LA MARQUE — The school district is struggling to fill vacant positions as resignations and retirements continue to add up ahead of the start of classes in August.

La Marque High School Principal Morris Gurnell has retired after more than 10 years with the district, and the search for a new principal has so far yielded “slim pickings,” interim co-superintendent Joanie Hudson said.

In the last month, trustees have approved the resignation or retirement of more than 20 employees, most of them teachers, and administrators are looking to replace the entire science department at the high school.

“We’re not on target at this point,” Hudson said when asked whether district schools would be fully staffed before the start of the fall semester.

To comply with a state-ordered financial solvency plan, the district has been forced to make layoffs, and part of the plan developed by consulting superintendent Ann Dixon called for the district to leave some positions open after employees’ retirement.

However, trustees seem alarmed at the rate employees are leaving the district, and last week, Dixon remarked that teachers were “dropping like flies.”

Most resigning employees have cited concerns about the district’s financial situation and salaries, trustees said. A $1.4 million windfall from the Texas Education Agency saved La Marque from having to make a planned across-the-board 5 percent pay cut, but a five-day furlough is still in place for 2013-14.

As the district’s finances become more stable, La Marque should have more success recruiting and retaining teachers, Hudson said.

The district is also developing new strategies to improve student test scores, and Hudson’s plan hinges on finding “key teachers” and a “turn-around principal” for the high school. Several trustees said they were concerned the district would be forced to make late hires this year.

Only one person has applied for the open principal job, Hudson said, and without more money, it may be difficult to lure in applicants.

Gurnell’s salary was $92,500, while the national average pay for high school principals is about $102,000, according to the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

The district plans a yearlong teacher recruiting program and is having a job fair later this month.

Administrators are also attempting to recruit retired teachers to act as long-term substitutes when employees are out on family or medical leave.

The district is also set to receive a $1.7 million grant from the Texas Education Agency, which district administrators have said may help entice parents to enroll their children in La Marque schools and help with teacher recruitment.

The Texas 21st Century Community Learning Center will fund tutorial services, counseling, art and music programs, drug and violence prevention and other after-school initiatives.

Trustees plan to meet again Thursday to discuss filling another open position, as the board sets out a timeline to search for a new superintendent. Former superintendent Ecomet Burley resigned in April.

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Gary Scoggin

Why would someone want that job right now?


I can understand why they are dropping like flies. If you got a letter in the mail telling you that you had to work 5 days for no pay wouldn't you leave? There are a lot of teaching positions open throughout the county. In this case the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Robert Buckner

The teachers are leaving as quickly as the students. The solution is a job fair? Who in their right mind would seek employment at LMISD with the current status?

Walter Manuel

Why does district officials from LMISD continue to lie to us instead of just telling everyone the truth?

While Mr. Gurnell has chosen to retire, it was only after he resigned because of what people are claiming all around town that he COULD NOT and WOULD NOT work under Thomasine Allen?

If you think this isn't true, simply ask yourself this one question? Why would Mr. Gurnell accept his contract for next year only to resign a month or so later?

You never realize who a person really is until you give them a little power and that's what a lot of people are saying now about Thomasine Allen.

Perhaps you get rid of the REAL problem right now and you won't continue to have the mass exodus of employees and students....

Walter Manuel

"Several trustees said they were concerned the district would be forced to make late hires this year".

As usual this worthless school board is a day late and a dollar short, school starts August 26th and the board members are concerned they will be forced to make late hires this year??? WELL, GAWWWW-LEEEEE???

What an epiphany this must have been for such a bunch of brilliant individuals when they finally figured out this tad bit of information??

Have they not been getting the memo's about the district having to share teachers from campus to campus because of the teacher shortage?

Perhaps if the school board hadn't been so focused and dedicated to getting rid of Mr. Burley and Mr. Field's they might have actually known what was happening in the school district and classrooms to have been able to do something to prevent this from happening long before now....[wink

Priorities.... Priorities..... Priorities.....

Mike Meador

Wait! I've got a solution for the principal's job: Have ONE person be the principal for the middle AND senior high schools; have another ONE be the principal for the K-5th schools; there doesn't need to be a principal for 3 year old school.
Apparently it does well for teacher's moving from school/classes to cover teaching assignments.
If it works for three superintendents, why not for everybody else.

J. Shaffer

"I do this job for the money."

.... said no teacher, ever. To think that it's the money that is the cause of this problem is side stepping some very large issues.
What are the other reasons teachers cite for leaving? A lack of support?

The school district has financial and budget problems because all of the students are leaving. Neither does a 'windfall' at the state capital make finances more stable.

Students and parents that are interested in an education put children in classrooms where there is order and discipline and there is none in the classrooms of La Marque.

Funny, teachers often feel the same way... and so do nurses. It's not the pay OR the hard work but the people you work WITH and FOR that make the difference.

Putting retired teachers from the school district in permanent rotation is a joke as well. I've met them, these people don't know an iPhone from Facebook. They simply aren't prepared for a contemporary classroom, and they certainly aren't ready for ones that have as many problems as La Marque has.

Robert Buckner

Great idea cougargator, if it works for supt.'s then it may work for board members too. Maybe next week TCISD could run things for a while then Hitchcock ISD for a period, the Dickinson folks for a while and just rotate it. Maybe that could help save LMISD since the current cast of characters seem so incapable. [wink]

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

This is sooo sad. This is what you get when the unqualified board tries to run the district. The best members that understood school business left because they wanted no part of this mess. Not one of the present board know what the hell they are doing and don't have sense enough not to do it. I am so heart broken for the district I grew up in and later became a 17 year member of the board. Never since 1994 have we had a disaster like the one before us now. The lies, deciet, hate and unknowledged. There was so many hate followers that claimed they were "trying to fix" the district. Look what you have now! Neighter of the Supts. will dare tell the board president to sit down she is out of order---or do they even know? The acts of people in this district has caused hate among family members that will never heal, so called Christians to lie on his /her brother, undue protest, hateful acts against one another and divided a entire community. I was always told God will make your enemy your footstool. That is so obvious now for all to see. I am truly truly hurt.
I am aware of the many, many problems in this district a lot of them I choose not to disclose. To all the haters---you have my prayers.

Walter Manuel

NurseJayne, your absolutely right!

It's not the teachers fault that they are leaving it's because of the incompetent school board and 2 inexperienced co-superintendents who they work for and who allow the school board president to tell their employees what to do instead of reminding the board president that ahe is only one elected member out of 7 and has no power to walk into anyone's office and discuss even the weather with them moreless school district business!

If Mr. Burley were still with the district this would have never been allowed I can assure you that!

Robert, you bring up an excellent idea! Why not have the At-Large school board members from TCISD, HISD and DISD replace the current board members by taking overdifferent sections of LMISD and oversee the district in order to help pull it out of the quick sand? I would totally agree with that!

Cbmalv you said a mouth full!

It's hilarious watching all of these people literally self-distruct when they truly believed that they had ALL of the answers to the districts problems when they started attacking the last group of board members and the past 2 superintendents. Now everything that these evil people touch and do seems to crumble right before their very eyes.

Just because you go to church on Wed's and Sunday's and live like the devil the rest of the time doesn't make someone a christian, no more than it makes you a car simply by standing in a garage!

Cougargator, your right too! If it's good for the goose than it's certainly good enough for the gander.

And Mr. Payne..... what can we say????[wink]


Yes! That's right Cbmalv! I for one am not sorry to see these teachers FINALLY RESPOND TO THE SERMON which I have been preaching for the last three years! That was for them to get the HELL OUT OF DODGE CITY! It is time for them to look out for themselves, and their families, just as the students and parents have already started to do!
The reason is simple, this SHIP is going under, and it is just a matter of time now! Why SHOULD LMISD be closed down? They should be closed down for the greater good, for the good of the profession of educating kids, who will have to compete with, an overabundance of peers in the future, who will be armed with FIRST CLASS,SECOND TO NONE EDUCATIONS from other districts! NFISD bit the dust, and they were better operated than LMISD is now, and brother that is a SHAME to admit!! No, as bad off as NFISD was, and to see LMISD still in business even though LMISD is worse off,... is A DIRTY LOWDOWN SHAME!!
I've seen this kind of make-shift, third rate, bottom of the barrel, this is good enough for us, operation before! I HAVE lived it, and I say the children in this community do not deserve this! Is it just it a conspira-CY? friends, this is just common sense, and somebody standing up for right. I knew this thing was going to go downhill when they elected a DISCIPLE OF THE NEST, against a candidate who had stated, the EXACT things which needed to be done in order to save LMISD,... in his candidate platform. The best Candidate, talked about teacher and student retention, he talked about discipline in the schools, he talked about refocusing on education! All the NEST DISCIPLE Candidate, said to the GDN, was that he just wanted to get alone with the other board members and work with them! Work with them? "WORK WITH THEM TO DO WHAT?" Anyway he won the election for that district,..and look at us now!
I've said it once, twice, and I've said it more than three times, so it won't hurt to say it again,....LMISD TEACHERS IT IS TIME TO GO! GO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR FAMILIES, AND FIND SOME JOB SECURITY! Here you have been victimized by an over zealous process which allowed this kind of incompetence, and leadership failure to breed and grow. What I will never understand is why they persist in trying to BLAME this failure to educate OFF on anyone but themselves! Now their future plans are to BABYSIT teachers and principals and MICROMANAGE them,... maybe even threaten them, in getting them to do a better job of educating!!! Really? Well, people like Mr. Gunnel did not respond well to that, and what did he end up doing? Okay.
You have heard other district teachers say that the same students LMISD cannot educate, are doing just fine in other districts! Why? I'll leave that for everyone to ponder! God bless the students and teachers of this community,..and I hope they finally see what they must do. Drinking "TEA" ..and buying into the lies now being told over there,... are not going to solve their problems.


Yes Amen, and then there is the Eagles Nest! They who live in the past,..they who think more about the dead than the living,....SHINE BUILDERS! They who called a third rated, ill equipped SEGREGATED EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY, of the line!
I wonder why many of the ones who were partakers of those third class facilities and opportunities, chose to take their children elsewhere instead of bringing them to LMISD? It is just like I have long said,...there are many so blinded to reality, they do not understand WHEN they are getting the SHORT end of the stick! Dirty shame,...No dirty Low-Down shame. It is time to shut this Shrine- building, FARCE of an educational facility down. The sooner,....the better!

Robert Buckner

I'll give JBG an Amen on that one!


I saw a Viking Funeral once where a small boat with a dead VIKING warrior lying horizontal on the deck as it sailed out to sea! Those on the sea shore, friends and family, stood on the shore and watched as it sailed out to sea with their loved one. The Viking attack horns raged out, AHHHHHOOOOOAaaaaaaaa! AHHHHHOOOOOOOaaaaaaaaa!
Then VIKING arrows of FIRE,...could be seen arching across the skyline toward the small ship,...striking it,..sitting it on fire! Those on shore, stood and watched as the burning ship,...finally slipped underneath the sea top carrying their love one,..never to be seen again!
This scenario reminds me of LMISD now, they are lying horizontal now on the deck, sailing out to sea, with the big funeral horns blowing AAAAAAAOOOOOOaaaaa,....AHHHHOOOOOoaaaaaaaa,...for the last time,...and arrows of fire are headed in the direction of the ship! It won't be long now.......
I say GOOD! There should be no place for anything which cannot do a better job in society! What if our soldiers who defends this country operated like LMISD? Would this country be safe? Could you sleep at night? What about UTMB? Yea, what if they operated like this? What if your attorney did not know as much, or more than the people he/she was confronting on your behalf about the law? Would that be alright? What if our POLICE DEPARTMENTS and Firemen operated like this? What if they knew nothing about enforcing the law or fighting fires? Would that be acceptable? Come on now!!!!! I'm talking mighty good here!
This dog and pony show has been in business to long,...they are a total embarrassment to this town,...these kids, community and themselves, but they won't stop and realize it, because there are still enormous egos, and a few dollars involved!

Robert Buckner

It's my guess that JBG will NOT be attending the little tea party gatherings with his warm diet coke.

Walter Manuel

Here, here Mr. JBG! Amen!

What LMISD teachers who are applying to other districts must remember is that they need to CYA and explain their situation with the other school district so that they are preparedwhen they don't get the job because somebody intentionally made them look bad in order to keep them from leaving the district!

I received a call earlier telling me thatthe comment about Mr. Gurnell retiring after 10 years was just another lie told by district officials. Mr. Gurnell used to work for the district and had left. He only came back last year to the district so when your going to give information to the GDN you need to give the real truth and not something that helps make you look better.

The district is wanting to bring back retired teachers into the classrooms for substitute teachers, there is a reAson why they are RETIRED! Think about it. You have a fill-in teacher who has been out of the circuit for years and you just need a warm body to put in that classroom and you expect test scores to improve??? IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

These people need to realize that it's so much easier to tell the truth the first time rather than trying to remember what lie you've already said and have to keep it going!

At the rate of lies that these people are telling they will never gain any trust from this community!

Walter Manuel

Danggit! Excuse the typo's as my computer is doing it's own thing today! [wink]

And no Robert, I don't think Mr. JBG will be attending any tea with any LMISD superintendent even if he brought his own warm diet coke.

I personally think that they would have better odds of recruiting teachers if they served liquor because only a drunk fool would believe anything truthful coming out of these people's mouths!


Mr. Buckner you are absolutely "correct"...because it appears to be a snow job, geared to get individuals to believe TALK over ACTION! That is bad,...because even the bible tells you NOT to do that! We are to watch the FRUIT of individuals and all the FRUIT I see coming from this group are bad! I contribute much of that to the Eagle's Nest!!!
Now I don't want to sit back and even remotely be considered as one who operates in .... "SCHADENFREUDE!" ( Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.) It is not about that. I have a legitimate concern that the kids of this community be not chopped off at the knees like I, and many others were BACK IN THE DAY! Don't pay no attention to some who were back there, talking about WHO WONDERFUL IT WAS,...BECAUSE IT WASN'T!!
Now,..I suggest they cancel this TEA summit! If they would warm a little diet coke up to a simmer,..or to when it start bubbling,.....I would have to think about it! Will they do that? I don't know,...I just don't know. [wink]

Larry Kirkendall

Hello LMISD? This is the TEA, you know, the folks in Austin? Listen, sorry about all this but we're going to have to consolidate you with TCISD. What's that, you don't want to? You have the situation well in hand? Well here's the thing, we don't think you do and we don't think you probably will anytime soon, if at all. History tends repeats itself for those who don't learn from the past, educators and politicians should really know that. Hello, TCISD? This is the TEA, you know, the folks in Austin? Listen, sorry about all this but we're going to have to consolidate LMISD with you. What;s that, you don't want to? You doing fine on your own? Well, here's the thing, we don't think you'd want to deprive your neighbors and future leaders of a good education, apparently not possible to obtain any closer to home. We hope you understand and know that you know they are worth it.

Anne Thomas

Walter, what is the update from TEA on solvency and the 3 mil save all loan? Sorry to have been out of the loop due to a fire, but know I need to know!


Well that could be a possibility Mr GulfcoasTexan, but the TEA very well could choose to give TCISD those LMISD students WHO LIVES in Texas City, and GIVE all those LMISD students who lives in LM to Hitchcock ISD. Huh? Huh? Come on now, speak to me!
I don't think Texas City ISD would reject their own citizens, do you? It might kick them back up to 5A though. Hitchcock ISD would probably be 3A or 4A rated. I don't give a ten cent RIP, long as these kids get a quality education, like all students should be exposed to. That is not happening here,...and LMISD leaders ought to be ashamed, and their constituents should be APPALLED!!

Larry Kirkendall

...for the sake of tongue- in- cheek brevity I choose only one District but yes, of course if TEA chooses to step in they could divvy up the spoils of LMISD to several other Districts, makes sense. They could also have LMISD go the way of North Forest ISD and hand it over to one capable District if that is deemed the best thing for the kids. Point being, whatever happens to LMISD, the students there are entitled to a quality education and it doesn't look like it happening.


The TEA most of all, needs to get off of it, and DO SOMETHING,....and not just sit up there in Austin,... and do NOTHING! DO they have the ability to sanction the "NEST?"
One other thing, I get the feeling this BOARD is trying to inoculate the public with an early serum, to keep them calm, before the State release full information of LMISD test scores in August! Old JBG knows a setup when he sees one. Lets see how much worst that 52% factor can get to.

Walter Manuel

Mustangammy, sorry to hear about the fire! Hope everythings ok!

LMISD got $1.7 million back from the state that legislatures cut from the education budget last year so that they now claim that they don't have to borrow the $3 million loan. The district has to pay back around $1.4 million because they figured in 3155 students last year and only had like 2780 something students I believe.

Everyone is asking where they are getting all of this money when the district is broke? The solvency plan had to be resubmitted to add in the new money and the adjustments that the district made from the 2nd plan and I've not heard yet if it's been approved yet or not?

Gulfcoasttexan you may very well be onto something! Not a bad idea to say the least!

Mr. JBG, the district test scores are at the bottom of the scale and when we see how the scores compare to the state scores that's when we'll find out the real truth as to how well the district did?

There's no denying that the test scores are terrible and these children aren't getting the education that they deserve. I know people will say that the teachers are learning the new testing system along with the students, but when the rubber meets the road and what matters most is how prepared for the test are the students by what they are receiving in their classroom instruction?

Next year the standards are going to be even more difficult I'm told. This year TEA did not disaggregate the scores by subpopulations, but next year TEA will disaggregate the scores by student groups. This will be LMISD's downfall for sure!

One more time LMISD got a lifeline to help hold their head above water, but next year will be the real test on just how well they are performing. We still haven't heard the final result from TEA which will be announced by TEA on August the 8th so anything is still a possibility.

With not enough teachers in the classrooms and "Retired" teachers serving as substitute teachers parents and grandparents should NOT take a chance with their child's education and better transfer them this year rather than playing russian roulette with their future educational needs in hopes that their not being lied to!

Mark my words, you'll see exactly what I mean....

Walter Manuel

Sorry I mean't to include what the word "disaggregate" mean't for those who were wondering....

World English Dictionary

disaggregate (dɪsˈæɡrɪˌɡeɪt)

— vb

1. to separate from a group or mass

2. to divide into parts


Gary Miller

What y'all expect? Layoffs and furlows for teachers ain't no way to keep teachers.
Close, consolidate excess capasity and lay off non teaching support staff and use savings to give teachers a raise.
Teachers are an asset every ISD school is short of. Without teachers there is no school.

3,100 students a year ago, 2,700 this year, 2,400 next year. The only way that trend will change is if LM CC can make LM a more attractive place to live. Tax rates and what taxes are spent on need reform. Spending tax money on excess city employees ain't the way to do it.
LM CC maintains offices LM doesn't need for employees LM never needed.

Gary Miller


If our national economic reports disaggregated good and bad numbers we'd have a much better idea where our problems are.
Aggregating economically growing states with economically declining states then calling that a national report hides the troubled states from public examination.


Mr. Manuel, question for you,..and I say you in an effort to help someone else who might be reading this, but just cannot understand.
How would you feel if you bought a new car, with a high performance engine, a top of the line A/C system, and a transmission with an extra gear in it,....only to find out a few years later YOU GOT swindled,..and none of those extras you paid for are on the car?
This is what's happening in LMISD everyday! Taxpayers and constituents are not getting what they are paying for! Students are not getting what they deserve, or what surrounding students of others districts in the State are getting.
I totally agree with what you mentioned earlier,...OF COARSE LMISD STUDENTS SHOULD MOVE TO OTHER DISTRICTS! That is a given for the individuals involved! You don't play politics and games with the education of your children, and they happen to be the most precious assets of every family here.
With this gamesmanship and politics being played,..students are going to encounter the consequences of what this district's failed actions are costing THEM, down the road in a few years, when they have to compete, with other STUDENTS in job seeking, and in the game of life. They will then FEEL RIPPED OFF, just like the owner of that new car I mentioned earlier would! The question is what can you do about the situation at that time, can you be compensated for your loss?
Nothing personal against none of these people, but you don't play politics and games with the education of the young. Much like the criminal justice system, when these kids turn a certain age, the education system tends to WASH THEIR HANDS OF THEM, shovel them aside,...and forget about them! We cannot hold them accountable for being where they are in life when we CONTRIBUTED TO THEIR BEING WHERE THEY ARE!
I know what I'm talking about, believe it or not. It is like hiring a guide to take you through unknown territories,...and that guide is the only one who has been down those pathways,....SO HE KNOWS WHICH WAY TO GO! Well I've been down this road before, I've SEEN THIS HORROR FLICK! I have the recovery scars to prove it!
There are no more SEPARATE BUT EQUAL process battles to fight!!! Those wars are in the past,...buried!! So why do we have to put up with this crap which is occurring in LMISD today? I say we don't,....and I say it is an total embarrassment, and mockery to the battles waged, hard work, and efforts so many people gave in order to accomplish equality,...equal access, and justice, which we all enjoy today. Many might have forgotten these brave souls, and all they did for us,...but many of us have not!
Isn't it so interesting that we have some over on Carver Street,... always giving lip service about the past, but never STANDING UP for, and demanding that examples of the tenacity, courage, hard work ethics practiced and displayed by people back there, exemplified or duplicated here in our present lives. Instead they aid, encourages, and champion DEFEAT, INCOMPETENCE,...being on the bottom, and excuses for failures!
What causes that type of attitude about life in some people, it the quest for unrighteous MAMMON? Is it ignorance,...or is it both? I don't know, ..yall tell me. When it's all said and done,...I'm just an old Ploy Boy from West Texas, trying to get by.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, the answer to your question is quite simple, WE HAVE THE WOLVES GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE.

Until all of the chickens have been completely devoured will the wolf finally leave because he's once again hungry, not a day sooner.

The school board members and district officials would do well to read Spencer Johnson's fun reading and inspiring book, "Who Moved My Cheese" 1998, a great book on how to deal with change. Throughout the book there are messages that the mice come across written on the walls of the maze that they are traveling. Here are the messages:

Change Happens..... "They Keep Moving The Cheese"

Anticipate Change.... "Get Ready For The Cheese To Move"

Monitor Change..... "Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old"

Adapt To Change Quickly.... "The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese"

Change.... "Move With The Cheese"

Enjoy Change!.... "Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese"!

Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again.... "They Keep Moving The Cheese".

Until there are no more students left and no more cheese to feed those who are resistant to "change" will anything change with LMISD and the direction that it is headed by it's current wanna-be leaders. [crying]

Walter Manuel

IHOG, I totally agree with you that the numbers are quite misleading and district officials are using it to their advantage to confuse people into believing that just because they made it past the 50% mark they've done something spectacular.

The system used this year by TEA does in fact keep us from seeing the real troubled areas that the district faces, but that will be different next year when they break it down differently.

Bottom line is like what Mr. JBG posted, we are not getting what we paid for because the only way that the school board and district officials can look somewhat accomplished is by pure dishonesty and deception.

As I said, when we compare the states average to that of LMISD only then will we actually see just how pathetic LMISD did in comparison to others.....


A big AMEN for Jbgood today. Have a great day.

Robert Buckner

Did somebody mention "chicken"?

Walter Manuel

I just received a call from a parent asking if I could get a hold of the tape that a student video taped of some LM football players screaming and cussing out a volunteer at the recent 7 on 7 games?

If anyone has any information regarding the availability of this tape please let me know.

It's down right pathetic that our students would show their appreciation towards a volunteer in this way in order that they could attend an out of town function! It's no wonder no one wants to volunteer in our schools because of some THUGS with obviously NO HOME TRAINING like this!

And our school district doesn't need armed police officers, YEA RIGHT!! PUHLEEZE!


Education is a precondition to survival in America today.
---Marian Wright Edelman,..Advocate For Disadvantage People.
Nothing should be overlooked in fighting for better education. Be persistent and ornery: this will be good for the lethargic educational establishment and will aid the whole cause of public education.
--------Roy Wilkins American Civil Rights Activist, from 1920 to the 1970s.
I would say these two quotes from prominent African Americans who left BLOOD, SWEAT. and TEARS on the battlefields for inclusion,..equal access, and equal opportunity, would be enough to cause all of the LMISD school board to instantly resign out of shame! Ms. Marian Wright Edelman was the first African American female to be admitted to the Mississippi Bar in the State of Mississippi in 1964, after graduating from Yale School Of Law in 1963. Her father's last words on his death bed to her was,..."Don't let anything get in the way of your education."
Mr. Wilkins graduated from the University Of Minnesota in 1923 with a degree in Sociology, and went on to be a civil rights leader who like Dr. MLK who opposed violence, and defied BLACKS who advocated going back to a segregated society!
I took the time to post this information because in many ways, LMISD Leaders, are perpetuating a move BACKWARDS to the very place and positions in society that these TWO stewards of society and humanity, fought so diligently and hard, to eradicate from society.
To make matters worse, we have those who are so lethargic and apathetic toward the importance of a sound,quality education,....they sit by and say NOTHING, or in some cases in this very community, they even SUPPORT those who are draining "potential, and great life accomplishments" out of our children, by providing them a sub-par third rate education!
Knowledge and education, helps an individual to have perception, to dream, and to think out of the box, and to LOOK beyond the trees, into the forest of the unknown.
----- Dr. JBG 2013 ( had his Doctor Of Smacktology degree conferred on him by the Galveston County SmackTalkers of America. I might add there are many lofty and important people who holds membership in this organization.)
He is in the process of publishing his first book called JBGism. The above quote will be in that book along with many others of his wise, West Texas adages for life. Don't miss it!!!!!

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