Video leads to charge in fatal hit-and-run

An unidentified woman stops at the Waterford Harbor subdivision guard station in this video camera still. News and social media attention generated by publication of the video led to an arrest and charges Wednesday, police said.

Courtesy photo/League City Police Department

LEAGUE CITY — Police say they have identified the person of interest in an apparent hit-and-run accident that left a 45-year-old man dead Thursday morning, but no charges have been filed.

Police had asked for help identifying a woman in a video they said could be the driver suspected of hitting a cyclist on East Marine Bay Drive at about 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Friday morning, the department announced the woman in the video had been identified.

“We wanted to talk to the woman in the video,” police Sgt. Reagan Pena said.

Thanks to the video being shared on social media, the police department was able to identify the woman, she said.

League City resident Kevin Ronald Munson was riding his bike in the 1900 block of East Marine Bay Drive when a car hit him. Munson was taken by ambulance to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center where he died.

Police released a video from a security camera at the guard station at the entrance of Waterford Harbor subdivision near Compass Rose Boulevard and West Marina Bay Drive on Thursday.

The video shows a woman pulling into the entrance before getting out of the car. She is then seen struggling to remove the lining from inside the driver’s side wheel-well of her car.

At one point, the apartment complex security guard comes out and helps the woman remove the car part, which the driver places into the trunk of the car before driving away.

On Friday, Pena said detectives and accident investigators were still working on the case.

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