LEAGUE CITY — A 2-year-old girl was severely injured about the head and face when she and her mother were attacked by a pit bull in their apartment Monday morning.

The girl was airlifted to the Texas Medical Center in Houston, and her mother was recovering from injuries Monday at the same hospital.

The attack happened in an apartment at the Avana at South Shore complex, 2800 East League City Parkway, in League City at about 8:45 a.m.

The pit bull belonged to the mother’s boyfriend, police spokeswoman Reagan Pena said. Officers had to shoot the dog to stop the attack, Pena said. The dog survived the shooting but later was euthanized, Pena said.

Chelsi Camp, 23, called police as she tried to hold off the attacking dog, Pena said.

Camp told officers the attack started in the front of the apartment. She said she pulled her daughter away from the dog, but it chased them into a bathroom.

Camp fought to keep the dog away as she called 911 for help, Pena said. The dog kept biting at the girl until police arrived and an officer shot the dog, Pena said.

The toddler was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital with severe injuries to her face and head. Camp was taken by ground ambulance to the same hospital with arm and hand injuries, Pena said.

A hospital spokeswoman said Camp was listed in “good” condition at the Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute. The hospital was unable to provide the child’s medical condition.

The mother told police her boyfriend’s dog did not have a history of aggression. Police did not say where the dog’s owner was at the time of the attack.

Police didn’t anticipate filing any criminal charges related to the incident Monday, Pena said.

League City Animal Control is conducting its own investigation, Pena said. Kim Schoocraft, head of League City Animal Control, said she had not yet confirmed the dog had the proper tags or registration as required by city ordinance.

Monday’s dog attack was the fifth confirmed incident in the county since December 2012. All but one were attacks by pit bulls.

On Dec. 12, 2012, a 2-year-old San Leon girl was taken by air ambulance to the University of Texas Medical Branch after a neighbor’s dog attacked her.

In April, a 63-year-old Texas City man said he and his terrier were attacked by a pit bull while they were out for a walk.

In September, a woman claimed a pit bull attacked her and her Labrador as they jogged on Galveston’s West Beach.

That same month, sheriff’s deputies said they had to shoot an attacking pit bull that was roaming unrestrained in the yard of a home as they initiated a drug raid in Bacliff.

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Kevin Lang

Regardless of whether we're talking about a trigger-happy killer or a sweet family pet, that's too much dog to be cramped into an apartment. Humans get a little snappy when crammed into too tight of quarters for too long. Dogs are perhaps a bit less adapted to that type of condition.

I certainly hope that mother and daughter make full recoveries, and that boyfriend changes his judgement on his choices of apartment companions.

Terry Moore

They always say they are never aggressive and depends on how they are raised! A dog is an animal and if they get hurt or startled their instinct is to protect themselves. If I accidentally stepped on my 30 lb mixed breed dog he would snap at me just out of instinct. So imagine a muscular big jawed dog following instinct and now we have another small child mauled by a non aggressive animal.

Andy Aycoth

I had been around many pit bull dogs in my youth . The observation I made is they easily angered. Once made angry this is where they differ from most dogs. Once they attack they have A very hard time turning off the attack mode they are in. Also they have the most powerful jaws of any dog.
Personally I do not trust this breed of dog based on my own observations.

Lars Faltskog

Bad judgment having a pitbull in a small, cramped apartment.
Bad judgment having and keeping a boyfriend who has a pitbull in a small, cramped apartment. The saddest and worse result of these bad decisions is a little girl in extreme pain.

Terry Moore

Now an elderly Texan woman killed Monday by pit bulls in Kaufman, Texas. We need tougher laws regarding ownership and responsibility.

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