HITCHCOCK — Rebekah Clark has been coming to the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo since she was 5 and has been in 4H for 10 years.

For the 15-year-old, this year’s fair was more fun than previous years.

Because she was running for fair queen, she came to the fair to volunteer every day. She said she was happy with the turnout for Special Kids Day and Schools Day, even though that meant long hours.

“I didn’t leave until 12 o’clock some nights,” she said.

The hard work paid off, however, as Rebecca Almendarez, a Santa Fe Junior High student, enjoyed the fair so much that she attended more than once this week.

Almendarez has been coming to the fair since she was 6 years old and knows the event very well.

“This one is especially different because there’s more and more people,” she said.

She didn’t get to ride the rides as much as she would have liked to because of the long lines, but still had a good time.

“You get to run around, see your friends and pretty much do anything,” she said.

The last day of the fair is also the last day of the barbecue cook-off. Many of the people who attend the last weekend are also friends and family members of cook-off teams, which is why Saturday is one of the busiest days of the fair.

Heather Janish brought her daughter and niece to the fair Saturday because it’s an opportunity for them to spend time with their grandfather, who is a member of a cook-off team.

Kaydence McLemore, 3, smiled as she rode a miniature pony under a tent with her cousin, 3-year-old Sarah Janish.

The pony ride is their favorite.

“It’s slow and fun,” Kaydence said.

The girls made their way to the petting zoo to see the baby goats next.

“We’re having a good time just like always,” Janish said.


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