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Steve Fouga

"“This area has not been on the political radar in Washington such as Louisiana was or the Northeast coast was after Hurricane Sandy.”

Ain't that the truth! First, because our own lawmakers don't pay a heck of a lot of attention to this issue and, second, Texas doesn't have much of a reputation with either the House, the Senate, or the Administration.

Karen Mooney

Another hair brained idea, another study! City council past and present has spent millions of dollars on studies that have gone nowhere. A outside accountant should be hired to audit the money wasted on these studies. This excess money that we supposedly have, should be spent on residential street repairs. Shame on you Galveston residents for allowing the city council to throw your tax dollars away.

Bill Broussard

So, ninety percent of the benefit goes to Harris County yet almost all of the municipal funding to date comes from us. The Army Corp of Engineers is unconcerned about the Dike’s progress, Congress is not prepared to underwrite the STUDY, much less the Dike and I can’t think of a single hardening project funded and approved in the US in the past fifteen years…..people concerned with flood surge (with the exception of Louis Rosen) must think this is a poor idea for some reason. I wonder if we will ever hear the other side of the story.

Mike Box

Partner: Here's part of the other side of the story. The Ike Dike essentially extends the seawall in both directions. In a very short time the beach will erode back to the this structure and the beach will be gone. Drive along most of the seawall and you'll notice that the only place there's a beach is where a mile long jetty holds a bit of sand on the east end. To those on the west end who are clamoring for the Ike Dike think about how it would affect your lifestyle to have a seawall between you and the gulf, but in this case a seawall that you can't drive on top of. It would be a wall along the coast that you can't see over and with no beach on the other side. Not a good idea for a beach community, either the West End or Boliver. I haven't really studied the proposed alternatives, but how about we just raise 61st Street and Harborside and Galveston is protected. No, that doesn't protect everything, and maybe you would want to go to the end of the seawall, which would require a gate at the mouth of Offat's Bayou, but seems like a much better local solution. West of the seawall I think we just have to understand that there's a risk and build for it.

Steve Fouga

See, this the type of idea, or similar ones, that need to be thrown in the hopper. My fear is that the true coastal-spine Ike Dike will prove too expensive when a legitimate cost analysis is done. Then what will we do? Wait for the big one?

Man, it would be a blast to work on a legit flood-protection study!

Miceal O'Laochdha

Am I reading this right? Did our city council just give $250k to the outgoing mayor's wife?

For some organization whose goal is to use the $250k to raise funds, that will be used to raise money, that will be used to do research, to find additional ways to raise either funds or money (important to vary the noun, so it seems like a different thing)?

STOP! Let the next mayor and council determine if there is any valid purpose to spend a quarter mil to raise money to raise money to research possibly doing something. A council that does not include the recipient's husband I mean, come on, what part of golden parachute do we not understand here.

This is not storm surge protection; this is a 3 Card Monte hustle.

George Croix

There would likely be a much greater chance for government money funding of an Ike Dike if PH was fully reconstituted in Galveston.
Investment protection.

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