GALVESTON — An officer suffered a leg injury when he was pushed down a flight of stairs by a fleeing shoplifter, authorities said Tuesday.

The 3:56 p.m. Monday incident that injured officer Hector Dominguez led to two counts of robbery and an assault of a public servant charge against Sherman Edward Johnson, Galveston police Lt. Michael Gray said in a statement.

Dominguez was working off-duty at Kroger, 5701 Seawall Blvd., when grocery store employees saw a man shoplifting.

Johnson, 22, was initially cooperative and was escorted upstairs, and that’s when police accused him of suddenly standing up and shoving Dominguez into a wall.

“Johnson tried to run by officer Dominguez but was grabbed,” Gray said. “Johnson then pushed officer Dominguez down a flight of stairs in front of him. Johnson then ran past our injured officer and fled the scene.”

Store managers Tom Herring and Darrell Argo grabbed a pair of Dominguez’s handcuffs and chased Johnson to the second-floor breezeway of a nearby Best Western motel, Gray said.

“Johnson continued to struggle and attempted to escape as they tried to handcuff him, biting each of them before he could be subdued,” Gray said.

On-duty officers arrived and arrested Johnson, and the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office authorized the felony charges, Gray said. Johnson remained at the county jail Tuesday night on a $105,000 bond. Bond for Johnson, however, was denied on a parole board warrant, jail records revealed.

An ambulance took Dominguez to the University of Texas Medical Branch for treatment. Police didn’t immediately know the severity of Dominguez’s injury or when he might return to work. Medical crews treated the store managers at the scene, Gray said.

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Lars Faltskog

Where is there stairs to climb at the Krogers?

Terry Moore

To the office area above where you exit the store.

Island Bred

Wow - human bites are far worse than a bruised up leg and ego. I would say that some safety standards need to be reviewed by someone. It only takes a second to be a memory to your family when you are working a second job. Treat it like your primary job.

On the other hand I doubt if I would go chasing someone over a stolen ham or anything else stolen in a store. It's not worth dyin over - I would hope that the home office would remind these employees of that. Not sure how chasing someone down and possibly injuring them would shake out in court if you are merely the manager and meat cutter or cashier.

Seems it worked out OK but man is that dangerous stuff to do. Glad everyone was OK. Let me know how much Kroger gives ya for a bonus for jepardizing yourselves.

Marine One

Why make anyone even pay for food? Just leave the doors unlocked and the shelves stocked.
A WalMart Loss Prevention officer was fired for pursuing a scumbag thief that walked out of the store loaded down with DVD's. He laughed at the WalMart employees for trying to do their jobs securing WalMarts products.
In this progressive age of liberalism, heck why pay for anything? We can always mint a trillion dollar coin to pay the tab.

Lars Faltskog

Oh those darned liberals. If we were to be purged from those terrible souls, our world would be so much better and we'd all be drinkin' that free bubble-up and eating that rainbow stew.

Lars Faltskog

I remember one day a loooooong time ago when I was working at a Revco drug store in Austin. I was a lowly "sales associate" with a nametag that advertized Maalox. Shows you the kind of place it was.

All of the sudden one of the pharmacists screamed out, "Stop him! He took something!" Well, I knew that if I didn't make some effort, it would somehow not bode well for my reputation there, so I ran out of the store, sorta chasing after this guy who allegedly was stealing from the store. Well, he got in his getaway car.

I discovered then that I would make a poor witness, as I usually don't notice car makes nor colors - unless the car screams out something in my senses where I associate the car with it being beautiful or unusual. I told the cops who came "It looked like a white car - 4 door sedan, chrysler, I think."

I told myself I would be damned to risk my life if I grabbed ahold of this dreg and wrestled him down of the 'stolen item'...all so that I could save Mr. Corporate Revco from a few measley $. Our lives are worth more than a stolen item. So there - I wasn't a stellar and faithful die-hard Revco employee. Darn, I missed my calling. Now, all their stores are closed.

Lars Faltskog

Here's a poem I have just created:


Liberal, oh liberal.
Why have you caused such peril.

You care about the poor,
but you should give them no more.

Liberal, oh liberal.
Always letting the government pay the bill.

Marine One

Awful poem, but close to the mark. The government doesn't pay the bill. The taxpayer pays the bill.

Lars Faltskog

Liberal, oh liberal.
Always making the taxpayer pay the bill.

Espousing equality,
asking all to be tolerant.
Seeking equity,
defending the immigrant.

Liberal, oh liberal.
Dreaming of a city on a hill.

Marine One

Awful. Doesn't even rhyme. The 1st 2 sentences should be the entire poem.

Lars Faltskog


Conservatives, they think they know it all.
But can't see the writing on the wall.

That they're intolerant of differences.
Always refusing to build fences.

Walter Manuel

Hey Margurite, your right about human bites being worse than anything else even including a dog bite and the human mouth carries lots of bacteria and germs.

Just the other day in League City we saw this in the paper:

"Damon Matthews, 49, was arguing with his wife and that escalated into a fight when a neighbor got involved, League City police Sgt. Chris Skendziel said.

During the incident, the wife was punched and the neighbor was bitten, Skendziel said.

Matthews was charged with felony assault in the case of the bite and misdemeanor assault for the punch, the sergeant said".

Seems that biting someone carries a felony convicted and a huge fine in comparison to shooting someone or assaulting a police officer seeing how his bond was set at $85,000 and some some change?

People might consider not biting anyone during a fight or better yet just not fight at all!

Matthews’ bonds total $82,500 for the two charges.

Walter Manuel

Should be "carries a felony "if" convicted... sorry

Island Bred

You should see what they do to em when they throw human waste on the deputies. It is serious charges.

Biting someone is even worse if they have Hep C, HIV, anything communicable. Charges are serious for that nonsense as it should be.

That's why I wouldn't interviene in any confrontation like that. Nothin is worth dyin over. You never know the guy running might not have a gun but you never know if the guy in the car has a gun. Just dumb to try to be the hero.

If someone is shooting the place up - then fine hero it up if you want but just for a theft - it was real real stupid for them to even pursue the guy. They are lucky all they got was bitten. I would be willing to bet they get sued before it's all over.

Lars Faltskog

Well, there's plenty of macho "chase 'em down, tackle 'em, and shoot 'em up" types ready (at least they THINK they are) to play the "hero". Sad thing is that all that heroic attempt won't please the bigwig corporate execs. Bet they don't even know about this incident, being in their ivory towers at "executive quarters".

Walter Manuel

Both of you are right Margurite and Sverige1, the cost of losing your life these days isn't worth what is expected of you as an employee seeing how most of the lost is a tax write off for these corporate organizations.

Nobody should ever want to be a hero and chance losing their life over something like a petty theft!

These people stealing have no conscience nor care about the people that they may kill nor the families that they leave behind. Their bosses should advocate to just let them go and use your video surveillance cameras to hopefully catch them in the future because these idiots will be back I can assure you once they think the heat is off of them!

George Croix

Is this really the direction this nation is heading now?
Doesn't say much for us, if it is.

Lars Faltskog

All I know is that one day I was at a Krogers up in Houston and it must have been the direction the wind was - but there were a lot of interesting people in there.

When checking out, I was unloading my groceries (and I buy A LOT at one time so I don't have to always take a trip to a grocery store ad nauseum times a week).

Well, I was unloading - I had no choice where I was standing. But, one of those mini refrigerator things that holds god only knows what was right in back of me. This woman, who looked like she was on crack, goes to the refrigerator...looks at me and says a bunch of times "excuse me, excuse me". I tried to ignore her. Finally, she yells out to her man friend who was over at the courtesy booth, "They ran out!!"

I have no doubt that this young woman was mentally troubled. Point is, in no way would I risk my life to tackle down someone like her if she were to steal one of the crappy drinks from the mini refrigerator. No way. Yes, this world has come to this direction. I say let the folks who enjoy using their brute force and firearms confront these loo loos.

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