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Jim Casey

Helping people who are homeless or unemployed is difficult and commendable. However, if someone can't manage such a project, "it's not my fault" is rather pathetic.

I've screwed up a few times. Who hasn't? Cowboy up and don't try to spread the blame and excuses.

- Jim

George Croix

For the majority of people these days a word-of-mouth contract isn't worth the paper it's written on...

Jim Casey

"...a word-of-mouth contract isn't worth the paper it's written on..."

Of course not.

If (hypothetically) someone is selling a dozen calves, a handshake deal is the old-fashioned way. Real estate management with millions of dollars in annual revenue is a lot more complicated than that.

Texas law, as libertarian as it is, doesn't allow real estate transactions to be completed without written agreements.

- Jim

Gary Miller

A tangled mess?
The kind of tennents could be suspect. Why else were they homeless?
Incompetent management seems likely, why weren't leases legally executed?
An owner trapped by trying to help people who thrive on dishonest conduct.

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