Ron Shelby

I wonder about the general practice of doing this kind of contracting. Giving away public money, is not allowed. I'm not sure that loaning public money to and individual or private company would be allowed either. It shouldn't if it is. It opens up to many cans of worms. If your going to do it, at least run the promoters bills through your A/P system and pay the vendors directly up to the $25K. Don't just write the promoter a check with no real oversight. Its just not good practice.

Miss Priss

I hear you on that one Ron but then you are trying to apply logic here to a situation driven by a bunch of nuts.

The event promoters don't come to the city to do these event to drive citizens and visitors to LC, the city selects promoters through due diligence. Gulf Coast Public affairs was chosen fairly to run these events much to the chagrin of the mayor who has publicly stated to many people that he does not like Latonia Wilson. And oh yes, it was said much earlier on than the boogie blues event.

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