GALVESTON — A suspended and indicted judge surrendered Wednesday on more felony charges, specifically aggravated perjury, which accuse him of making false statements under oath, authorities said.

Judge Christopher Dupuy was elected in 2010 to Galveston County Court at Law No. 3, but his controversial reign ended in May with his arrest on eight felony and misdemeanor charges of obstruction or retaliation, abuse of official capacity and official oppression.

On May 23, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct suspended Dupuy without pay.

Dupuy was also arrested June 12 on another misdemeanor charge of abuse of official capacity and released on $1,500 bond.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Henry Trochesset said his office received two additional indictments charging Dupuy with aggravated perjury. Trochesset said he called Dupuy, who was aware of the charges and said he would turn himself in Wednesday.

Dupuy’s bonds totaled $1,000, but a condition of bond required him to surrender his license to conceal a handgun and any weapons he might have. Dupuy turned in a handgun and the concealment license and was released from jail at 6:44 p.m., Trochesset said.

The charges brought by the state attorney general’s office accuse Dupuy of making false statements June 12 while under oath on the witness stand in a child custody hearing.

The first indictment is related to Dupuy’s testimony, in which he stated he first learned May 22 from the attorney general’s office that attorney Greg Enos filed a complaint against him, accusing Dupuy of using government property to give legal assistance to a woman in a family law case. Enos filed the complaint with the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office in December.

The Daily News learned of Enos’ complaint in January and on Jan. 16 sent an email to Dupuy asking him for comment on Enos allegations. Dupuy responded the same day, saying, “there was no need to respond to ridiculous, baseless allegations made by a partisan Democrat to a socialist newspaper.”

On May 6, Dupuy ordered Enos to pay $25,000 in sanctions and removed him from a divorce case.

Wednesday’s second indictment is also related to Enos. It claims Dupuy made a false statement under oath regarding Enos’ conduct. The state claims Dupuy said his order sanctioning Enos had nothing to do with Enos’ behavior outside Dupuy’s courtroom.

David Glickler, who is prosecuting Dupuy on the criminal charges, declined to comment on the allegations. Dupuy, however, said the indictments were filed in retaliation.

“Based on the statements AG David Glickler has made to others, these so-called indictments are purely in retaliation for not playing his game,” Dupuy said.

Dupuy also referenced an appeals court ruling on Monday that stayed a hearing in which the state sought to have Dupuy held in contempt of court on allegations he violated a judge’s gag order in a lawsuit seeking Dupuy’s permanent removal from the bench.

“The court of appeals put a monkey-wrench in the frivolous lawsuit he helped file, and two days (later) this is how he retaliates,” Dupuy said in an email. “It is childish, it is unethical, it is baseless and his prosecutorial misconduct will be addressed.”

Dupuy claimed a lawsuit was being drafted against Glickler and that a motion for prosecutorial misconduct was also in the pipeline.

“Rest assured, Glickler will be held accountable,” Dupuy said.

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Richard Worth

I'm eagerly awaiting the trial, conviction, and the slap on the hand. Just like the other County elected official that went down in flames.The good ol' boy system of government is alive and well.

Renee Wick

"The good ol' boy system of government is alive and well." I believe i read, re-read, then re-read this sentence a hundred times.... how awful it must be walking around with thoughts like that. Kudos for the honesty on your feelings pertaining to the "good ol' boy system".I look forward to future posts on how alive and well life is without it when the wrong is righted and the tables turn against that very same system, after all once a follower always a follower.

Dwight Burns


J Hoskins

Dupuy will do hard time. He is a legend in his own mind, and is a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder

Raymond Lewis

Good call tech10.

J. Shaffer

This man is a train wreck. He wants to sue his uncle who loaned him money. Antagonizes his ex-wife and plays petty games in court and he plasters all of it on his Facebook page for any and everyone to see.

Disrobe him, disbar him and retire him to private crazy land so we can read about people with higher moral values.... like say Lindsay Lohan or Houston's own Micheal Brown.

Mike Leahy

That is one well timed photograph; hizzoner's face is a textbook example of "smug". Congratulations to the photographer, you seem yo have caught your subject perfectly.

Reggie Barnett

And this guy continues to fight this. Doesn't matter what has happened at this point, those that have had to rely on the Galveston County court system to be fair know how bad it has been. What is strange here is that Dupuy broke the brotherhood county politics, the sad part is he destroyed any credibility he could have had with the AG because he had a personal vendetta against his wife's attorney. I was in GC Court 3 years ago and plead for mercy and justice and got none in a divorce and custody situation. I have no sympathy for a judge that abuses the system and holds officers of the court in contempt in a case un related to mine. If I was the client I sure wouldn't understand how a case not related to mine could influence the judgement. This is where this idiot went wrong. Go to prison you SOB.

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