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Carol Mitchell

Because nothing says "Christmas spirit" like "Sponge Bob Squarepants!" Sheesh!

Steve Fouga

Yeah, I was excited about this until I found out it was Sponge Bob.

Good grief!...

Dwight Strain

Pretty funny. Id like to hear the story behind sponge bob. Maybe the licensing on snoopy and the grinch are too high? Maybe they had to find something that 45 chinese ice sculptors could do uniformly? Maybe they felt like last thing people would do is pay another $12 to see more likenesses of candy canes, snowflakes, presents and pine trees after the $12 they just dropped on festival of lights that had 28 of each?
Whatever the case, kids will love it, us islanders will probably be impressed a little too, as we havent seen much ice sculpting, and if it goes well, we will probably see some better themed ice sculpture tents in the future.

Mojo Boogie

Why do this in the summertime when it's 110+ degrees out-now that would be a win!

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