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Steve Fouga

If the motorist had hit a properly lighted motor vehicle from behind in the same situation, would they be charged? I hope so. I was taught in driver's ed that if you hit something from behind, it's your fault. But that was a long time ago, when we believed in personal accountability.

Kevin Lang

Jake, in these parts, if you're dumb enough to ride your bike in the road, you deserve to get run over. At least, that's my observation. The law, as written, says different. As practiced, I'm not sure that bicycles have any right of way on any public roadway.

Blanca Bell

Was he nude?

Kevin Lang

From what I read in the article, he was wearing black shorts and a backpack.

Lars Faltskog

Well, in all seriousness, if he perhaps had been nude this time, such attention by drivers of his being as such may have resulted in safe transport. Perhaps.

I take it that this road is a busy one?

Kevin Lang

I don't think Sens is highly trafficked. I think it's more warehouses than anything else. I think most of that part of La Porte is providing services to the Port of Houston.

Tamala Robinson

Since I travel Sens road, nobody in their right mind should ever travel on bike at night. You barely have enough room for 2 way traffic with motor vehicles. If you move over just a bit in any direction you will tumble over into a huge ditch on both sides. There is no railing at all. Even though there is dim lighting, when a car is coming towards you on that road, it practically blinds you. The lights from the businesses also can make your travel a little distorted at night. Sens road does not allow for any accidents with motor vehicles or bikes. It is a dangerous road not meant for bikes.

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