GALVESTON — The old Galveston County Jail will become an urban warfare training ground tonight.

The U.S. Army will use the facility to conduct night training, so residents of the island’s East End and Texas City might see military personnel and possibly a helicopter landing on the roof. They might hear gunfire and explosions, too.

The county agreed to lease the old jail at 715 19th Street and the county’s parking garage for $4,000, according to an Army license agreement. County officials could not disclose exactly what type of training will take place, but according to the license agreement, the Army detachment conducting the training is from Fort Bragg, N.C., home of the Army’s famed 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment, better known as Delta Force.

The Daily News confirmed that other unnamed government agencies would also take part in the training session. While the exercises will take place all day, most of the action will happen at night.

The most noticeable part of the training will include a MH-6 Little Bird helicopter, which is used by the Army’s Delta Force and the U.S. Navy’s Seal Team VI.

The joint-force training will be similar to the exercises the Army conducted Monday in southeast Houston at the old Carnegie Vanguard High School. Residents near that abandoned school were unaware of what was happening, so the training unnerved many of the neighbors.

County officials said the Army said personnel would be going door-to-door to inform residents of the training session. Because the training is a controlled exercise, there will be law enforcement personnel on site to keep people away.

The Army's training won't be limited to Galveston. Texas City emergency management officials said they were notified the military exercises would also include training at the old P.H. Robinson power plant on state Highway 146.

The drill will include some low flying helicopters as part of the training, city Emergency Management Coordinator Bruce Clawson said.

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Judy Henry

The Army is here conducting "urban warfare" training? This is very interesting to me especially since the federal government want to disarm it's citizens and Washington can't wait to get their greedy hands on the state of Texas' budget surplus. What kind of warfare could they be preparing for?

Paul Hyatt

I will give you 2 guesses and neither one would be a good one....

Shelly Pearl


Lars Faltskog

For christ sake - if they DIDN'T conduct trainings here on the island, due to some "liberal" group convincing the Army to go do it at a mainland site - you true blue U.S. of A. folks would be crying "foul" - and accusing the powers to be on the island as Marxist socialist pacifists who never appreciated what our veterans went through in 'Nam, etc.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I have an idea - if we secede, then our new Texas nation can fix up Fort Crockett (centrally located on the island) - designate Fort Crockett as our 1st Texas Nation Military Base (TNMB)...and we can guard ourselves from our ex-money grubbing friends, the old USA.

And, we'll have our own 2nd amendment where no liberal will take our AK47 and other Kuzi-type thousand round automatic rifles. I'm running for Texas Nation president since this is all my idea.

Chris Gimenez

Lars, under obamacare there should be a trained professional who can help you with that problem you have. I wonder what would happen if you left-wing extremists ever pulled that "George Bush Crutch" out from underneath your president. He'd collapse like a house of cards. His legacy will be "If it hadn't been for George Bush I would have been able to.......".

Lars Faltskog

Well, bv, I don't really get your point. But, I don't think you got mine either. So, I can ask you directly. If this was happening under a George Bush reign, would you and your like-minded contemporaries feel the same?

Fellow posters - notice how the more 'conservative' people like to label us pragmatic folk as "left-wing extremists". Guess that's the easy way to deny what's so fundamentally apparent: this kind of news story would meet y'alls' liking - with all kinds of jingoistic pomp and circumstance - if we were under a republican presidency.

Heck, Lee Greenwood would be invited to sing his banal "God Bless the U.S.A" song, along with some low-IQ roadhouse-type groupies - obviously to parrot the stance that with these 'exercises' that America is strong and proud.

Shelly Pearl


Chris Gimenez

They're a detachment from Fort Bragg? Ever seen some of the realistic "cities" they have for urban warfare training at Ft. Bragg? Why do they feel a need to come to Houston and Galveston-along with other cities-to "practice"?

This smacks of obama's need to control the populace either with entitlements or intimidation or force. Whoever "rented" the taxpayer's facility for this nonsense should be exposed.

Shelly Pearl

The final OK must have been from commissioner's court. Even if no one fesses up[wink]

Lars Faltskog


If little "shrub" George Bush had come down here with Kay Hutchenson to do a photo-op to publicize this, there'd be a different tune to hum - along with pomp and circumstance to go with all the hot air.

Marine One

From controlled burns to military training...without proper and intense training, how do we expect these folks to respond when the real deal hits the street? Training helps to cut down on excessive accidents and mishaps when there is a real need for their services.

Chris Gimenez

What "real deal hitting the streets" are you referring to? Citizens who refuse to abide by the unlawful acts of the federal government? To portray this exercise in the middle of the city in a populated area with low flying helicopters as a necessity is ridiculous. There are plenty of places they could go to on the West end to do this. The fact remains that our military has state-of-the-art model cities to run these exercises on the bases themselves. Why do they feel the need to do this in U.S. cities rather than those that resemble Middle Eastern areas? Just exactly what scenario are they training for? If one of those low-flying helicopters had to make an emergency landing just where would they put down in that area full of buildings? This whole thing is goofy.

Cindy Milina

Am I the only one creeped out by this?? Why the rash of military training on domestic soil? Have we run out of third world countries to blow up?
Maybe it's just a coincidence that laws have recently been passed that makes Posse Commitatus null and void and now the military is being trained to possibly shoot U.S. citizens. Another coinincidence is the 3 and 4 star generals who have been relieved of duty by the Commander-In-Chief because they might object to this.

Island Bred

Paranoia at it's best.....BaWaHaHahahahaaaa!!

The ONLY thing you need to be scared of is the rats and recluse spiders that will be runnin like hell out of that old building when sheat hits the fan.

I wasn't going to renew my subscription but this thread right here is worth every bit of $14. LMAO. Hell it costs me twice that much for the Comedy club and all I get is a watered down drink and a few giggles. This is friggin priceless!! Thanks GDN!!!

Chris Gimenez

Margarite, speaking of paranoia, the next time I need help understanding the left wing mindset would you mind if I put on my walking shoes and take a stroll through that noggin of yours? But only if the exit is clearly marked-I'd hate to get lost in that cornfield maze.

Lars, what was is so difficult to understand about my comment? It's written at a third grade level just for your benefit. You and your president continue to blame George Bush for things he never did and continue to ignore the inconvenient truth that your president is in his fifth year of office and still can't accept responsibility for the massive damage he's done to our economy and this country.

Here's a question for all of you who think these military exercises in civilian-populated areas are okay. Your president and the left-wing extremists say we don't need semi-automatic rifles and pistols that hold more than 10 rounds because there is no threat to our safety that would necessitate owning such weaponry. Just exactly what threat is our military preparing for by conducting these exercises in populated U. S. urban cities? There seems to be some kind of disconnect between what they're saying and what they're doing.

Lars Faltskog

Bv - delusional X3 would be such a thought that our economy is worsening. A couple of days ago I saw a special channel 13 report that the Texas economy is strong and vibrant (despite Obama, I suppose). Oilfield jobs: driving their trucks, guarding gates, sales, drilling.

Coupled with a relatively young populace that blesses our Texas economy with a consumption-driven, you still blame Obama for all of our ills?

Marine One

The attention span and memory of the average American is pretty sad. 9-11-01 should remain fresh in the frontal lobe of your gray matter, but the Gubmint has succeeded in pushing it to the rear. Outta sight - outta mind.
Nobody is screaming "the sky is falling", but it's good to see our armed forces and 1st responders training hard, even to help the nay-sayers when they're begging to be rescued.

Lars Faltskog

I will go to the grave and never understand the cognitive dissonance of the "extreme RIGHT wing". Here we have some military/security exercises (yes, in our urban environment).

To have this is not anything other than our military branch doing what it needs to do to keep this great country safe.

Unless I'm reading it erroneaously, but am I agreeing with the likes of BOI this time?? Well, I suppose so. I hasten to add that it would be a sight to see - just within walking distance - our military in training action. A textbook example of "America-na" - worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting.

I'll say it again until the cows come home: folks here on the thread would be singing a different tune if this was going on under Shrub Bush's watch.

Island Bred

OMG - I too find myself in agreement with BOI. Doubtful that will happen often but ain't so small to let it go by un noticed.

For the record - BOI is right it's great to see this type training and how quickly folks forget.

Still you should be on the lookout for lots of rats and spiders in the neighborhood - that building had them even when it was occupied - and folks were moving around. It probably is a free for all once the humans exit - sort of like the cotton warehouses - seems the less human interferrance - the bigger the rats!!! LOL

Kevin Lang

I'd guess that one thing this building offers that their "staged cities" on base don't is the lack of familiarity. The soldiers probably know every inch of the facilities they have in Ft. Bragg, and there probably aren't a whole lot of new things that the testers can do to surprise them there. While I'm sure they've done some recon training using blueprints and perhaps even still photos of the jail, but drawings and pictures aren't quite the same as being there.

Over the years, I've encountered a few leftitst, rightists, and other people to fill just about every whole in the spectrum. Can't say I've met any that would realistically believe that some leftist socialist or rightist fascist regime in DC could, with military force only, corral and control any significant part of this country, let alone the whole thing.

Even if Obama thought he could take over the country, holding onto it would be a whole different matter. Believe me, we don't need no stinking guns to gum up anyone's idea of complete control of the American populace. We're just too cantankerous, random, and independent to fit into some mandated straightjackets. If you want to take this country over, you'll have to completely destroy it. If you do that, then there'd be nothing here you'd want. Who wants a wasteland that would take billions of man-hours to clean up with nobody to do the clean up work?

We're of much more use to the world as the rogue band of independent, disjointed, bickering souls we are, than as some dead homogenous blob.

Chris Gimenez

So Kevin, you're trying to convince everyone they came all the way from Fort Bragg to Houston and Galveston because they're aren't any empty school buildings or multi-story abandoned buildings between Texas and Ft. Bragg, North Carolina? Sure.

Someone else on here compared the military exercise to the controlled burn conducted yesterday. Of course it's easy to understand why they have the controlled burn-in fact, it was explained. There is no explanation offered for these military exercises and presenting this as some deterrence to another 9-11 is about as ridiculous as it could be.

Is BOI suggesting these exercises are training for "rescue" operations? Wow, maybe he has some inside information the rest of us aren't aware of. That would entail some type of hostage situation that is beyond the legalities of our criminal judicial and civilian law enforcement system. You folks can laugh all you want but that just begs more questions about why these exercises are occurring, not less.

This president has done more to erode our personal freedoms and privacies than all the Presidents before him-including George Bush. But it takes minds like that to fall into the line of those who would willingly become subservient to the federal government. Kind of like the TSA's "freeze" commands in the airports just to see if everyone complies. It ain't legal and they ain't supposed to be doing it but they're doing it anyway because they want to understand what they can get away with.

BOI, let us know if you can provide a real reason for the military exercises other than your "first responder" nonsense. To my knowledge the U.S. military has never been the "first responder" to any situation in the continental U.S. I don't know about you but I don't have an emergency contact no. for the Delta Force at Fort Bragg and they'd probably take too long to get here anyway.

Kevin Lang

I don't think that Galveston, TX would be the first point they'd try to conquer, if this were part of Obama's plan to take the country over. I'd presume that many, if not most or all, of the core strategic and tactical reasons for choosing buildings in SE Texas would probably be classified, and wouldn't be divulged to us. I, too, am curious as to what's going on, but I don't have a very good imagination, so even at its wildest, I can't imagine that this would help Obama corral us all into his personal communist minions. That probably speaks more about my mental weaknesses than anything else, though.

I wonder if the reason they chose the old jail is because of the $4,000 price tag.

Lars Faltskog

Agreed...not Galveston. They'd go after Texas City or Pasadena 1st, I would think. To dismantle/put in disarray the industrial complex: petrochemicals and the like...and to cause mass danger with the explosions thereof.

Kevin Lang

I think they'd have to go after the cultural and economic centers first. I think they'd need us to be willing servants before they took over the places we work. Take over our mindsets first. Of course, that's a much longer term venture than any president could sit. Even FDR wasn't in office long enough to fundamentally change the American mindset.

I think the Fundamental Changes that Obama has in mind are those things that allow corporations to abuse the economic systems for their advantage at the expense of their workers and consumers. Also, those institutions that allow people to abuse others along some perceived deficiency, such as race, creed, sex, orientation, etc.

Capitalism and Democracy are not fundamentals, they are the very foundation of our country (all semantics aside, such as we aren't really capitalism or democracy, although we do share a lot of the same structural elements).

Obama may have allies for the changes noted above, but to demolish and replace our very foundation, no way, no how, not ever.


To Mr. BVResident, who posted ;

" Your president and the left-wing extremists say we don't need semi-automatic rifles and pistols that hold more than 10 rounds because there is no threat to our safety that would necessitate owning such weaponry."

Mr. BVResident, Many times people in Washington, and those who cling to those in Washington, don't know what the *@)^ they are talking about. They tend to mix politics in everything. The police can't protect everybody, and we do have a second Amendment sitting up there, and has been there for many years. No we did not have Ak-47(s) back when the second amendment was written, but we did not have 747 Jets either, nor Spy Gliders! I wonder if they think we should throw those away, because we don need that kind of speed or technology?

If it ever gets to the point where I could not buy a weapon to defend my house with then I'd probably pay somebody to make me one. To be fair though, I think they need to make a law, which will ban all guns and weapons out of the hands of those who are trying to go after citizens who do have weapons in this country. As one who have packed assault weapons on the battle field along with sidearms at home to protect others, I insist on possessing them to protect me and mine now!

Any of the the "DREAMERS" I'm hearing about on the news who have "EVOLVED" to the point where they think citizens don't need weapons in today's society, as dangerous and violent as it is become, then I think the government should round them all up, and take all their guns and knives away from them, so they won't hurt themselves! They could issue them a baseball bat or something, and let them try to survive like that. In the end, people can say what they want, our guns are going to stay with us, I'd be wiling to bet on that! So the "No GUN" folks can talk all they want, or name call even, all that is cheap, and it does not change a *&%$%^ thing.

Lars Faltskog

My only hope is that the unfounded fears that the vehement opposers of our President possess don't take over their mindset to the extremes that many of the fringe anarchist groups have taken in the past.

In my wildest dreams never did I ever think that military exercises being practiced now would be linked to our President's "scheme" to transform our country into an imaginary "eastern syndicate" Marxist state.

On the one hand, when I read these things written by my fellow Galveston county neighbors - I want to chuckle. Then, I begin to realize the potential untreated demonic psychological phobias they must be possessing to think (and express) such fears. The laughs might turn to concern if, by 2016, the fringe conspiracist organizations proliferate and want to do things to the vein of David Koresh.

Wow, some of these folks must be a real hoot at their family reunions!

Marine One

bvresident - you better wake up and smell the coffee. Like I said, nobody is crying the sky is falling. But unless you are deaf, dumb and blind, there's no excuse for not realizing that urban warfare - door-to-door, house to house is where we're at.
Think. What if you were at church on 33rd St and a suicide bomber decided to meet Allah?
Or at Wal-Mart buying a brisket and there he goes. Maybe one at Parker Elem? Or St Marys hospital? You might want to tune in to what this world has become, because it's not far from being here in our front yards.
Training 1st responders and the likes is what will cut down on our casualties. Terrorists NEVER ask what date/time will work for us.

Chris Gimenez

BOI, I'm wide awake and have been ever since your president was elected. I've read his past political statement and friendships (Bill Ayers-admitted terroristic bomber participant in bombing of NYC PD headquarters, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon in early 1970's) and his own statement that he "wants to fundamentally change this country".

You continue to avoid answering my earlier question. Just how is the U.S. military meant to be first responders to a terrorist incident? It's impossible unless those military assets are located in every city. You sound like typical law enforcement trying to convince the public we should concede our personal liberties and protection to those who may be minutes or hours away.

Here's the bottom line in case it escaped you. The exercise was cancelled because of public concern with what was going on. Looks like your opinion might be in the majority on this forum but not in reality.

Marine One

A. I would rather of gouged out my eyeballs with a soup spoon before I would vote for your leader.
B. I'm as far from law enforcement as one can be.
C. 1st responders consist of EMT, firefighters, law enforcement, and yes, goofball, even the guard, reserve and even the military if necessary to contain crisis. Remember Katrina? Sandy? Active and reserve DOD units were called upon for immediate help with evacuating, looting control, loose gangs, rapes, etc. The human animal only needs to be given a reason to lose any sense of civility during a crisis.
I think it's funny you believe this has anything to do with our national community organizer on capital hill's plot to overthrow America. Read. Listen. Watch. Close that soup cooler. The hezbollah and extreme islamic threat is real, in America and waiting. They're terrorists. They don't advertise when/where/how they're coming...They just go "boom"..
And for God's sake I'm not a prepper, redneck, wife beater, republican, teapartier, or anything else you might want to spray paint me with....

Chris Gimenez

The military CANNOT be first responders if the event is not anticipated and they don't have the time and opportunity to prepare for it-Katrina, Ike, etc. That's a factual no-brainer. Trying to link these exercises to a first-response type of training in the event there is a suicide bomber is plain goofy. What you're doing is trying to re-state what I wrote into something I never said. I never said anything about anyone trying to overthrow America-you did. If the radical Islamist terrorist threat in this country is real-and I believe it is-then they will be prevented by pre-emptive action by the FBI or other federal law-enforcement agencies.

Your argument that these exercises are "first-response" training is hairbrained and you admit as much when you stated, "They're terrorists. They don't advertise when/where/how they're coming...They just go "boom". Unless they're going to go blow themselves up in the old courthouse at the same time these exercises are taking place there won't be any first response from the military. Nor did I suggest in any way shape or form that you were a prepper, redneck, wife beater, republican, teapartier or anything else. That was you attributing something to me that I never wrote. You obviously do have a problem with the facts though.

Lars Faltskog

TO: kevjlang posted at 6:10 pm on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 -

You mean to say, in plainer terms, they'd have to take over our minds first? Maybe so, a la "Stepford Wives". But, I would think that is exactly what the teaparty/conspiracy theorist/pseudo-mugwump type republicans would like to have everyone believe....that philosophically the Obama "regime" has created, in the past 5 years, a mindset that paves the way to physical take-over.

Which proves my point...the teapartier crowd truly fears the mere increase in the numbers of minorities, the increase in women in politics, the increase in the voice of the gays/lesbians. The old political machine is changing colors literally and figuratively. And they're scared senseless.

I've actually learned a lot this week. Learned that now our military system is "being taken over" by the Obama regime. Any field test (rural, urban, routine, new procedure) is to be looked at suspiciously b/c it's the new world order knocking at our doors. Now, I wonder how much the Obama regime has infiltrated the fire department, or EMS? Is there a secret order to diminish treatment to the old and white populace? hmmmm?

Chris Gimenez

Well I hope they start with taking over your mind first. That may dissuade them from going any further thinking it would be an exercise in futility. Where do you come up with all this stuff? Never mind, I probably don't want to know.

Can you actually provide any proof of the claims you make about the Tea Party? I mean something other than the HuffPost and Chris Matthews? The only thing I've ever heard the Tea Party being against is the fiscal recklessness being exhibited by your president. I've never seen or heard any of the tenents of the Tea Party stating any of the other garbage you're spewing.

Guess what though-the military exercise was cancelled and not because of my opinion. It would seem the county officials must have gotten an earful from their constituents. Case closed.

Lars Faltskog

TO: bvresident posted at 8:29 pm on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 -

Where do I come up with this stuff? Here's an example, titled "Why Conservatives Are Paranoid Nutjobs". Enjoy -

Read #6 in particular. They're collecting a dossier on you teaparty conservatives every second you breathe


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