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Steve Fouga

This is very sad. Sounds like the driver should be charged with vehicular manslaughter, or something similar. It's good of her to admit wrongdoing, though. God bless her.

Does anyone on these boards know where this happened? Where exactly is 19600 FM 3005? I've tried Google Maps with no success.

Patricia Barrios

It's known by several names, San Luis Pass Road, FM 3005, Termini Road - its the road that starts West when the Seawall ends.

Steve Fouga

Thanks. I know it's all one and the same road. I was just wondering where 19600 is. I ride out there a lot, and consider FM 3005 relatively safe, west of Jamaica Beach.

Of course it's never safe around an inattentive motorist.

David Schuler

Good question. 19600 San Luis Pass Rd appears to be down by Sea Isle but Google must have 3005 listed under different names for different addresses. I wonder if the driver was looking up an address on their cell phone or in-car navigation system. If you're watching the road, how can you pull over into a cyclist? I ride there often and an accident like this is a big concern, especially between the end of the Seawall and Jamaica Beach. A loss for everyone involved.

Gehrig Boone

15 pound bicycle competing with a 4000 pound car never makes sense.

Kevin Lang

If both operators are paying attention, there will be no competition, and everyone gets home safe and content. In most cases, the two vehicles should not be competing for the same piece of highway asphalt. However, inattentiveness, impairment, or poor accounting for weather and visibility will make collisions more likely. Of course when those collisions happen, the bike, gloves, and helmet aren't as protective as seat belts, airbags, and a ton or so of steel.

George Croix

A phone may have had NOTHING to do with this, but something caused a person able to pass a drivers license test, so presumably with the good enough vision that requires, to not notice a grown man on a bicycle when pulling onto the shoulder, and striking him.

Just yesterday I was going to the feed store and the guy in front of me in a little coffin-mobile was texting while driving, and swerved into the westbound ONCOMING traffic lane without even noticing. I hit the horn on the Ford long and hard. When the guy looked up, he jumped up in the seat, and grabbed for his steering wheel with the phone hand. PROVING there is a God, his phone flew right out the open side window and went skittering down the road.

Laughed so hard I nearly washed the leather seat....[beam]
Fortunately, that complete idiot,moron,jerk,laimbrain,twit or any other unfixable descriptive doofus didn't cause a wreck.
Me, I got the bird flipped at me...long distance...[wink][smile][wink]

People, are you REALLy so utterly stupid, or so terribly important, that you can't stop sucking on your electronic nipple even long enough to not be part of the yearly highway death and injury statistics...?
For most, I'd say that's a YES, and a NO...

Kevin Lang

I presume he spun a couple of donuts trying to get back down the road to see if his electronic nipple was salvageable, or at least to mourn its demise.

George Croix

I dunno.
Right after 'bird watching' I got where I was going, and had better things to do than worry about him.
Truth to tell, if the idiot hadn't been likely to hit somebody else while being a texting moron, I'd have let him cross the line and run into the curb across the road.
I've always enjoyed bumper cars....[beam][beam][beam][beam]

Jim Casey

I ride a bicycle everywhere I can, from East Beach to the west end of the Seawall, , Arlan's, Target, Kroger, Randall's, the ferry to Port Bolivar and Travis Park, etc.

I refuse to ride west of 7 Mile Road on 3005 or Stewart Road. It simply is too dangerous, with the people talking on cell phones, texting, doing proctospies on themselves, etc. My wife and I had someone on Stewart Road yell, "Get those [deleted} bikes off the road," and then swerve into us.

- Jim

Jim Casey

P.S.: In the 1960s and 70s I rode a bicycle on two-lane rural roads, sometimes over 100 miles a day, and not in organized rides.

I was a typical teenager who thought he was immortal, and also did not have dependents, bills, or job responsibilities.

- Jim

Steve Fouga

To me, most of the Island is too dangerous to ride. But FM 3005 west of Jamaica Beach seems like the safest. Pick of a bad litter, so to speak.

This type of collision is actually one of the rarest involving bicycles; most take place at intersections, when either the cyclist or motorist doesn't observe the other while turning, or one of them runs a stop sign or traffic signal. As such, it can be considered a freak occurrence. The danger is there; it was always there, and it will always be there. Your chances of being struck are minuscule.

That said, it may be awhile before I work up the gumption to get back out there.

Jim Casey

>> To me, most of the Island is too dangerous to ride. But FM 3005 west of
>> Jamaica Beach seems like the safest.

It might be, but you have to get there.

If you know which streets to take, the main part of the city is pretty safe. I stick to the even-numbered side streets and any street that is discontinuous, like S 1/2, P 1/2, T, Woodrow, and Sherman.

I stay off Broadway and only ride on the Seawall very early (like 5-6 a.m.). A Mack truck couldn't drag me onto Harborside.

Fish Village is a nice place to ride—traffic is light—and then you can take the ferry.

- Jim

Steve Fouga

Thanks for the advice, Jim.

As for getting west of Jamaica Beach, I put the bike in the back of my SUV and drive. I have no confidence at all riding a bike on the 4-lane part of FM 3005. I start my ride in Jamaica Beach and ride to the Pass. All the neighborhoods out west are nice to ride in, and FM 3005 itself is perfect except for glass on the shoulder. But like you say, it's a hassle getting there.

Seawall Blvd east of Ferry is okay, and the Beachtown area is great. Accessible by the Seawall, which unfortunately often has glass.

Most of my riding lately has been in the Katy area. [sad]

Lars Faltskog

Interesting conversations regarding bicycling. All I know is that without exceptions, I rode my bicycle from off-campus to the UT-Austin campus. Speedway was a cool street with designated bike lane. In that inner part of Austin I always felt it was bicycle-friendly, and I never felt that way anywhere else.

If there were something similar to that Speedway road in Austin here in Galveston (that is, if there's serious bike-designated lanes and signage), then I'd go back to bike-riding. I still remember those days. I never felt all-around healthier. No, I too don't think any part of Galveston (even 3005 in hinterlands) is really safe to ride. Then again, some folks don't have a choice, as it's their most utilitarian method of transport.

So sad that this man had to die, though he was seemingly doing something he enjoyed.

Stevie Maradeo

3005 is the most dangerous because of the speed limit. It is equivalent to riding a bike in Santa Fe on FM 646. But then again out that far there really isn't much of an option.

Steve Fouga

Most of the time there's very little traffic on FM 3005 west of Jamaica Beach. True, the speed limit is high, but even at slower 35-40 mph speeds if a cyclist is hit by a car it's all over. I tend to prefer high-speed, low-traffic areas to the reverse. Best of all is low-speed, low-traffic, but for my type of riding I haven't found a spot in Galveston that will work.

The shoulders out west are easily wide enough for bikes and motor vehicles to co-exist safely. For the most part drivers on FM 3005 are respectful of cyclists (or at least careful around them), but it only takes one inattentive or vindictive one.

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