LA MARQUE — The U.S. Army will be conducting flight tests and drills today and Thursday, local emergency management officials said.

The training will involved a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that will fly over the Texas City and La Marque area, La Marque’s Police Chief Randall Aragon said.

The flights “will not impede any day-to-day activities for local residents,” Army spokesman Larry Jackson said in an email to Aragon.

The Army often uses the area to test equipment and tactical procedures. Last fall, flight crews used the Texas City Dike area to test ways to avoid ground-to-air missile attacks for an upcoming mission in the Persian Gulf.

The drills during the next few days follow a series of special forces drills in Houston, Texas City and Galveston, where soldiers from Fort Bragg conducted urban assault drills.

A planned training exercise that was to happen at the old county jail was canceled when the Army became worried that there would be too many spectators nearby.

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Lars Faltskog

Great to hear that the wee cries from a very few won't inhibit our forces from doing necessary practices to keep our great country secure.

Also, was a wonderful speech from our President last night, where he passionately said that gun control laws "need a vote".

Chris Gimenez

What really needs a vote is for the Senate to hold an up-or-down vote on your president's budget. All that he did last night was what he's known for-presenting a bunch of props and lofty talk that supports HIS need for a larger, more controlling, more dependent-producing government. He's failed his own people, he's failed the poor and middle class, and he's failed the country.

What was really noticeable-and pathetic-was his conspicuous lack of mention of the slaughter of our Ambassador in Benghazi and the two servicemen who tried in vain to save him and the consulate employee who died a suffocating death as a result of the terrorist attack. It's good to know that your president did get a good night's sleep that evening since he went to bed while they American citizens were fighting for their lives in real time.

Lars Faltskog

At least he didn't look like a washed out Young Republican, awkwardly reaching for a mini-plastic water bottle. jeezus

Chris Gimenez

You're absolutely correct Larst, he (your president) looked like an individual devoid of any concern for the massive debt he's foisted on this country all the while playing "victim" in ways that would have embarassed anyone with an ounce of integrity or decency. He continued to shift blame, lie to the public about the state of the union (debt, obamacare, unemployment, and on and on), promise more, larger, and more intrusive and controlling government, and completely ignore the most critical issues facing this country so he could fan the flames of divisiness with his phony calls for immigration and entitlement reform.

Marine One

Obamas speech was like Charlie Browns teacher...whaa whaa whaa..more taxes, more welfare, more policy ----less freedom, less contribution to society, less military strength.
I accidently flipped on the channel and couldn't click my clicker fast enough to watch FOX.

Lars Faltskog

You must have not watched TOO much FOX last night because your head apparently didn't cave in from it...yet.

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