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Melvin Herrmann

I am sorry but how is it right to sell something that was donated to you?! Especially in the way that it was? That is almost as bad as the family that took out a loan against the house they got and lost it because they couldn't pay they loan. When people like my ex-wife got royally screwed and can't get any kind of help with her house from damages from Ike and can only use part of her 3 bed 2 bath home.

Gary Miller

Do you think they should go bankrupt to keep the house?
What suggestion do you offer to solve their problem of too much house.

Carol Dean

Has everyone forgotten that this house was obtained on a farce? Maybe the Extreme Makeover people should be the ones to receive the monies from that sale?
Many, many people fell for the original sham and donated countless hours and money to this cause. I myself was one of those individuals. It was almost scary driving home some nights at 4am in the dark and cold, after actively helping on the project.

I wish I had a larger house at this point to accommodate my children and grandchildren when they come home to visit!

Gary Miller

The Beach family may be able to buy a more suitable house for less than taxes + insurance on this blue eliphant.
Too much house is worse than too little house. Coping with a small house is what most people did when I was young.
Taxes, maintaince and insurance on too much house is harder to cope with.
If you can't pay it you lose it.

Lars Faltskog

This story is similar to what many folks face if they win lots of prizes on those shows like "The Price is Right". Truth is, if you're of humble means to begin with, to get socked with something you have no resources to "upkeep", then you should get rid of it.

I applaud the Beach family for taking wise measures. Most folks don't need a big house, even with "larger" familes. Familes on my mom's side always managed to live in a modest craftsman house of 3 bedrooms, even if the family consists of 4 or more children.

It has been probably since the 'greed' decade of the 80s when folks felt they "HAD" to purchase a larger home for the social statuses, or to "keep up with the Jonses". Too many people already as it is don't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out.


The house started to fall apart on them. They were constantly looked down on by jealous people. They are a really nice family for taking in kids like they do. I wish it would had went betterfor them but a house built I seven days is going to have issues. I wish the locals would shut their pie holes and instead of gossiping about them try and be like them.


Melvin maybe your ex wife and her new husband can write in to extreme home makeover . If your lucky micheal mahoney will come fill that void in your life real nice and deep like.

Melvin Herrmann

Well you know she wouldn't be in the situation she is in if CANCER hadn't taken her new husband just a few years after they got married. She is now almost 70 yrs old and been widowed for almost 20 yrs. They had just bought a nice house right before he passed that she had to sell in order to take care of bills and expenses after he passed. Over the years she has taken in other peoples kids, our grandkids, etc during rough times and out of 3 children only 1 of our daughters and her spouse go out of their way to do things for her and they live 4 hours away. My current wife and I do what we can to help her also but we are also in our mid to late 70's and have a hard time getting around.


Correction melvin. I meant micheal moloney.

Don Ciaccio

The article said their financial status was very carefully checked. It would seem to me that if half the children were going to be gone two years later, they should have just rented something until the family needs were less. Instead, they accepted a monster they now don't want.

Shelly Pearl

Why not donate it to another family that is in the same

Shelly Pearl

Why not donate it to another family that is in much the same dire straits they were in when they received the house? It would be tax deductible. sounds like a win/win to me.


It's amazing how so many people can criticize others because they are doing what is best for their family. They did lose their home to Ike like many others, but they fortunately received a gift from Home Makeover, wonderful, but people have to do what's in their family's best interest. Good luck Beach Family, hope you find a family that truly needs the home and would benefit from its size.

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