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Andy Aycoth

So what do you do about that? Environmentalist who oppose industry. People locally do not trust industry ?
So I say let a those people walk to work because by driving you supporting industry.

Andy Aycoth

Come on TC people get behind this project! Think of all the possible lawsuits in the future.


Yes Alvinbr62, TC will get this project and add more direct and indirect jobs to the city and county. The lawsuits would only come from people with attitudes like you, people that have no idea what they're talking about and look for free money anyway they can get it. And for environmental complaints, they will use natural gas, not oil, to produce methanol, and its miles away from the main city. And if people are eating fish off the canal side of the dike now, they will do the same after it's built. But I guess, after it's built (if it's built), you'll be on here complaining as to why TC gets so much money and your city does not. And that would be because of people like you that run companies off and then pull you pants up and tell you friends and family "I did that! Don't you wish you were as cool and tough as me?" You sound like all you want is attention.

Andy Aycoth

Rick Perry will get this done no doubt by offering 100 of thousands in tax incentives!

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