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The Daily Blues
Stevie Maradeo

Basically he means "Less council members and more buddies". But I will give Yarbrough the benefit of the doubt.

Let's just see in the first year how much "change" happens. I lost all of my "hope" for "change" with Obama.

Steve Fouga

I'm excited by the prospect of a new city administration, but I was excited last time too. We saw how that turned out.

Ditto Daily Blues "hope-for-change" comment. I'm feeling pretty jaded with government in general. But let's see how it goes.

Bill Broussard

I'm there too jake. The best part of the story was when Yarbourough finally said what he really thinks about Rosen, the great businessman, now that Louis is no longer needed as a sign carrier:

“I like to see less council people on there and more real-world people,”

Testing Free

I am a real world person. Can I be on a board? How much do I have to donate?

Leonce Thierry

Dear Freebie - Sure you can serve on a board. And you don't have to donate anything. These are not coveted position for the in-crowd. I have served on the City's Intermodal Transportation Committee since 2010. ITC has been short by two committee members for the past year. Just apply for the position, take the online open-meeting and open records training through the state of Texas, sign the ethics certificate, and you are eligible to serve. If you live on Galveston Island, it's not an issue.

Public service is not sexy. It's more mundane and cumbersome. Even so, making recommendations to the City Council on behalf of our citizens can be thoroughly enjoyable.

Jarvis Buckley

I was an EB supporter, what's my chances.?


Unlike Mark Henry who went into the County Judge position with a hatchet man; I believe Jim Yarbrough will give anyone in any position the benefit of any doubt unless they prove that they are not able to complete the tasks at hand. He's a fair-minded man with leadership abilities that are truly missed by a large portion of Galveston County residents even today. The vote speaks. Just wish his title was County Judge again instead of Mayor...... Galveston you are blessed.

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