LA MARQUE — There are some new faces on the La Marque Clean City commission and the Planning and Zoning Board.

At Monday’s council meeting, Councilman Keith Bell appointed Russell Washington to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Joe Campion for the Clean City Commission. Councilman Chris Lane recommended Deanna Bethea to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Nancy Pope for the Clean City commission.

Councilwoman Connie Trube nominated Sheryl Tillson for Clean City commission.

The council unanimously approved all the appointments.

Christopher Smith Gonzalez


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Jake Feigle

One of the appointments to the Planning board sounds like a payoff for services rendered. Need I say more?

Walter Manuel

Jake, your exactly correct.

Councilman Bell's and Council man Lane's appointments were nothing but political favors and political posturing.

Augustino Molis who applied and was passed over would have certainly been selected by any other council member in any other "well organized" city with his past planning and zoning experience and qualifications.

Looks like it was all about who you know and NOT what you know that was the driving force behind their selections?

Votes and allegiance to others for some council members obviously counts more than their own credibility and desire to serving our community to the best of their own abilities.

Welcome to the city of LM, the Gateway to Podunkville..... [yawn]

Jake Feigle

Can you name one person with credibility on the present council ? And lets not forget the City Manager. Connie has shown the most creditably when you consider what she was put through. Members of our council are acting like politicians instead of representatives of the people that elected them. We can't limit them to one 6 year term, but we can not vote them back in when they seek reelection.

Lois J Carelock

It's all about making those sitting behind the council desk look good and to play to those who will vote for them.

Iif they only knew how foolish they look and sound! Shame!

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