LEAGUE CITY — To protect and to serve doesn’t just mean showing up once there is trouble. For League City’s police department, it also means working with day care centers to make their buildings safer. The idea is to try to prevent an attacker from entering the building.

Police Chief Michael Kramm told the city council last month that the department was ready and willing to sit down with day care centers to pass on advice on how to make their facilities safer.

“These are the kind of things my officers really love to do,” Kramm said.

So far, one company with several centers has worked with the department, but many more are showing interest, police officer Marty Adcock said.

Adcock said the department can talk to day care centers about “the things they can do to beef up their security.”

That includes things such as installing double doors at the entrance, installing fences or plants that would keep people from looking in a window and having badges for parents so they would have to swipe an electronic lock to get into the building.

Many of the ideas are basically crime prevention through environmental design, Adcock said.

There was a shooting in a League City day care in 1988. A 26-year-old League City woman, Charlotte “Dawndy” Marques, was murdered when Clyde Spence went in looking for his estranged girlfriend.

While shootings, such as the one in Connecticut in December, are rare, it is important to be prepared and observant, Adcock said.

“Being observant could be your best deterrent,” Adcock said.

At a glance

The League City Police Department is working with day care centers to make their facilities safer. 

Some ways to “harden” a day care facility:

  • Double doors at the entrance 
  • Fences or plants that would keep people from looking in windows 
  • Better lighting 
  • Video cameras 
  • Badges for parents 

Officer Marty Adcock said organizations such as the “I love U Guys” Foundation, iluvuguys.org, also provide information. 

Day care centers interested in getting advice from the League City Police Department can contact Lt. Cameron Noakes at 281-332-2566. 

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409-683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com

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