LA MARQUE — La Marque’s newest council member was sworn in Monday night.

After winning the election by only a single vote, Chris Lane was sworn in as the councilman for District B by Reverend B.J. Hunter at La Marque’s Monday night meeting.


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Walter Manuel

This young man was sworn into office last night and within 20 minutes of being in his seat proved to be that "rubber stamp" that so many people said that he would be for Clent Brown when he voted to deny someone's request to build a beautiful rod iron fence in front of their home.

What's most disappointing is the fact that he chose not to "abstain" from voting seeing how he obviously didn't have all of the facts related to this fence nor did he even consider and question whether or not there are already other homes elsewhere around LM that currently have similar fences built around the front of their homes before being so quick to deny this particular request?

Obviously this homeowner is disappointed seeing how he probably went through a lot of time, effort and maybe expense to design and research building perhaps his dream fence for no more thought or consideration being given by Mr. Lane before denying the request?

Hopefully this will be his Mr. Lane's lesson in learning the mistakes of simply playing follower the leader when his chosen leader did in fact have an agenda packet, but obviously failed to either read it or understand what he read himself ?

Certainly a disappointing first showing to say the least, but hopefully a lesson well learned by this young man proving that you never vote on something that shows you didn't do your own homework!

Walter Manuel

Ooops! "Hopefully this will be Mr. Lane's "first" lesson in learning the mistakes" [wink]


I was not at the meeting, so I'm not privy, to what happened there nor what was voted on. I also will not pretend to know in this particular case why a councilman should have voted "NO" or "YES" on the specific issue in question.
I will however, back Mr. Manuel up on one thing and that is each member of council should be well prepared to handle City business each and every time they meet. Not meaning any criticism here, on anybody,... just constructive wisdom from my own past experience in leadership!

Lois J Carelock

My curiosity got the better of me today. I had to drive down Bayou and then Evergreen to see where the proposed fence referred to in last night's meeting was to be erected. What a disappointment it must be to the resident that his request was denied.

The property is beautifully maintained and already has the iron fence on both sides. It would only enhance his property to add the iron fence across the front.

When Ms. Tims spoke last night she did not say that it would keep public works from making repairs to the water line, etc., if and when necessary.

- -Why would the mayor and council deny someone the request to beautify their property? Just because one's constituent was denied a fence?

- -Did anyone who voted take the time to drive by and look at the property?

The vote to deny the citizen the right to put up his fence is a negative for this city. Oh well! What more can be said.

Walter Manuel

Very Aware, your point is very well made!

When a candidate runs a campaign on "improving the city's infrastructure" you would think he would consider that part of the "infrastructure" that he suggested would be also by providing a means by the way of his vote supporting a citizens effort to enhance not only the look and value of his home, but also the neighborhood.

This is exactly what you get when you have someone who will need lots of "on the job training".

I wonder how the budget process will go now without the help and incredible knowledge of James Osteen? This will be a true test of Mr. Lane's abilities to perform his new duties and time for him to walk the walk.

"On the job training" is nothing new for the city of LM though, just look at the current LMISD school board and you'll see exactly just how damaging that has worked out for us [sad]

Someone recently said, "You better be careful what you pray for because it just might not be what you expected"! [wink]


Sometimes we miss the fact that even if a representative is from a single member district, while representing constituents from within that particular district, they also together represent and make decisions affecting the entire city. In doing so they can affect the lives of citizens form one end of the city to the other end, EVEN if the affected constituents are not in a certain councilperson's district!
This is why I agreed with Mr. Manuel the other day in saying we should expect all our representatives to be well prepared in order to do a top flight job each time they come together to do business, or one by one, they entertain city business. It makes no difference.That should be a given. This is commonly called being accountable!
Having said that, I must also say I have full confidence in this present City Council as they are seated now, and I have full confidence they are going to go forward in unity and do what they were sent there to do.
I therefore want to inform some and remind others that God Almighty, works with, rewards, and blesses unity, but will have nothing to do with division, strife, and the sowing of discord among the people! He goes on to say in................
Matthew 12:25;
"Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every CITY or HOUSEHOLD divided against itself will not stand."

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