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Funny, I thought the purpose of using H.O.T. tax funds was to promote tourism not raise money for a good cause.

Miss Priss

Is this replacing the salute to heroes fundraiser that went away after this past year? That was a great scholarship program and had a following. I wonder if it's okay with the folks who chaired that event - if that name is used for this event?

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

TruthSerum: Yes it does replace that event and with permission of those involved. We had that as part of an earlier story.

Miss Priss

Got it. Thanks!

C L Lehman

"Organizers like Green point to the fact that the goal of the gala is to raise a lot of money for a good cause." .....and to keep the general populace riff-raff out of the event.


No the main purpose of this event is to bash the President and raise a few dollars most of which will probably go to companies owned by the donors in the building business. Your tax dollars at work again for political and private interests.

Mick Phalen

Quick math: Assuming 300 seating, and a ticket price distribution as described in the article (plus the City $25,000 donation), the event should gross $125k to $150k. So how will that be split between all the hands wanting a piece of it? My guess:

Wild game meal (300 x $25) - $7,500
SSH Resort event rental - $20,000
Nugent fee - $50,000
Promotion and incidentals(10%) - $15,000
Police overtime - $5,000

So, with all the hoopla, it appears to me that Todd's legacy builder will net $25k, more or less (for a truly noble cause). I hope our most transparent City Council will provide a detailed accounting (planned and actual), and prove me wrong.

(Would it not have been much better if Todd had used his position and influence to convince the sponsors to contribute all $150k to the worthy cause - or better, ask his political buddies to pony up the money from their campaign war chests.)

A couple of questions:

- Will Councilmembers pay for their seats, or get VIP treatment?
- Will Becker wear something other than a jumpsuit?

Andy Aycoth

I am all for it except for the H.O.T. Tax to pay for up front cost. Think if you use tax money it should go to public for a vote. I think Ted would agree. He is all about personal rights and public expression.

Lars Faltskog

$275 per person, $2,000. My stars, it looks like there's quite a few folks who didn't spend all their Christmas money after all, and they're itching for something else to blow their hard-earned $ on. That kind of $275 can go for a good trip to the grocery store, and the two-thousand plus could go for a couple of months to pay the mortgage. I'd buy a ticket if I could come in my overalls and bring my dog to the event.

Gary Miller

An event for a good purpose that should not have taxpayers money involved.
Doing the right thing the wrong way.

Miss Priss

Mic -

I like your cost calc but you didn't figure in the booze costs - translation.... Additional costs per person would be at least $ 50.

Why would they bring in a "big name" entertainer and limit it to only 300 head count?

Connie Hanks

What a shame. I'll bet the veterans that will benefit from this will be absolutely thrilled that a draft dodger is the "entertainment."

Dorothy Holt

Are you angry he is helping the veterans? Our country elected a certified draft dodger as President twice in the '90's. Did that bother you, too? Nugent was not a draft dodger. Get your facts straight before you spread more of your cat scratch fever.[beam]

ole dad


ole dad

The bottom line is the money...does it fill the till, hopefully yes! Who cares who the performer is. Doesn't matter. How about someone shell out some money so a Vet can see the performance.

Lars Faltskog

LMAO, someone woke up DottyOBA and he 'aint too happy. It just seems like they could have found an artist a little less contentious.

Did y'all hear that "Motley Crue" announced their retirement. The horrors of it all LOL

Dorothy Holt

Sigh. Ho ho hum. You again? I have to correct you again? It's DottyOA and what makes you think I am a he and not a she? Your weekly grammar session now starts as your neighbor is obviously not proof reading your posts anymore. There should be a "?" after "retirement" and there is no punctuation mark after "all". Nor is there one after LOL or is that the new English?
No anger in my post, sverige1, aka Grammarian1, it was actually a little humor with some cool sarcasm (look up that word to prevent any confusion... better look that up, too).
Billy dodged and that is a well documented fact. Teddy had a student deferment and his draft lottery number was not called.
Cat Scratch Fever is one of Mr. Nugent's more popular hits. You are thinking I am pretty darn cool right about now, aren't you? Now go find what you claim to have laughed off.

Kevin Lang

Clinton has always been very good at using "technicalities" to his advantage. Technically, he never "dodged" the draft. He never ignored a draft notice.

Dorothy Holt

OK. Technically he never dodged the draft but he was able to avoid it even after being classified as 1-A while running off to enroll at Oxford. Sen. J. William Fulbright (a Democrat segregationist) and a few other politicos (one was a Republican) helped him in his efforts to avoid induction into the armed forces and that is well documented. We both can call it as we will but the average American was not able to do what he was able to do when his 2-S deferment was changed to 1-A after graduating from college. He did not run off to Canada or burn his draft notice but is there a more relevant word that describes what he was able to do?

Mick Phalen

Mornin' truthserum,

I heard somewhere that he wanted a smaller audience to try out a few new guitar riffs . . . sounds like fun -

I hope the room fills up and that they pass at hat among the gathered politicians and "sponsors" ... do something creative this election cycle - promise to donate 10% of this year's campaign contributions to this truly worthy cause.

Gary Miller

Liberals objecting to Nugent, conservatives objecting to HOT money used?
I'm guessing Nugent isn't a liberal icon.

Miss Priss

No IHOG nugent is definitely not a liberal icon but using tax money to fund his fee is - ironically he's taking it.

Lars Faltskog

Response to DottyOA posted at 12:18 am on Thu, Jan 30, 2014:

DottyA 0
You can try to "not" be funny, but it always comes through whether you're intending or not intending to do so. You give "comic relief" a priority definition, and your pic ought to be next to the term. The vast majority of your posts scream unexplained and unresolved "anger" toward modern life.

As for the issue at hand, many folks after the 1st half of the 20th century were able to benefit from the fallout of technicalities in the "draft code". For instance, if one had been attending a semester of school, he was excused. This applied to Clinton and many other young men his age who benefited from the opportunity to be "first in family" to go to college. Physically and mentally speaking - you could say you had an anxiety order: excused. Claiming to be homosexual, having an "essential" job that was too important to leave to serve. All of these excused.

There's records of folks bribing draft officers, conscientious objectors, people claiming to be "missionaries" of peace, just becoming a new father, going to Canada. Nugent was not alone in his getting out of the service. A good question would be this: Of all the thousands of folks who used the above excuses - weren't they and we all better off that they DIDN'T serve after all? You wouldn't want a Jerry Lewis-type of person in the bunk next to you. Probably a lot of doofuses were weeded out of the service back then.

Dorothy Holt

Sigh. Ho ho ho hum...Yawn. Shall I give another lesson to Grammarian1? No, not this time. It is just too frustrating so I am begging you to consult with your neighbor for any future posts that are directed at me. Better yet, you could ignore my posts in the future and I won't have to nail your grammar every time you try to be savvy and cute. I ignore your posts but will respond when you direct your silliness towards me.

G1, I know the history of the Viet Nam war era so save your history lesson for those who do not have your vast knowledge of the military draft during the Nam War and the various ways it was avoided by many, including a future President.

I have a question that I don't know the answer. I want to know what the meaning of "is" is (darn, does that sound like a very familiar)? I know it is a verb but I just don't understand the meaning and I can't think of anyone better to ask than you, Grammarian1. Thanks in advance for sharing with me your definition of the word "is", G1. [yawn]

Lars Faltskog

I think the bottom line in this "Nugent for Benefit" thing (and any other public event involving 'celebrities') is the "draw" it ensues. Most every celebrity has his/her flaws. For inexplicable reasons, the flaws don't outweigh the fan-base.

For some unknown reason, rock stars, sports stars, businessmen (Trump), and politicians have and will be "admired". Some will adore, others hate, and yet others will be indifferent. It was before my time, but I recall in modern US History class that Jane Fonda's career span was in question after her display on that barrick gun tank in Hanoi almost 50 years ago. Well, her career certainly did not end up in the clunker bin.

From that Hanoi time, fast-forward a couple of decades from that fateful event, and she starred in light comedies (9 to 5) and all-star aging-parent dramas ("On Golden Pond") and won new fans through exercise wear and videos.

And, now we have Nugent playing in the little 'ol town of LC. Back in his heyday, folks admired his noise, others rolled their eyes. Nothing much has changed, except many of his aging admirers are taking arthritis medicine, viagra, and can't drive after dark.

Hey DottyDOA, plz check my spellin'!

Lars Faltskog

Response to DottyOA posted at 1:01 am on Fri, Jan 31, 2014:

DottyAO - is your anxiety and anger control medicine not at the proper dosages? Perhaps your new ACA health plan will provide better coverage. When you 1st posted on this, you were "on 10", but I'm not so sure now. Calmate, por favor [beam]

Didn't warm up to my "history lesson"? Well, the reason I spoke about the various draft evasive methodologies was to illustrate the numerous ways that folks (like Nugent, like Clinton) were able to not serve in the military. Having family obligations or opportunities to be 1st family member in college were real situations back then. My explanation certainly beared illustrative and descriptive examples. BTW - I have no idea what you mean by the definition of "is". Can you elaborate?

Regarding Jane Fonda and others like her, we need to remember the state of the country back then. Things really haven't changed that much. In that era, there was a wide gap among racial and socioeconomical sectors. Today's world is different, yet the same, especially in rural and many urban enclaves in major cities. Interestingly enough, as we speak about the "draft dodging" done more than 4 decades ago, this subject area is vastly far-removed from most folks now in near poverty.

I doubt if the thousands of unemployed teens and young adults in the minority areas of Chicago and Detroit are mulling over Nugent's, Clinton's and Cheney's lack of service. As it is, I'm sure Nugent's rock "legend" status far outweighs any of his decades-old transgressions of yesteryear.

Jim Forsythe

I don’t know if you were around when the draft for Vietnam
was happening . If you were you may remember setting in front of the T.V. to find out your draft number from the ping pong balls. My number was 320 and I had no control over it. I was also enrolled at C.O.M..

So are you calling me a draft dodger?

Most people at this time were not Volunteering
for the service.
What is your service record?

Dorothy Holt

BigJim, December 1, 1969. I do remember it. Drawing was for those born between 1944 through 1950. To answer your question I offer the following. Someone posted below that Nugent was a draft dodger. I disagreed stating that Nugent had a II-2 deferment and his draft number was above the highest number called after college.

G1-Please google "depends on what the meaning of the word is is". Click the "play" button on the picture of the President.

Kevin Lang

On perspective on the avoiders, one thing that all the draft protests, running off to Canada, COs, and all the other publicized means of getting out of going to the war, it did raise the consciousness of the nation about the war. Politicians and the administration were forced to come to grips with the fact that it was not a war we were prepared to win, and it would have been questionable if it would have been worth it to win it. I wonder if everyone had just "done their duty" and just did their time, if, perhaps, we might still be there, bringing back our sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren, friends, and loved ones in pine boxes or with pieces missing.

Maybe what some of them did was legally or ethically wrong, could it be that in a way they were actually doing most of the rest of us some good as a result?

Kevin Lang

Egads, reading that first sentence, I must say that no only is the grammar clumsy, it's just plain wrong. Hopefully we can follow the intent and ignore the terrible lack of quality proofreading....

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